7 Effective IT Upskilling Strategies to Future-proof Your Company

The IT industry is competitive and requires constant innovation. Learn IT upskilling strategies that can help your company thrive long-term.

8 Key Roles You Need for an Efficient IT Development Team

If you’re looking to assemble a development team of your own for the first time, take note of these important posts that can pivot your business to success.

The Anatomy of A Skilled Software Engineer

Are you looking to hire a software engineer in your organization? Here’s a visual rundown of what a software engineer is and the skills you need to keep an eye on when recruiting one. Take note of the skills you need in a software engineer for an efficient IT recruitment process.

The State of IT-BPO Industry in Cebu: 8 Must-Know Facts in 2020

Let’s take a look at some must-know facts about the IT-BPO industry at the Queen City of the South.

7 Technical Metrics to Measure Your IT Recruitment Success

The key to efficient human resource management is to follow a strategic process when it comes to hiring new employees. The metrics used for recruitment in specific industries vary greatly, and it all depends on the kind of enterprise and innovation needed for the company’s long-term objectives. For HR professionals, information technology positions require an […]

Beyond the Resume: 5 Things to Look for in an IT Applicant

When hiring for any position, your recruitment firm is likely to look at the applicant’s resume first before allowing the applicant to enter the screening process. Although this is a standard HR practice, you can’t be quickly impressed and assess the applicant based on the resume alone. This applies especially for tech positions that require […]

How Tech Companies Are Changing the Recruitment Industry

Some of the biggest names in the tech industry wouldn’t be where they are now if not for their talented employees working tirelessly to put these companies on the map. An organization’s workforce will always be one of its key strengths, so they always make sure they get top talent to help run the company […]

The Future of the Workplace: How Will AI Change the Way We Work?

We live in a time when every day gives us an opportunity to discover new things that could change our lives. For businesses, the possibilities for improving products, services, ideas, and methodologies are endless – thanks to the emergence of game-changing technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI). AI is a valuable innovation that technology has […]

7 Resume Alternatives You Should Use in Your Recruitment Process

Résumés have long been a useful tool in the recruitment process, requiring a considerable amount of discernment as you sift through mounds of paper to find the most qualified applicant for the job. Despite this tried and tested method, résumés should not be the only tool you should use to help you in your recruitment […]

How to Effectively Look for and Screen Passive Candidates

Acquiring top talents and hiring the candidate with the perfect skill set is every recruiter’s goal. But, with the job market becoming increasingly competitive, it’s getting harder for recruitment consultants and HR teams to find the best talents. This is why recruiters can’t just wait for resumes to arrive – they need to actively seek […]

Recruitment Strategies for Tech Startups to Hire the Right Talent

As more and more people become dependent on technology as a way of life, tech people are a hot commodity these days. Companies are beefing up their hiring process to get the best talent first, so their business gets ahead of the curve. If you’re a startup, you might find this situation working against your […]

The Anatomy of a High-Potential Employee

In any organization, there will always be employees who will stand out. Even in a group of individuals with similar credentials, a select few will possess distinctive qualities and exceptional abilities that will distinguish them from their peers. These are the “HiPos” or high-potential employees. They are the key players who exhibit the aptitude, skill, […]

Hiring a Node.js Developer? Here are the Must-Have Skills [Infographic]

Node.js is an open-source programming language created by Ryan Dahl in 2009 for building full stack applications. Although it was originally written in C++, Node.js was built upon Google Chrome’s powerful V8 JavaScript runtime. Web development…

10 Ways to Be an Effective Interviewer

The process of hiring the best candidate begins with an effective interview. This means that recruitment consultants and HR personnel need to bring their A-game before, during, and after an interview. You only have a few minutes to get to know, assess, and evaluate someone you may have never met before, or have only spoken […]

How to Hire an Employee Based on Potential

HR personnel and recruitment firms should not only focus on a candidate’s qualifications and experiences, but also consider the candidate’s potential to grow into the perfect fit for the position and your company. In today’s highly globalized and volatile economy, a candidate’s past experiences don’t guarantee their future success, as digital trends evolve and new […]

A Guide to Recruiting Millennial Talents Through Social Media

What’s used to connect family and friends is now used to connect even the corporate world. Job seekers use social media to look for career opportunities, while recruitment firms are starting to realize the potential of social media in an effective recruitment strategy. Hence, the modern recruitment strategy known as “social hiring” was born. Here […]

3 Things to Consider When Building an SEO Team

Businesses need a solid SEO strategy to succeed in today’s digital era. And what’s the big secret behind SEO that keeps brands at the top of the world? A team of SEO rock stars. As they say, “great SEO starts with the right people.” Hiring the right people with the right background and experience is […]

10 Questions To Ask When Hiring an IT Expert

The costs of a bad hire, especially along the ranks of executive and expert levels is high. According to a Robert Half study, 36% of 1,400 surveyed executives have claimed that one of the leading factors of a failed hire…

How to Find a Lead Developer for Your Startup Company

For startup companies, looking for the perfect lead developer is a challenging ordeal. In fact, 90% of startups fail because developers are only expected to code—no more,…

Hiring a Full Stack Developer: A Recruiter’s Guide

Hiring full stack developers is like finding a needle in a haystack; it’s a tough challenge. Not every developer is adept in both front end and back end of web development. That’s why…

Technical Recruiting 101: A Guide for Technical Recruiters

Information technology (IT) is a technical field that requires a certain skill set. A candidate’s CV may seem like a suitable fit for an open position, but a general recruiter…

How to Nail Your IT Executive Hiring Process

Finding excellent talent is already a difficult task, but hiring the right people for the information technology (IT) field poses much more challenges. Even CIOs and CTOs admit that looking for…

What Makes a Great SEO Expert

Recruiters or hiring managers responsible for IT and expert search need to recognize great SEO professionals from a long list of applicants. Here are the top things you must check when looking for great SEO experts…

Hiring and Retaining Remote Developers Best Practices

Software developers are responsible for designing computer programs and operating systems that are essential to businesses and our everyday lives. They form and design systems such as websites…

7 Common Mistakes When Hiring an IT Expert

Tech talent is a valuable commodity these days. With the widespread use of mobile devices and an increased dependence on IT infrastructures to run business operations, the demand is…

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