How to Recruit for Hard-to-Fill IT Positions: 8 Strategies for Recruiters

Even for skilled HR practitioners, recruitment for hard-to-fill roles can still be tricky. Learn strategies on how to recruit for hard-to-fill positions.

How to Hire an E-commerce Developer: A Guide

You can hire an e-commerce developer with the right skills and expertise to help build the website of your dreams. If hiring the right person for such a crucial job is proving to be a pain, this infographic will give you a few tips on finding an e-commerce developer who is a perfect fit for your company.

How to Create A Company Culture That Attracts Gen Zers

Millennials are slowly exiting the spotlight as Generation Z arrives to take center stage—and they’re about to transform the face of the workforce as we know it. As an HR professional, it’s time to prepare your organization for this new wave of employees. This includes establishing a company culture that will get their attention. Your […]

7 Technical Metrics to Measure Your IT Recruitment Success

The key to efficient human resource management is to follow a strategic process when it comes to hiring new employees. The metrics used for recruitment in specific industries vary greatly, and it all depends on the kind of enterprise and innovation needed for the company’s long-term objectives. For HR professionals, information technology positions require an […]

HR of the Future: 10 Skills You Should Have to Stay Competitive in 2022

The functions and practices of recruitment agencies have remained fixed for decades. Hiring managers had full control over the process, employing a straightforward approach of defining vacancies, posting job adverts, screening candidates, and discussing job offers.  However, the industry started to see significant changes in its role sometime in the early 2000s, when technological advancements […]

6 Factors to Consider When Evaluating Your Recruitment Process

As an HR professional, you should be able to identify and evaluate key elements in your recruitment process. A well-rounded HR professional knows that work doesn’t end at implementing strategies and processes. Rather, you need to measure how effective your standard operating procedures are to be a successful recruiter. Among companies, 67% believe it’s important […]

How to Choose the Most Effective Recruitment Channel for Top Talents

If you’re struggling to use recruitment channels properly to find top talents in your industry, then this post is for you. There’s so much at stake when you don’t have a clear idea how to maximize a particular recruitment platforms, but some of the most obvious ones are overlooking qualified candidates and missing out on […]

How to Solve These HR Issues in the Modern Recruitment Industry

The functions of the human resources department—and the way they do their job—have greatly evolved over the past few decades. The early days of the workplace may have seen HR professionals focus on recruitment, hiring, and payroll; but today, they also have a hand in employee retention, advocating for their holistic well-being, and keeping the […]

7 Things You Should Know When Recruiting in Cebu

Cebu, the Queen City of the South, is the second largest city in the Philippines, next to the capital city of Manila. In recent years, it has been recognized as a hub for commerce, serving as the home for all kinds of businesses. For recruiters and HR executives, the region offers much potential with the […]

10 Phrases Recruiters Should Avoid in a Job Interview

There are things applicants should and shouldn’t say during a job interview to make a good impression. The same goes for recruiters, who are often the candidate’s first encounter with the company and its representatives.  The job market is competitive, and applicants are choosing companies and jobs as much as they are being chosen for […]

How Cebu is Evolving as the Next Recruitment Hub in the Philippines

In the Philippines, the metropolitan area of Manila stands out in many different ways. Apart from being home to the capital city of the Philippines, Metro Manila has always been the center for a lot of things, especially recruitment. People from all around the country go to the city center to land promising jobs. However, […]

Beyond the Resume: 5 Things to Look for in an IT Applicant

When hiring for any position, your recruitment firm is likely to look at the applicant’s resume first before allowing the applicant to enter the screening process. Although this is a standard HR practice, you can’t be quickly impressed and assess the applicant based on the resume alone. This applies especially for tech positions that require […]

Here’s How the Filipino Gen Z Are Changing the Workplace

The thunder of the Millennials is gradually passing. Now, the recruitment industry is gearing up for a new wave of job seekers and employees that are ready to make their mark in the workforce—the Generation Z. The so-called post-millennial generation is the youngest market today. Pew Research Center identifies this generation as those born from […]

7 Tips to Create a Mentorship Program to Empower Gen Z Employees

It seemed just yesterday when the talk was all about how millennials behave at work and how businesses can adapt to this generational shift. But now, the post-millennial generation is starting to take over the workforce.  Generation Zers have their own character to bring to the table, which means you need to refine your approach […]

How Foreign Investors Can Take Advantage of Emerging Filipino Talents

A higher number of investments and a strong workforce – this powerful duo represents a big part of the emerging economy in the Philippines. Together with Filipino corporations, foreign investors contributed a total of P274.2 billion worth of investments in the first quarter of 2019, according to data from the Philippine Statistics Authority. Many factors […]

Recruitment or Talent Acquisition: How to Hire Better Candidates

It’s quite common to hear people use the terms “recruitment” and “talent acquisition” interchangeably. They are two different types of hiring techniques, with one being more focused on the short-term and the other for the long-term. As an HR professional, you should be deeply familiar with the differences between the two and decide which hiring […]

4 Effective Ways to Implement Recruitment Marketing in Your Company

Job seekers of today are much like customers. How recruiters treat candidates is a reflection of their customer relationship experience and brand reputation. Also, they now compete with other companies in hiring the best candidate for the position. Therefore, recruitment has evolved to adopt key concepts and practices from marketing.  Recruitment marketing is the process […]

5 Employee Benefits Companies Should Have for A More Competitive Offer

The current candidate-driven job market requires employers to keep on thinking of recruitment strategies with the help of recruitment firms to be more attractive for candidates. With the number of available job openings and the number of people looking for jobs reaching almost the same levels, job seekers are now in a more advantageous position […]

7 Employer Branding Tips for Small Businesses to Recruit Top Talents

Recruiting the right talent for your company is one of the most crucial parts of a growing business. However, it’s also one of the most challenging to perform. Across all industries, 72.8% of employers admit that they are having a difficult time filling vacancies in their respective companies. While there will always be plenty of […]

Recruit or Train: How to Choose When Hiring for an Executive Position

Finding the perfect talent to fulfill your company’s needs are as challenging as ever, but so is figuring out the best career path your existing employees have with you. It’s one of the reasons why hiring for any position, especially top level ones, can give upper management or even an experienced recruitment firm a difficult […]

7 Onboarding Issues and How to Address Them

Onboarding is one of the essential aspects when it comes to recruitment. In this step, new hires are not only introduced to the company and the people they will work with, but they also learn the weight of the position they are filling in. As a recruiter for your organization or recruitment firm, it’s crucial […]

How Tech Companies Are Changing the Recruitment Industry

Some of the biggest names in the tech industry wouldn’t be where they are now if not for their talented employees working tirelessly to put these companies on the map. An organization’s workforce will always be one of its key strengths, so they always make sure they get top talent to help run the company […]

7 Ways a Growing Economy Boosts the Recruitment Industry

The Philippine economy is continuing to soar new heights, and if it continues, it could be ASEAN’s second-biggest emerging economy by 2050—closely following the heels of Indonesia. The World Bank says that the Philippines will achieve a 6.4% growth forecast this 2019. Its growth has been consistent throughout the last several years, making it a […]

10 Secret Habits of a Highly Organized Recruiter

Imagine making and taking several calls a day, screening candidates, evaluating processes, and performing daily tasks—this can be a lot to handle for a person. However, well-organized and successful recruiters find productive ways to retain order and control. As a recruiter, you’ll need to pose certain traits and develop habits that will lead you to […]

9 Creative Ways to Engage Candidates in Your Recruitment Campaigns

You’ve already spent months trying to recruit the perfect candidate, and you still couldn’t hit the jackpot in finding the right person to fill a job vacancy. Your frustration is completely…

7 Common Mistakes When Using Social Media for Recruitment

Social media is a powerful tool for any industry, with its ability to help employers and recruiters connect with potential hires. However, it’s easy to get caught up with all the capabilities that social channels offer without maximizing their benefits in the field of recruitment. Whether you’re already using or barely starting to use LinkedIn, […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Effective Communication for Recruiters

It’s no secret that recruitment plays a major role in the success of a company. To get the recruitment process going, you need to practice effective communication strategies. A lot of your recruitment tasks will require you to reach out to candidates, respond to job applications and inquiries, or coordinate with the hiring team of […]

How to Avoid Bottlenecks in Your Recruitment Process

Business processes need to be a well-oiled machine, relying on the seamless execution between personnel and teams to drive the organization forward. Like other business processes, recruitment involves other departments of the company aside from your HR team and sometimes, your chosen recruitment agency. However, bottlenecks or constraints are also possible, and these may cause […]

How PH Elections Can Influence Recruitment and Investment

Government elections are always a huge deal for any country since the polls are part of a crucial process in determining who will be leading its people in the next few years. But as much as this important event has massive implications on a nation’s political and economic sectors, the results can send ripples beyond […]

5 Signs Your Employee Might Quit Soon and How to Stop Them

Employee turnover rates are at an all-time high. It’s a new trend that every recruitment agency and hiring manager are wary of. According to a study conducted by Work Institute, an estimated 42 million, or one in four employees, left their jobs in 2018. However, the real shocker is learning that 77% of those resignations […]

The Burnout Generation: Why Millennials and Gen Z Are Getting Tired of Work

We’ve all been through a rough patch at work, which mostly involves spending more time beyond your regular eight-hour shift to complete one task after another. Stress can wear you down, and this eventually leads to exhaustion where you can’t keep up with work’s excessive demands. Often, this kind of situation has taken you to […]

7 Essential Skills Every HR Professional Needs Today

Human resources was once a personnel-based function with administrative and compliance-driven tasks. Despite this, it’s one of the fastest-growing and most in-demand careers today. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of HR managers is projected to grow by 9% from 2014 to 2024. However, over the years, HR skill sets have transformed to […]

Stop These 3 Cultural Biases That Can Affect Your Recruitment Process

In general, you make decisions based on a number of relative factors, such as your personal beliefs and previous experiences, to help you weigh your options. When it comes to recruitment, this kind of approach – where you rely on your own subjective point of view to make decisions – can lead to unconscious bias […]

7 Ways to Assess Leadership Potential in Your Candidates

Great leadership is a universal skill that most successful people possess, and these people are the ones that propel an organization to success. As such, you want to find candidates who can not only perform their tasks excellently but can also help drive the brand forward while motivating others to follow their lead. There are […]

How to Hire Top Talents Using Modern Recruitment Strategies

Any recruitment company keeping up with the beat of the times knows that the hiring landscape is quickly changing. Perhaps a decade ago, recruiters could completely rely on job search sites and wait for candidates to flock to them. While that’s still a great way to attract applicants, many companies now ride the competitive digital […]

6 Workplace Culture Trends to Attract and Keep Top Talents

An employee who has stayed with a company and thrived in it for over 10 years is quite a feat in today’s professional landscape. It’s rare to find hardworking and loyal personnel who started as a young candidate from a recruitment agency and made it up your company’s own ladder. In a case like this, […]

Top 5 Marketing Trends in Recruiting

Using marketing trends in recruiting is one of the latest trends in recruitment industry. In this blog post, I will present 5 key marketing tactics and methods you can use to elevate your hiring. You will learn how to create your candidate persona, define your employee value proposition, build your employer brand, get started with […]

6 Recruitment Trends That Will Dominate 2019 and Beyond

The world only has a few months away before it sees the end of 2018. This year, companies have learned and seen the significance of keeping up with technological trends and advancement to further improve their key processes, especially for HR. With 2019 on the horizon, it’s time to look at some of the new […]

8 Red Flags Recruiters May Find While Looking for a Candidate

During the hiring process, it’s crucial for you to check if the applicant is the right candidate who will fit your company culture perfectly. Since not all candidates are created equal, you’ll need to exercise good judgment in evaluating them based on what their résumé says and what they tell you during interviews. As a […]

A Guide to Recruiting this Last Quarter of the Year

The year may be ending, but that doesn’t mean you should become lax with your recruitment efforts. The last quarter of the year has a reputation of being a low season for hiring talent, but that’s no longer the case. Opportunities can spring up any time, and more people in the workforce are braver in […]

Bad Hiring Habits You Need to Change Before the Year Ends

Bad habits are difficult to unlearn once you’ve been doing it for a significant amount of time. It starts to affect your behavior, and this would eventually become evident in how you handle everyday situations. Always late when showing up for appointments? That’s going to leave a mark. Dressing inappropriately during business meetings? Bad impression. […]

The Risks in Your Recruitment Process and How to Mitigate Them

Recruiting the right candidate is included in every HR team’s goals. Well-chosen employees contribute a great deal to positive and productive workplace culture, smooth business operations, company stability, high team morale, and more. To secure these benefits, it’s your responsibility in HR to adopt a fool-proof approach in your search for the perfect talent. This […]

How Can Older Employees and Millennials Effectively Work with Each Other?

The modern workplace is at its peak of age diversity. Most companies currently have three generations working together in one office; some even have four. Countless studies have shown that each group has distinct characteristics, differing priorities, and varying work ethics. These stereotypes sometimes lead to divisive behavior among employees, hindering efficiency and lowering productivity. […]

The Future of the Workplace: How Will AI Change the Way We Work?

We live in a time when every day gives us an opportunity to discover new things that could change our lives. For businesses, the possibilities for improving products, services, ideas, and methodologies are endless – thanks to the emergence of game-changing technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI). AI is a valuable innovation that technology has […]

A Guide to Implementing an Efficient Mid-Year Performance Review

It’s that time of the year again when HR professionals, managers, supervisors, and employees focus their energies on mid-year performance reviews. When conducted properly, mid-year performance reviews can help organizations determine whether the strategies they set in the beginning of the year are working. It also provides employees the structure, motivation, and guidance they need, […]

The Cycle of Employee Experience and How You Can Improve It

The cycle of employee experience identifies the different stages that someone goes through in a company and the role that HR plays in improving their progress in the process. Managing the cycle is crucial for HR professionals and recruitment consultants because all corporations need employees—assets who bring in the most benefits for the growth of […]

How to Assess These 7 Traits of a Great Candidate in Your Recruitment Process

Candidate sourcing isn’t about getting a high volume of talents for your recruitment firm. It’s about hiring the perfect candidate for any open position – one who will excel at the job, fit in with the company culture, and ultimately, help the organization prosper. But, how do you know whether a candidate is fit for […]

4 Horrible Practices of Recruiters that Drive Top Candidates Away

There is a pressure to fill empty seats immediately for any HR professional or recruitment firm. Ignoring red flags in their hiring process has become for recruiters to save time and money. However, what was supposed to be merely a band-aid solution has slowly ingrained itself into your hiring system simply because the HR manager […]

Promoting the Culture of Equality and Diversity in the Workplace

Organizations and businesses recognize the value of having a culture of equality and diversity in the workplace, as the benefits go beyond just the legal obligations. Having a diverse workforce and inclusive culture allows organizations to offer a wider range of ideas, skills, and experience. As such, promoting equality and diversity in the workplace is […]

6 Traditional HR Practices to Drop When Screening Candidates

There’s no doubt that your recruitment’s screening process is the main precursor to a company’s smooth and successful hiring program. From the very beginning, your recruitment firm or HR team handles the screening and interviewing of candidates before the hiring manager takes over in further assessing a particular applicant. Thus, your search team has to […]

7 Resume Alternatives You Should Use in Your Recruitment Process

Résumés have long been a useful tool in the recruitment process, requiring a considerable amount of discernment as you sift through mounds of paper to find the most qualified applicant for the job. Despite this tried and tested method, résumés should not be the only tool you should use to help you in your recruitment […]

Top Priorities of Job Hunters You Probably Didn’t Know

Today’s job hunters are becoming more particular when considering job offers. They no longer just search for any position or accept any job, as they push to find work that can give them personal, financial, and intellectual fulfillment. They will carefully evaluate whether opportunities are a good fit for their personal and professional goals. As […]

4 Expectations of Candidates During A Recruitment Process

Surely, you have a long list of expectations from the candidates you passed in the first stage of resume screening when you meet them personally. However, as a recruiter, you should know that these candidates also have expectations when looking for a job, and the recruitment process will always be one of them. Candidate experience […]

Think Twice Before Asking These Common Interview Questions

As HR professionals or recruitment consultants, you want to make the most out of the time you have with your candidates, but there are interview questions that hinder you from getting to know your applicants effectively. Sometimes, the most common questions aren’t as effective as what you think. These questions may keep you from building […]

5 Things Candidates Should Know About Recruiters

Most job seekers in the market might be too focused on landing a job that they forget a thing or two about the people who help them land it: the recruiters. All recruiters – whether they’re working for recruitment firms or the company you’re applying for – are doing a role that was assigned to them. And as […]

How to Best Manage Unhappy Employees

Unhappy employees can destroy your brand reputation and company culture. Employee dissatisfaction can be contagious, whereas one unhappy employee can influence other employees to feel the same about the company, thereby causing the negative behavior of not just one employee but a whole lot of them. It then results in an overall decrease in productivity […]

How Hiring Managers and Recruitment Firms Can Work Together

Your company’s recruitment success depends on many factors. For one, candidates prefer a short and well-laid-out application process that lets them move from the first step to the next fast enough. Another consideration for jobseekers is the interview process, which they use as a basis in rating their candidate experience with your company. This is […]

What’s Taking Recruiters So Long to Hire the Right Talent?

When a seat is left unfilled, thousands of productivity hours are lost. Often, that translates to loss in potential revenue for the business. According to a recent report, the average time to hire across all industries is 39 days. That’s a long time for an important position to stay open. However, some recruitment consultants believe […]

Every Reason Why Candidates Will Never Accept Your Job Offer

The search for the perfect talent might just be one of the toughest tasks in the hiring process for every recruitment consultant, HR team, and manager. Not only does it require finding the right person for the job, but also requires the power to make the candidate say yes. The truth is, your candidate isn’t […]

5 Ways to Jump-Start Your Recruitment Process This New Year

2018 is finally here! For most companies and enterprises, budgeting and forecasting have already begun, which means that requests for new hires are coming your way. As HR professionals, you should already be planning and executing an effective recruitment process for the new year. If that’s not in your pipeline, then you’re missing out on the […]

How to Effectively Look for and Screen Passive Candidates

Acquiring top talents and hiring the candidate with the perfect skill set is every recruiter’s goal. But, with the job market becoming increasingly competitive, it’s getting harder for recruitment consultants and HR teams to find the best talents. This is why recruiters can’t just wait for resumes to arrive – they need to actively seek […]

Social Recruiting is Here to Stay This 2018 – Here’s Why

Social media has impacted our daily lives in the last decade. Even the hiring and recruitment firms are now leveraging its power. Over the past few years, social media emerged as one of the leading trends in recruitment, and it looks like it’s not going anywhere. In fact, reports indicate that more than half of […]

2018 Recruitment Trends According to Experts

In 2017, the recruitment firms and the overall HR industry delved into how they can increase employee engagement, improve employee retention, and utilize automation technology to make their process more efficient. This 2018, more disruptions and trends will evolve to help shape the future of HR and recruitment. Here’s what you can expect this coming […]

7 Important New Year’s Resolutions for HR Professionals

2018 is almost here! Every new year, a lot of people create new year’s resolutions to help them achieve their new goals in their personal life. The same goes for your career and profession. As recruitment consultants and HR professionals, it’s important to conduct a year-end review and evaluate the areas that you need to […]

How to Prevent Employees From Resigning This New Year

The transition into the new year for companies is usually exciting and challenging at the same time. For HR, it could mean dealing with year-end resignations from employees who are eager to start another career path after an unsuccessful or stagnant stint with their company. Some of these employees might have felt they were not […]

8 HR Issues to Address and Resolve Before the Year Ends

HR issues are very common among organizations, and they encompass a wide variety of problem areas—from running the HR department itself to assisting the company’s employees through HR functions. If this sounds familiar to you, you need to look at the big picture and all the small details to get to the root of the […]

How to Create Groundbreaking Mental Health Policies in the Workplace

A healthy mental disposition is necessary for any worker or employee to complete their tasks and succeed at their jobs. As such, recruitment firms, business owners and HR professionals need to openly discuss mental health issues in the workplace. What is Mental Health and Illness? For most people, the concept of mental health and illness […]

Recruitment Strategies for Tech Startups to Hire the Right Talent

As more and more people become dependent on technology as a way of life, tech people are a hot commodity these days. Companies are beefing up their hiring process to get the best talent first, so their business gets ahead of the curve. If you’re a startup, you might find this situation working against your […]

How Recruiters Can Recover from a Bad Hire [Infographic]

If you feel you can kick back after handing employment papers to a new employee, then think again. As the recruiter, it would help if you know you made a bad hire so that you could avoid the same mistakes before hiring the next candidate in line. Unfortunately, knowing whether you picked the right candidate […]

A Guide to Welcoming Your New Hires Effectively

A successful business recognizes that recruiting is a continuous process that extends on a new hire’s first days, weeks, and months in the company and not just a one-time procedure. With a strategic process in place, businesses can better deal with a possible turnover with limited impact on operations and avoid a bad hire in […]

5 Tips to Use HR Tech for a High-Performing Recruitment Process

The tech recruitment landscape has been changing rapidly through the emergence of the latest HR technology. These technologies include mobile computing, artificial intelligence, and the rampant use of social media. As a result, HR team and recruitment firms have been given a proactive approach to sourcing the right candidates for the job and the company. […]

The Anatomy of a High-Potential Employee

In any organization, there will always be employees who will stand out. Even in a group of individuals with similar credentials, a select few will possess distinctive qualities and exceptional abilities that will distinguish them from their peers. These are the “HiPos” or high-potential employees. They are the key players who exhibit the aptitude, skill, […]

Recruiting Mistakes You’re Guilty of Doing

Whether you’re an HR manager or a recruiting firm consultant in the Philippines, acquiring top talents is hard to do. Regardless of the industry you belong to, the recruitment process can be extra tough—from updating the job boards and finding the perfect candidate to the mounds of paperwork and legalities involved. It’s no surprise that […]

10 Ways to Be an Effective Interviewer

The process of hiring the best candidate begins with an effective interview. This means that recruitment consultants and HR personnel need to bring their A-game before, during, and after an interview. You only have a few minutes to get to know, assess, and evaluate someone you may have never met before, or have only spoken […]

How to Hire an Employee Based on Potential

HR personnel and recruitment firms should not only focus on a candidate’s qualifications and experiences, but also consider the candidate’s potential to grow into the perfect fit for the position and your company. In today’s highly globalized and volatile economy, a candidate’s past experiences don’t guarantee their future success, as digital trends evolve and new […]

How to Improve Employment Branding Through Recruiting [Infographic]

The whole process of sourcing top talent and getting them to say yes is both an art and science. Recruitment firms are coming up with more creative strategies for attracting the perfect fit for a job position, and employment branding is one of the major factors that can influence would-be employees to say yes to […]

A Guide to Recruiting Millennial Talents Through Social Media

What’s used to connect family and friends is now used to connect even the corporate world. Job seekers use social media to look for career opportunities, while recruitment firms are starting to realize the potential of social media in an effective recruitment strategy. Hence, the modern recruitment strategy known as “social hiring” was born. Here […]

A Recruiter’s Guide to Improving the Pillars of Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is now a phenomenon that HR leaders, managers, organizations, and recruitment consultants are working hard for. Workforce culture is changing, and people now grasp…

16 Important Things Recruiters Should Look for in a Resume [Infographic]

In 2000, 22% of resumes were sent through email and posted on various job boards. In 2014, a notable increase of over 90% of resumes was posted online or through email. This trend proves one thing for all HR managers and business owners—with a vast pool of talents available, together with social media and technology, […]

How to Conduct an Effective Video Interview

Much like everything else, the world of recruitment has gone digital. HR professionals of companies and recruitment consultants are now using video interviews when traditional in-person…

10 Job Seekers You Meet At a Job Interview [Infographic]

Admit it or not, some candidates just stand out from the rest either for a good reason or otherwise. There are those who make an exceptional first impression at the outset—even before they reach for a handshake and greet you. Then,…

A Recruiter’s Guide to Conducting Effective Background Checks

Doing background checks is your responsibility as a recruiter toward the company you represent. You owe it to the organization to ensure that your new hires are competent, honest, responsible, and dignified employees. Otherwise,…

7 Ways to Headhunt on LinkedIn

There’s no doubt LinkedIn is an effective tool for headhunting. Having over 400 million professionals as of the 3rd quarter of 2016, it serves as a headhunting platform where senior-level professionals and recruitment firms can,…

A Recruiter’s Guide to Mobile Recruiting Strategies and Tools

Ever had too much buzz about how online connectivity is changing the way things are done today? People are glued to their devices, day in and day out. Apparently, mobile use has caught on in job search and hiring too…

5 Key Performance Indicators for Successful Recruitment Teams [Infographic]

Every business needs key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure their success rate. It’s a value that can be measured to pin down how effectively a business is reaching the…

Top Skills Recruiters Must Have in 2017 [Infographic]

Technology, increased demand, and competition bring new challenges and opportunities in the recruitment landscape. Recruitment trends are not the only ones changing. Business needs and job hunters do too…

How to Avoid Losing Candidates to Other Job Offers

Talent sourcing is like entering a battlefield. You don’t just hunt for the best candidate. You’re in competition with other recruiters too. It’s a big corporate world out there, and it’s not a..

The Real Cost of Hiring the Wrong Candidate

There’s a reason why companies take their sweet time selecting an appropriate candidate for a position during a team search. It’s because a bad hire has so many negative implications that…

14 Surprising Facts About Filipino Employees

If you are out to build a company in the Philippines, then you are certainly on the right track. Filipino employees are one of the best that you could hire for your business, and there are statistics to prove why you should indeed have them on your…

15 Recruiting Tips from Experts

Hiring is a long process that consumes not just time but also energy and resources. It is also very expensive that recruitment agencies exhaust all the channels they can to get to the right candidates and hire the best talents. This 2016, here are the top 15 recruiting tips for…

How to Spot and Deal with Job Hoppers

Employers and Human Resources professionals have, for long been, rejecting job hoppers attempting to join their companies, as many do not trust applicants who’ve had short employment histories with different employers. If you…

7 Warning Signs to Watch Out for When Recruiting Employees

When looking for new employees or performing executive search, you only want the best people for your company, which is why you make sure that they are perfect for the role and your company’s culture. Bad hires can result in huge financial…

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