A Guide to Welcoming Your New Hires Effectively

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A Guide to Welcoming Your New Hires Effectively

A successful business recognizes that recruiting is a continuous process that extends on a new hire’s first days, weeks, and months in the company and not just a one-time procedure. With a strategic process in place, businesses can better deal with a possible turnover with limited impact on operations and avoid a bad hire in the long run.

With the promising trends that shape HR management such as effective onboarding, a more comprehensive approach is provided to new hires that go way beyond a simple orientation.

Statistics show that 69% of employees are more likely to stay with a company for approximately 3 years if they were provided with a great onboarding. This shows that onboarding plays an important role in maintaining a positive relationship with your employees, especially new hires. It ensures that new employees starts a new job on the right foot, and remain engaged throughout his tenure.

The makers of a successful recruitment process don’t just depend on the responsibilities of your HR department. Apart from your in-house HR, working with a recruitment firm is the core of a well-managed recruitment system that can best provide the needed control of the process.

While your recruitment firm manages most of the communications with the candidate and is responsible for meeting client demands for your company’s growth, the HR department defines an important role in binding their employees and making sure that the organization’s values define their employees.

But this doesn’t mean that the recruitment process starts and ends there. Here are some things to consider when welcoming new hires to your company and ease the learning curve for the new kids on the block.

Introduce your new hires to the team and tour them around

To make sure that your new hire is properly addressed, introduce him to the whole team and the entire company. By doing this, your new hire will easily feel the warm welcome from all the team members, as he is recognized as soon as he sets foot in the company.

You can do this personally, through email, company chat, or any medium where everyone in the company is present. Explain your new hire’s responsibility and how his team can connect with him.

Afterward, familiarize your new hire with the environment. Show him around so that he knows where every facility (e.g. pantry, meeting rooms, etc.) is located and give tips to make him feel at home.

Do everything to make your new hire feel welcome, comfortable, and get along with the people in his new office.

Explain the overall job, responsibilities, and how it can affect the company

It’s best to involve your new hire in every single objective and company mission. By being part of the company’s key players, your new hire can contribute to the success of the company in the long run. Make him understand the implications of his job so that he can accomplish tasks and keep them working in line with the goals and objectives of the company.

The first few weeks at a new job can be an overwhelming adjustment for a new employee. While it’s an imperative to discuss everything to your new hire, you wouldn’t want to give him tons of information that he may not easily pick up all at once. Keep discussions as light and interactive as possible.

Introduce the company’s formal and informal stakeholders

In many companies, the organizational chart provides a visual representation of who reports to whom. Help your new hire understand who the critical stakeholders are, and discuss how each one plays an important role in the organization.

Make introductions and professional descriptions of everyone in the organization. Avoid sending new hires out to go and find someone they actually don’t know.

While these people belong in the formal hierarchy, take the time to explain the informal stakeholders in the organization as well. These are the go-to people, the gatekeepers, the people who know what’s happening before it happens, and the like. This can further help in keeping your new hire involved in everything that has happened prior and might happen during his stay in the company.

Organize a team gathering

One of the corporate values in a company involves having fun. By bringing in new team members and involving them in inside or out-of-office activities, you’re letting them know how the company enjoys at work, and how they can get involved with life within and outside the office.

Maybe you can cap off a busy work week with a team gathering to know more about your new hire. Organize a team lunch out, an outing, or a team building to make sure that your new hire gets along with everyone else just fine.

Maintain employee engagement

By being in charge of employee management, HR professionals should make sure that employee engagement is present throughout an employee’s stay in the organization.

Take the time to discuss the corporate and team etiquettes of the company to your new hire. From the flow of meetings, conference calls, decision-making, to other critical topics, you’re certain that issues are properly addressed and mistakes can be avoided.

Don’t assume that one can grasp these things alone or can eventually work out individually without discussing it. It’s best to keep your employees aligned with everything the company does. Whether this is the new hire’s first job or not, you must spend time explaining the dos and don’ts to avoid the chances of throwing new employees in at the deep end.

Key Takeaway

As HR professionals, it’s a must to make your new hire’s first day of work a seamless one. To achieve that, making your new hire feel comfortable and welcome is vitally important.

Keeping your employees right on track doesn’t just end on the Friday of his first week on the job. The process should continue over the span of several months and, during that time, it is essential to gather a 360-feedback from everyone else in the team.

Keep in mind that it’s never too early to start cultivating a harmonious relationship that can bring you a winning team in the long run.



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