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Our executive search recruiters are delivering top level talent to over 450 Multinationals, SMEs and startups in the Philippines. Our deep experience and passion combines with a commitment to service and results, ultimately delivering the executive talent that your business needs. We achieve this by curating an unrivalled database and candidate community within our executive search firm in the Philippines, proven to provide the top executive headhunting results.

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Executive Search Philippines, Headhunting for the Top Executive Talent

Background: A Challenging Market for Executive Recruiters
In the Philippines specifically, the hunt for the top talent is executed in one of the world’s most competitive job markets for executive search. The Philippines has a unique combination of drivers behind its competitive market for talent that rarely all come together in one place. Not only is the Philippines one of the world’s fastest growing economies fueled by a strong domestic market, but it also has one of the world’s fastest growing outsourcing and offshoring industries as well. Furthermore, it is a ripe, new playing field for multinational corporations who have been entering its local market to provide products and services to a new wealth of local consumers and businesses alike. This mix of factors sees an unprecedented grab for the skilled Filipino talent to be placed in leadership roles by both Filipino companies with their rapidly growing domestic demand, and international companies who hire in the Philippines for their offshore/outsourcing demand. Naturally they all want the best executive talent to work for their company, and accordingly they are all finding more sophisticated ways to attract and retain this talent, often using executive search firms in Manila.

Why it’s Crucial to Get the Hiring Process Right the First Time
Filipinos can be proud to be recognized as some of the best talent in the world when it comes to a global workforce. They are the drivers of a strong domestic economy that is growing at unprecedented levels, and they are also the leaders and workforce behind international outsourced teams or teams within global centers of excellence established in the Philippines by multinational corporations. However, these Filipino leaders are now being sought out as candidates for new roles at an unprecedented level. They are being courted by executive headhunters and internal executive recruitment teams alike. If they are great candidates, it’s not likely you’ll find them through job ads or a simple LinkedIn search. You will first need to build trust and rapport while you stand out from the myriad of everyday recruiters who are calling them and getting turned away. More than ever now, the approach needs to be done correctly and must be attractive to the candidate. Because your top-level roles influence your people, your processes and your profits, it’s imperative to thoroughly plan every step of the way. Partnering with an executive search firm in the Philippines who knows the lay of the land, who has the market mapped and who knows the top leaders within sort after industries is the best way to attract talent in this candidate driven market. You need an executive headhunter in Manila who can strategically and powerfully source for you to ensure you don’t miss the best person for the job or become overwhelmed by the difficulty or nuances of a specialized search. You need an executive search recruitment partner who will give you a market-based understanding, as well as bridging the insight gap that so many local and international employers sometimes underestimate when seeking executive talent in the Philippines.

Founded in 2010, and with an independent five-star rating (Google), Manila Recruitment has quickly grown to become the leading headhunting firm in the Philippines.

Used by both local and international companies seeking out the most highly skilled talent for executive, managerial or leadership roles to be filled. Manila Recruitment has cultivated the Philippines’ strongest and most seasoned team of qualified, experienced executive and managerial recruitment consultants. A team that has been closely trained by our own executives, our very own founders, and who have all been put the through the leading international headhunting courses in the world. They have adopted an unprecedented culture of network-oriented, relationship driven strategies to deeply engage with Manila’s executive community and be attuned to the needs of the country’s top talent. When a member of the Manila Recruitment team picks up the phone to reach out to one of Manila’s top leaders for a client, our approach is second to none. Accordingly, candidates listen to our career driven advise, and the option to interview for a role with our clients. Our team’s approach to headhunting goes beyond traditional practices that are often outdated and left recycling the same old talent pools. Instead, we implement carefully planned, personalized, modern strategy built on the latest science of headhunting, driven by the latest sourcing techniques, and supported by the most innovative apps and tool bags recruiters anywhere in the world can access. When you want the best talent for your company, and you demand the most supportive, sophisticated service that drives fresh talent into your interviews, or when you need a fresh approach when old tactics aren’t delivering results, simply contact our friendly team so that we can personalize our service to deliver exactly what you need for your executive search requirements in the Philippines.

What We Will Do For You
We will headhunt and hire for the following positions for you:

  • C-level executives (CEO, COO, CFO, CTO, CIO, & CMO)
  • President, Vice President, and Director roles
  • Head of department, managerial, supervisory and leadership roles for HR, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Operations, IT, Software, Project Management, Business Development and more.

We also conduct other search services for a number of roles (Expatriate, IT & Technical, Junior, and Teams). Click here to find out more.

We will undertake the Philippines’ most exhaustive search for talent for you.
Our recruiters are experts at sourcing passive candidates (those not actively seeking work), but who may be interested in the opportunity to work for you when it is presented correctly. We can reach a further 80% of Manila’s executive and management candidate market than recruitment firms who simply post job advertisements, trawl their databases (resume farms) and search LinkedIn.

We will manage our relationship with you driven by loyalty, trust, understanding, consultation, service, commitment and dedication. Filling each role for you means the world to us.

Our commitment to the following is what we sets us apart:

Database & Community

250,000+ Executive Candidates: C-Level, VPs, Directors Managers, and other managerial and leadership roles. Plus unique network multipliers & community outreach programs run by all executive recruiters in their respective vertical focus.

Executive Headhunters

We don’t rely on job postings! We pride ourselves on passive candidate sourcing. Each of our executive recruiters are internationally certified in the latest sourcing strategies, and can discover and engage more executive and managerial candidates.

Business Driven Approach

We invest time to align a tailored executive search strategy with your strategic business objectives. We have expertise in Multinational expansion, corporate recruitment and tech & start-up companies, often recruiting whole executive teams & managerial layers from the ground up.

Market Entry Strategy

New to the Philippines? We have been the exclusive executive search partner for over 450+ Multinationals, corporations & start-ups entering the Filipino market. We specialize in recruiting first hire executives & building core teams around them.

Client Testimonials

Manila Recruitment
Recruitment Agency Executive Search Firm and Headhunters in the Philippines
Astbury Building No.2 Orion cor. Mercedes Street Brgy, Makati, 1209, Metro Manila, Philippines
5 out of 5 star rating

Manila Recruitment are the best recruiters I've ever worked with across our global footprint. We use Manila Recruitment exclusively for our Philippines hiring. The team are highly responsive, professional, and find us the best candidates. They were so quick at finding talent, that we had to speed our recruitment processes to keep up with them! Manila Recruitment guided us through the process to engage with talent in the Philippines, answered our questions on local employment conditions and gave us advice on how to attract the best talent. Our success with Manila Recruitment gave me the ability to recommend to our Board with confidence to expand our operations in the Philippines because we had a local partner we could trust to find us the right people for roles, the first time. I highly recommend their services.

Manila Recruitment
Recruitment Agency Executive Search Firm and Headhunters in the Philippines
Astbury Building No.2 Orion cor. Mercedes Street Brgy, Makati, 1209, Metro Manila, Philippines
"Recruitment of a Country Manager"
5 out of 5 star rating

I want to thank Manila Recruitment for all of your efforts in the appointment of our new Country Manager for the Philippines. Everyone was great to work with! At all times a very professional, yet flexible approach was taken throughout the recruitment process. As Ingredients Plus grow in the Philippines we will certainly be looking to utilise your Company again when we seek new staff.

Manila Recruitment
Recruitment Agency Executive Search Firm and Headhunters in the Philippines
Astbury Building No.2 Orion cor. Mercedes Street Brgy, Makati, 1209, Metro Manila, Philippines
"Recruitment of Various Technology Roles"
5 out of 5 star rating

We are a Social Enterprise & Technology Company inventing mobile services to underserved people in predominantly emerging markets. After experiencing the services of alternative headhunters without success, we turned to Manila Recruitment for assistance in securing a number of high-level, executive and tech roles in a short timeline. Their specific process and professionalism produced fast results, exceeding our expectations. Adapted candidates, plus regular updates and communication, all delivered through consultants who understood our business model and our briefs. I have already returned to use Manila Recruitment for another key position.

Manila Recruitment
Recruitment Agency Executive Search Firm and Headhunters in the Philippines
Astbury Building No.2 Orion cor. Mercedes Street Brgy, Makati, 1209, Metro Manila, Philippines
"Recruitment of over 15 Executive, Senior Management and Various Other Roles for a Multinational Corporation's First Operation in Manila"
5 out of 5 star rating

If you are looking for a partner who is really passionate about helping you find the right people for your company, consider engaging Manila Recruitment. With their team we hammered out a tailored recruitment strategy. We also have regular meetings with the recruiters to evaluate progress and discuss new vacancies. Candidates referred to us for interviews always had the right profile and we were able to recruit quality people without wasting too much time on interviews.

Talk to them, meet them in their exciting office in Makati City and convince yourself. 

Key Search Terms

  • Success Fee
    The success fee is only billed after hire, and is calculated at 2.25 months of the candidates’ total gross monthly earnings (equivalent to 18.75% of annual earnings),. No 13th month salary (customary in the Philippines) is included, and there are no hidden fees!
  • Deep Executive Consultation
    An extensive, executive consultation is offered upon engagement. We want to gain the deepest understanding of your company, your requirements, the position, and offer advice to ensure success.
  • Free Replacement
    We offer a free replacement candidate if things don’t work out within the first 6 months.
  • Free Reference Checks
    A full reference check is done prior to hiring. We understand the importance of due diligence of this level.

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We are here to support you
in the 'new normal'

As our Filipino and global clients adjust to the “new normal” of working under the COVID-19 pandemic, Manila Recruitment is here to support. Our team are all working efficiently from home and are fully operational. We are providing our services without interruption at the same standard that you have always been accustomed to. Therefore, we are here to help you with any recruitment need during and after the crisis. We can answer any questions you may have about COVID and job market trends, remote staffing, virtual teams and regular office-based recruitment to help you ease into the new workplace norms. We are here to be your dedicated recruitment partner and consultant during the crisis and beyond. Contact us now or anytime by filling up the form above.

Our Recruitment Service Process

  • Starter Session

    A dedicated consultation with our recruitment manager and expert senior recruiter. Review sample profiles, finalize the job description & align the sourcing / hiring strategy.

  • Candidate Sourcing

    Our professional headhunters will run a customized recruitment campaign to source the talent you require. Using the most innovative tech, tools and headhunting methodologies.

  • Candidate Presentation

    Within 1 to 2 weeks we’ll initially present 4 highly qualified / vetted candidates ready to interview. Included: candidate CV, assessment, salary/benefits, availability & offer requirements.

  • Candidate Interviews

    We’ll arrange all candidate interviews for you. You can choose remote or in-person interviews. We’ll collect feedback and assist at every stage. More candidates can be presented if needed.

  • Job Offer

    We are here to help you structure an offer that works. We can help negotiate, structure, write and present the offer depending on your needs.

  • Candidate Guarantee

    We will check in during onboarding requirements, and regularly after to ensure things are working out. If needed, we’ll replace the candidate at no cost as part of our guarantee to you.

All About Executive Recruitment

Executives have to be personally approached the right way if you want to present them with new opportunities! Be equipped with our insights on hiring and retaining executives in this section.

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Our Market Leading Solutions

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