We are a remote staffing agency in the Philippines providing recruitment solutions for hundreds of local & worldwide clients since 2010.

Virtual teams and working with a remote staffing agency may be a new phenomenon for many businesses prior to the Coronavirus pandemic. However, at Manila Recruitment we have specialized in hiring for work from home setups for over a decade. We have deep expertise in remote hiring strategies and can advise both Filipino and worldwide clients on everything needed to hire and retain remote staff in the Philippines.

Remote Staffing Agency in the Philippines

The Philippines is one of the most popular countries in the world for offshore and outsourced jobs. In recent years there has been a growing trend of worldwide companies offering work from home opportunities to their offshore Filipino employees. Accordingly, many Filipino companies also began to offer remote work in order to compete with the work-life balance that home-based Filipino employees receive. This has created a significant and active culture of remote employment within the Filipino job market. Therefore, we have large talent pools of Filipino remote staff who are already familiar with working from home, and who have played key roles in virtual teams established by local and worldwide companies alike. These remote employees are deeply experienced in the fields of software development, IT infrastructure, marketing, sales, finance, e-commerce, digital marketing and more.

At Manila Recruitment, we have been an industry leader working at the forefront of remote team hiring for over a decade. We know exactly how to design and implement work from home strategies for all client types and all suitable job functions. Whether it be remote hiring for individuals or for whole virtual teams, we have access to the local talent and the recipe for a successful hiring strategy that will augment or get you started with your remote staffing in the Philippines.

Accurate Results

In the past ten years of data, our average hit rate is one successful hire to every four candidates endorsed.

Fast Results

On average we provide a top four, fully vetted candidates in seven to fourteen days from engagement.

Care and Service

We listen, consult and advise to ensure a successful partnership and outcome, with service at the heart.

Proven Results
10 years, 450+ clients, 1000’s of candidate placements. Confidence to offer the longest replacement guarantee in the industry

Our commitment is what sets us apart:

Our unique service model will provide you with access to perfectly matched, previously undiscoverable remote staffing agency candidates for your business in the Philippines


IT Database & Community

250,000+ Remote Staff Candidates: Software Developers, Web Developers, Mobile Developers, E-commerce, Digital Marketing, Finance and Accounting, Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, and all Managerial Functions. Plus, unique network multipliers & community outreach programs run by all recruiters in their respective vertical focus.


Certified Remote Staffing Agency Headhunters

We don’t rely on job postings! We pride ourselves on passive remote candidate sourcing. Each of our recruiters in our remote staffing agency  in the Philippines are internationally certified in the latest sourcing strategies, and can discover and engage more home based employee and remote staff candidates.


Business Driven Approach

We invest time to align a tailored sourcing strategy with your strategic business objectives. We have expertise in hiring remote employees for multinational expansion, international and Filipino businessesSMEs and tech & start-up companies.


Market Entry Strategy

New to remote staffing in the Philippines? We have been the exclusive recruitment partner for over 200+ businesses with remote teams. We will help you design and implement a remote HR and operational plan to couple with a tailored remote hiring strategy.

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Each recruitment service has a transparent, unique and competitive fee structure and terms, and is delivered by a certified, professional recruiter in Philippines

Team Search

Recruit C-level, VP, Country Manager, Director, General Manager & other managerial positions

Junior Search

Recruit all entry-level roles including trainees, executive assistants, and basic support staff

Executive Search

Recruit C-level, VP, Country Manager, Director, General Manager & other managerial positions

Expat Search

Recruit an expatriate living in the Philippines, or to repatriate a Filipino overseas

Technical & Expert Search

Recruit any Non-Managerial, Non-IT roles in HR, Finance, Sales, Marketing, Admin & Ops

Offshore Staff Solutions

Recruit executive, technical or expert roles for your offshore operation, bundled with payroll management and office space

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Advice for Remote Hiring and Work

Virtual hiring for remote work became a part of the new normal amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. But these recruitment and business practices are here to stay during and after the pandemic. Learn how to work remotely, recruit top talent, and position your company for growth (not just survival) with this set of articles.

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