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We have all software development roles covered with our curated database of over 100,000 software candidates. We’ll take the time to understand your needs precisely. We’ll provide all the advice you may need before we source, vet and present a shortlist of skilled software developer talent ready for you to interview and hire.

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Manila Recruitment is a leading software engineer recruitment agency that specializes in building top-performing software development teams.

Our IT search service is meticulously delivered by an experienced team of IT recruitment professionals who have been delivering exceptional headhunting services for over a decade, catering to over 1000+ satisfied clients worldwide. As one of the most trusted software developer recruiting firms in the Philippines, we focus on matching our clients with scrutinized candidates who possess the right experience, technical skills, soft skills, communication, and cultural fit. We are not just a software developer recruiting firm, but we are professional IT headhunters with a thorough eye for detail and a passion for producing unrivaled hiring outcomes.

Over the years, we have curated a database of over 100,000+ IT, technical, and software developer candidates, covering almost every technology and programming language. We specialize in recruiting full-stack developers, mobile developers, frontend developers, and backend developers, ensuring that we connect our clients with the best software engineers who have the skills needed to drive your business forward. We believe in the value of people to your organization, as we take utmost care to recruit software developers and build a software development team that will exceed your expectations.

We recruit software developers who are proficient in the following technology stacks / programming languages:

Our IT recruitment agency is well experienced in filling these roles for your business:

List of Software Development Team Roles:

Our commitment is what sets us apart:

A unique recruitment agency service model for unrivalled candidate outcomes


Unrivaled Database

Meticulously curated since 2010, we have 100,000+ Filipino software developers, devops engineers, software architects, project managers, quality assurance, business intelligence, data scientist and product manager talent (and more) at our fingertips. Ready to vet, match, interview and test for your specific hiring needs.


Comprehensive Advice

Manila Recruitment’s team of expert consultants will invest the time required to understand your specific business and hiring needs. Whether you’re building a whole team, or looking to fill one niche role, we’ll provide advice and results with care, dedication and grit. From start-ups to multinationals, all client types serviced.


Market Entry Strategies

Are you new to hiring Filipino software talent? We’ve provided more than 500 companies from all over the world with their first Filipino software hires. With extra care, guidance and support, we’ll be sure to help you understand the nuances of hiring and retaining Filipino software development talent.


Certified Headhunting

Don’t settle for mediocre hires by simply posting on job boards and running ads! The IT talent market is highly competitive and generally unresponsive to ads. However, our team of highly networked and expert headhunters will tap into the passive candidate pool to find you the best hires in the country.

At Manila Recruitment,

We specialize in software engineer recruitment and building technology based teams from scratch.
Our unique service model includes the following:

Starter Session

A dedicated consultation with our IT recruitment manager and tech recruitment experts. Review sample profiles, finalize the job description & align the sourcing / hiring strategy.

Candidate Sourcing

Our professional headhunters will run a customized recruitment campaign to source the talent you require for your software development team. Using the most innovative tech, tools and headhunting methodologies that are not available with other software developer recruiting firms.

Candidate Presentation

Within 1 to 2 weeks , our software engineer headhunter will initially present 4 highly qualified candidates ready to interview. Included in the presentation are the following: candidate’s CV, assessment, salary/benefits, availability & job offer requirements.

Candidate Interviews

We’ll arrange all candidate interviews for you. You can choose remote or in-person interviews. We’ll collect feedback and assist at every stage. More candidates can be presented if needed.

Job Offer

We are here to help you structure an offer that works. We can help negotiate, structure, write and present the offer depending on your needs.

Candidate Guarantee

We will check in during onboarding requirements, and regularly after to ensure things are working out. If needed, we’ll replace the candidate at no cost as part of our comprehensive guarantee to you.

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Our team of expert headhunters are dedicated to securing the Philippines' top talent for our clients. With our track record of success, validated by thousands of successful hires, you can trust us to find the perfect addition to your team. Don't wait any longer to find your next superstar - fill out our contact form now and arrange an obligation free consultation with one of our recruitment experts.

Key Search Terms

  • Success Fee
    The success fee is only billed after hire, and is calculated at 2 months of the candidates’ total gross monthly earnings (equivalent to 16.66% of a 12 month salary), and there are no hidden fees
  • Consultation
    An extensive, executive consultation is offered upon engagement. We want to gain the deepest understanding of your company, your requirements, the position, and offer advice to ensure success.
  • Free Replacement
    We offer a free replacement candidate if things don’t work out within the first 4 months.
  • Approach
    Our consultative, detailed and relationship-orientated approach requires 30 days of recruitment exclusivity (see FAQs). In return, we guarantee to get you results!

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Each recruitment service has a transparent, unique and competitive fee structure and terms, and is delivered by a certified, professional recruiter in Philippines

Team Search

Recruit C-level, VP, Country Manager, Director, General Manager & other managerial positions

Junior Search

Recruit all entry-level roles including trainees, executive assistants, and basic support staff

Remote Staff Search

Recruit for all executive, managerial, IT or technical roles with a focus on work from home arrangements

Executive Search

Recruit C-level, VP, Country Manager, Director, General Manager & other managerial positions

Expat Search

Recruit an expatriate living in the Philippines, or to repatriate a Filipino overseas

Technical & Expert Search

Recruit any Non-Managerial, Non-IT roles in HR, Finance, Sales, Marketing, Admin & Ops

Offshore Staff Solutions

Recruit executive, technical or expert roles for your offshore operation, bundled with payroll management and office space

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are so pleased to provide answer to common queries regarding our IT Staffing Solutions in the Philippines

How can I hire a software developer in the Philippines?

First, define your requirements and qualifications for the position in order to create a job description which you can share to your recruiter and potential candidates. Included in these requirements are the programming languages, technology stacks, tools, and frameworks you need the developer to be proficient in, as well as their experience level, education, as well as communication skills and other relevant soft skills.

Once you have the job description in place, you will have to come up with a compelling offer with competitive compensation and benefits to convince your prospective talents to join your business. When interviewing candidates, assess not only their technical skills but also their cultural fit, work ethic, and willingness to learn and collaborate.

By following these steps, you can increase your chances of hiring a skilled and reliable software developer in the Philippines.

How good are software developers in the Philippines?

Filipino software developers are highly skilled, experienced, and talented. The IT outsourcing and offshoring industry is a rapidly growing sector in the Filipino economy, with many Filipino IT professionals working in offshore capacities with global teams in increasingly sophisticated roles. This exposure to international best practices and modern technology stacks, combined with excellent English communication skills and a Western-aligned culture, make Filipinos some of the most sought-after IT job candidates in the world. Manila Recruitment, a leading IT recruitment agency, has a team of top technical recruiters in the Philippines who work with a vast database of IT candidates ready to be hired by clients worldwide.

How much does hiring a software developer cost in the Philippines?

You can find our salary guide for IT talents in the Philippines here:

Our headhunting success fees for IT and technical roles will cost two months the salary of the selected candidate, while those involved in IT executive positions will cost 2.25 month’s salary of the candidate. Our search products comes with a replacement guarantee should any unforeseen event happens in the first few months of the candidate’s tenure, resulting in the termination or resignation of the candidate.

What kind of software development roles can I offshore to the Philippines?

The Philippines has a large pool of highly skilled and experienced IT professionals who can handle a wide range of software development roles. These roles include, but are not limited to, web development, mobile app development, software testing, quality assurance, database management, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Many global companies have successfully offshored these roles to the Philippines, taking advantage of the country’s competitive labor costs, English proficiency, cultural compatibility, and government support for the IT and Tech industry.

If you’re considering recruitment for software development roles to the Philippines, working with a reliable IT recruitment agencylike Manila Recruitment can also help you navigate the complexities of building software development teams in the Philippines.

Is the Philippines a good location for offshoring software development teams?

Yes, the Philippines is definitely a great location for offshoring software development teams! The country has a large and rapidly growing pool of highly skilled and experienced IT and tech professionals who are proficient in a wide range of technology stacks, tools, and applications in various industry verticals. Moreover, the Philippines has a favorable business environment for IT-BPM companies, with supportive government policies, robust infrastructure, and a Western-aligned culture that makes communication and collaboration with global teams seamless.

Offshoring software development teams to the Philippines can offer significant cost savings without compromising quality or productivity. The country’s competitive labor costs, coupled with its English proficiency, cultural compatibility, and strong work ethic, make it an attractive destination for companies looking to expand their software development capabilities and tap into new markets.

With Manila Recruitment, you can leverage the strengths of Filipino technical talent and unlock new opportunities for growth and innovation.

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