Generations in the Workplace


Generations in the Workplace

How HR Managers Can Tackle Age Discrimination in the Workplace

Learn how to prevent ageism in the workplace and bring employees of diverse ages into your organization.

How to Be an Effective Leader in a Multigenerational Workplace

As a leader, when a situation or problem arises, you must look at how this will affect your staff through several specific lenses.

How Gen Z is Redefining Leadership in the Workplace

While the demographics of millennials and Gen Zers overlap, these two generations have different expectations of management and leadership in the workplace. It is crucial to get a better understanding of what type of leadership works well with Gen Zers.

How to Create A Company Culture That Attracts Gen Zers

Millennials are slowly exiting the spotlight as Generation Z arrives to take center stage—and they’re about to transform the face of the workforce as we know it. As an HR professional, it’s time to prepare your organization for this new wave of employees. This includes establishing a company culture that will get their attention. Your […]

Here’s How the Filipino Gen Z Are Changing the Workplace

The thunder of the Millennials is gradually passing. Now, the recruitment industry is gearing up for a new wave of job seekers and employees that are ready to make their mark in the workforce—the Generation Z. The so-called post-millennial generation is the youngest market today. Pew Research Center identifies this generation as those born from […]

7 Tips to Create a Mentorship Program to Empower Gen Z Employees

It seemed just yesterday when the talk was all about how millennials behave at work and how businesses can adapt to this generational shift. But now, the post-millennial generation is starting to take over the workforce.  Generation Zers have their own character to bring to the table, which means you need to refine your approach […]

The Burnout Generation: Why Millennials and Gen Z Are Getting Tired of Work

We’ve all been through a rough patch at work, which mostly involves spending more time beyond your regular eight-hour shift to complete one task after another. Stress can wear you down, and this eventually leads to exhaustion where you can’t keep up with work’s excessive demands. Often, this kind of situation has taken you to […]

Here’s Why 75% of Millennials are in Favor of Job-Hopping

When a hiring manager or recruitment agency thinks of millennial workers, one of the stereotypes that come into mind is that they probably won’t stay in the company for long. Perhaps this assumption is correct, as 75% of people ages 18-34 believe that job-hopping will have a positive effect on their careers. On the other […]

How Can Older Employees and Millennials Effectively Work with Each Other?

The modern workplace is at its peak of age diversity. Most companies currently have three generations working together in one office; some even have four. Countless studies have shown that each group has distinct characteristics, differing priorities, and varying work ethics. These stereotypes sometimes lead to divisive behavior among employees, hindering efficiency and lowering productivity. […]

The Cycle of Employee Experience and How You Can Improve It

The cycle of employee experience identifies the different stages that someone goes through in a company and the role that HR plays in improving their progress in the process. Managing the cycle is crucial for HR professionals and recruitment consultants because all corporations need employees—assets who bring in the most benefits for the growth of […]

30 Ways to Disengage Your Employees

Your company’s HR specialist or recruitment consultant is tasked with recruiting and retaining talents who are eager to be an integral part of the organization. This vitality resulted in an employee engagement level of 82%, according to a research of ADP, Evolution of Work 2.0: The Me vs. We Mindset. However, this means that there […]

Promoting the Culture of Equality and Diversity in the Workplace

Organizations and businesses recognize the value of having a culture of equality and diversity in the workplace, as the benefits go beyond just the legal obligations. Having a diverse workforce and inclusive culture allows organizations to offer a wider range of ideas, skills, and experience. As such, promoting equality and diversity in the workplace is […]

Think Twice Before Asking These Common Interview Questions

As HR professionals or recruitment consultants, you want to make the most out of the time you have with your candidates, but there are interview questions that hinder you from getting to know your applicants effectively. Sometimes, the most common questions aren’t as effective as what you think. These questions may keep you from building […]

Millennials vs Generation Z: How Do They Achieve Success in the Workplace?

The 21st century saw old and newer generations co-populating the workforce, with those in the retirement age of 60 choosing to extend their working years until they’re in their 70s. HBR describes it as a social phenomenon where five generations – traditionalists, baby boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z – are seen to be […]

7 Ways to Make Gen Z Employees Love Your Company

You’ve finally adjusted to the work culture of millennials, and now, the first wave of Gen Z has graduated from college. Fasten your seatbelt and be prepared for Gen-Zers in the workplace. Generation Z is comprised of young adults born between 1997 to 2010. They grew up during the bad times—the aftermath of 9/11, the […]

A Guide to Recruiting Millennial Talents Through Social Media

What’s used to connect family and friends is now used to connect even the corporate world. Job seekers use social media to look for career opportunities, while recruitment firms are starting to realize the potential of social media in an effective recruitment strategy. Hence, the modern recruitment strategy known as “social hiring” was born. Here […]

8 Ways You’re Disengaging Top Employees

Employee disengagement is a costly affair. Not only does it translate to billions of losses in revenue, but it also accounts for significant losses in productivity. But, what are the factors that contribute to employee disengagement? Before putting the blame on your recruitment firm, it’s important to understand that disengaged employees are not unskilled or [...]

Edgers in the Workplace: Here’s What You Need to Know

Meet the team Edgers/Plurals/Gen Z/Post-Millennials comprised of people born after 1997, and are set to introduce a new shape to the current workforce. With Gen X parents and millennial siblings, the Edgers are highly tech-savvy and depend on mobile for communication and entertainment. They follow tech trends and expect to work with upgraded tech as […]

Why Millennials Want to Quit Your Company

The Generation Y – Millennials are currently dominating the workforce and market. Considered as tech-savvy and hyper-connected employees, millennials are contributing and introducing new business strategies to adapt with the present time. It goes without saying that companies must know how to keep pace with millennials and their way of doing business. This generation won’t […]

How You Can Encourage Millennial Talents to be Top Employees [Infographic]

Millennials currently make up almost half of the workforce. But by 2030, they will make up 75% of the global workforce. This is why understanding the factors that motivate and drive millennials to be at the top of their games are crucial to employers, companies, and recruitment consultants. Harnessing the talents and skills of millennials […]

Filipino Millennials Are Changing The Workplace. Here’s How

Millennials are coming of age, and they are overtaking the workforce with a work culture that’s significantly different from the values that the previous generations upheld. It’s said that by 2020, millennials will make up 50% of the workforce and that by 2030, the number of millennials in the workforce will shoot up to 75%. […]

Millennials’ Working Habits Employers Need to Know [Infographic]

You’ve probably heard it before: Millennials are lazy and irresponsible. And here they are, taking the workforce by storm. Millennials are now the largest population in the workforce, and they are getting…

6 Ways to Engage Your Millennial Employees

In 2015, millennials became the largest generation in the workforce. It is also predicted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics that by 2030, this generation will make up 75% of all employees…

Baby Boomers vs Gen X vs Millennials: How Do They Differ at Work? [Infographic]

According to a study by PwC, there’s a disconnected relationship between the older generations in the senior management and…

Navigating the Filipino Work Culture [Infographic]

You’ve probably heard about the world-famous Filipino hospitality from friends who have traveled to the Philippines, and it is true. The Filipinos really are one of the world’s friendliest people. In HSBC’s survey titled “Expat Explorer Survey 2011,” the…

How to Create a Company Culture That Attracts Millennials

A lot of studies have been conducted to understand the new breed of workers dominating today’s workforce—the millennials. Often, it is not flattering how they are being described. Millennials come off as juvenile and self…

Filipino Millennial Employees Decoded [INFOGRAPHIC]

The face of the employment market is changing as the workforce is ushering in a new generation—the Millennials. This particular demographic is known to be technologically savvy, ambitious, aggressive, and are ready to make their mark…

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