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Companies are benefiting from the cost savings, diversity, and additional skill-sets of employing offshore staff. Whether you’re an SME or a multinational, we have the advice you need right here.


How to Automate Candidate Screening and Optimize Applications: A Brief Guide
Candidate Screening is a process of evaluating candidates at different stages. The stages involved are phone screening, resume screening, interviewing...
outsourcing vs. offshoring: which is right for your business?
Outsourcing vs. Offshoring: Which is Right for Your Business?
Outsourcing and offshoring are key buzzwords used interchangeably. Learn their differences and distinctions and acquire the acumen to choose which...
How To Use Word Of Mouth For Recruiting Best Employees
Employees bring in the best quality prospective employee candidates. That's why many leading companies use word-of-mouth marketing tactics for recruiting...
What To Know When Hiring an Information Systems Specialist
Today, data and information are critical to running a successful business. In a global marketplace, you need the right team...
a guide to setting up an effective remote work policy banner
A Guide to Setting Up an Effective Remote Work Policy
Want to draft a solid remote work policy for your employees? Here are some of the things to keep in...
remote worker in a zoom meeting
Zoom Fatigue: What It Is and How Managers Can Mitigate It
Frequent video meetings can cause anxiety and stress among workers. Find out in this article why and how to prevent...
Employee having fun while working remotely
The Anatomy of a Highly Effective Offshore Employee
Are you considering hiring offshore employees? This article will walk you through the attributes you need to look for to...
How Work Environment Impacts Employee Wellbeing
The success of a company depends to a large degree on the health and wellbeing of its employees. To help...
How to build an offshore accounting team
How to Build an Offshore Accounting Team: A Manual
Offshoring has various business advantages. Here’s a guide to building an offshore accounting team.
Manager talking to two team members
How to Resolve Conflicts with Your Offshore Employee
Resolving conflicts with offshore employees can be challenging. Know how to approach the situation and prevent further issues.
man working from home
The What, Why, and How of Shifting to a Hybrid Work Setup
Is your business ready for the hybrid work model? Find out everything you need to know about it in this...
5 Reasons Why Employers Should Promote Behavioural Health For Their Corporate Wellness
Behavioral health issues are a major concern amongst many modern-day employees.  Behavioral health concerns one behavior that triggers various mental...
Female manager looking at a laptop with a sense of satisfaction
8 Obsolete HR Practices to Update Before the Year Ends
Make necessary updates to these obsolete HR practices and optimize your employee hiring and retention efforts.
workplace equality and diversity in the philippines banner
Workplace Equality and Diversity in the Philippines: 8 Laws to Protect You
There may be cases of workplace discrimination in your office. Learn more about the laws that protect employees from inequality...
How Covid-19 Changed the Recruitment Process through Skill-Based Hiring
Covid-19 has brought about a major change in every industry. The pandemic has changed the way companies work and go...
Remote Work Strategies for Human Resource Management
The outbreak has discovered the advantages of working from home and how firms may bloom in a virtual environment. Work...