Establishing and Growing Offshore Teams


Establishing and Growing Offshore Teams

A Primer on the Business Advantages of IT Offshoring

This infographic will provide a complete picture of the business advantages of IT offshoring that coincide with the evolution of technology, communication, and processes.

Offshoring in the Philippines? Here’s A Step-by-Step Guide

Many things make the Philippines more than ready for offshoring functions. This article will provide a rundown of the things you need to know and prepare for in order to hire offshore employees in the Philippines, and to hit the ground running.

Here’s Why the Philippines is Your Next Offshoring Location

There are several reasons why offshoring in the Philippines is a popular option among international corporations. Business owners acknowledge that this may be due to the nature of the Filipino people, who are generally known to be hard-working, talented, and naturally passionate about getting the job done right.

8 Things to Consider When Assembling a Work Team

Behind every successful project is a great work team. A work team is a cohesive unit of individuals who are responsible for the production of goods and services of a company. An effective work team requires the collaboration of experts from multiple fields led by a supervisor that directs how the tasks should be planned […]

7 Tips to Effectively Lead Your Offshore Team

As a business owner, deciding to outsource talent is one of the smartest moves you can do for your company. Remote teams can help you save time and money in completing specific tasks and projects while still hitting the business goals you’ve set. It’s not that difficult to implement either, as any reputable recruitment agency […]

4 Changes You Need to Tailor-Fit Your Offshore Strategies in the Philippines

There are many corporations that go global, so they could take advantage of the many benefits of having a brand presence in other countries. This is a big strategic move that allows them to generate more revenue and diversify their business through the expansion of capital and the recruitment of new talent. Offshoring is a […]

Ease of Doing Business Law in the PH: How Will It Benefit Foreign Investors?

It has always been a frustrating endeavor whenever you set foot in government institutions and try to process documents to start a business. Long lines; inept, corrupt or often lazy employees; and red tape can be discouraging. This kind of environment turns away not only citizens who want to run their own business, but also […]

The Future of the Workplace: How Will AI Change the Way We Work?

We live in a time when every day gives us an opportunity to discover new things that could change our lives. For businesses, the possibilities for improving products, services, ideas, and methodologies are endless – thanks to the emergence of game-changing technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI). AI is a valuable innovation that technology has […]

Why Partner with a Recruitment Firm to Find the Right Offshore Employees

Offshore businesses have been a steady source of jobs for millions of employees worldwide. Up to this day, offshore-based companies are continuously hiring for their teams. As a result, there is unprecedented success and growth for businesses, as offshore employees become instrumental in expanding the company’s operations and its share in the industry market. On […]

Common Challenges of Managing Offshore Teams (And How to Overcome Them)

Many businesses nowadays outsource their back-office operations or at least some part of their workflow to offshore teams. Even startups and small businesses have some form of offshore operations—from hiring freelancers to do repetitive or creative tasks to partnering up with a digital agency and recruitment firm in the Philippines. This allows them to primarily […]

The Growing Philippine Economy and Why You Should Invest Here

For two years in a row, the Philippine economy has been growing at a relatively steady pace. Back in 2016, the country ranked 9th on the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) survey. UNCTAD polls business leaders of multinational corporations to identify their top investment destination. Last year, the Philippines fared even better. […]

A Guide to Ensuring the Success of Your Offshore Projects

Companies nowadays turn to offshoring in the Philippines to maximize the use of their business dollars, and why not? You know that your product and services are only as good as the people who create them. And more often, the best talents can be found outside your home country. There are many advantages to hiring […]

The Trend of Telecommuting and Its Implications in the Workplace [Infographic]

Millions of workers around the world are taking advantage of telecommuting or working outside the office. For proper context, telecommuters fall into two main categories: full-time employees who work at home and freelancers who work remotely from time to time. Together, full-time telecommuters and freelancers make up a big part of the global workforce. In […]

How Offshore Employees Benefit Your Business

As businesses around the world seek growth and success, more and more companies are opting to hire offshore employees in the Philippines who will help them hit their goals while keeping costs to a minimum. With the rapid advancement of communication technology, companies are now more equipped to set up offshore operations without sacrificing quality […]

How to Build Your Offshore Dream Team

Having multiple teams across the world may be considered as an achieved objective for your business. This is what offshoring is all about—to grow your business operations to far regions, inviting top talents and innovative ideas to contribute to your business’ further successes. In 2016, India, China, and Malaysia are the top three countries who […]

What to Look For When Hiring a Recruitment Firm in the Philippines

According to the Centre for Economics and Business Research, the cost of hiring can exceed $40,000 (₱2,000,000) per employee. A good portion of that amount goes into the tedious recruitment process—the time which managers spend discussing the job opening, advertising, screening resumes, interviewing, and background checking, among many others…

How to Conduct an Effective Video Interview

Much like everything else, the world of recruitment has gone digital. HR professionals of companies and recruitment consultants are now using video interviews when traditional in-person…

Philippine IT-BPO: Trends and Predictions [Infographic]

The information technology and business process outsourcing (IT-BPO) sector in the Philippines is one of the country’s most dynamic industries today and is here to stay. This is because the country has…

Why Recruit Your Startup Team in the Philippines

Traditionally, if you want to build a new team, you first look for professionals located within or near your place of business. This makes sense. After all, you don’t want to hire someone from a remote location and then set aside a budget for relocation costs…

Hiring and Retaining Remote Developers Best Practices

Software developers are responsible for designing computer programs and operating systems that are essential to businesses and our everyday lives. They form and design systems such as websites…

Setting up an Offshore Shared Service Center: 14 Factors to Consider

Companies usually transpose the meanings of shared service centers and business process outsourcing (BPO). However, these two differ despite both rendering services for an…

6 Tips in Establishing and Recruiting Teams in the Philippines

Of the many reasons a business owner abroad decides to set up a shop in the Philippines, the one cited the most is the reduced overhead cost. Outsourcing, in general, remains to be one of the most cost-effective methods for…

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