How to Prevent Employees From Resigning This New Year

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How to Prevent Employees from Resigning This New Year

The transition into the new year for companies is usually exciting and challenging at the same time.

For HR, it could mean dealing with year-end resignations from employees who are eager to start another career path after an unsuccessful or stagnant stint with their company. Some of these employees might have felt they were not valued enough in the organization, while others might have had issues with their co-workers or managers.

For those who have been with the company long enough, they might feel there’s nothing else that motivates or inspires them at work, so they want to try something new this time around. Or it could simply be about money. One of your employees might have found a higher-paying job, and that employee couldn’t be happier with the idea of earning more.

Those of you in HR might find a lot of wisdom in the adage, “Prevention is worth a pound of cure,” as you work toward employee retention. The general rule is to know why employees are quitting so that you could take a proactive approach and make your employees think twice about leaving your camp.

Here are some tips to make your employees loyal and committed to your company:

Hear them out

Whether you like it or not, you’ll get a lot of complaints from your employees who may have an altogether different view of how things in your organization should run.

As HR, you should give them the opportunity to voice out their grievances in a fair environment. You could use various feedback-generating tools or strategies to elicit the view of your employees.

Give them the option to maintain an anonymous identity as they take part in HR-initiated surveys if they’re not comfortable with one-on-one interview sessions.

Give them a clear direction towards opportunities in the company

Employees have different capabilities, but it doesn’t mean only top performers should be given leadership or management roles. Most employees would still want to have the opportunity to be cross-trained in other areas, especially if these match their interest and skills.

Make sure to keep an eye out for employees who show special skills other than their official designation, and discuss the possibility of tapping them for special projects or tasks in your company.

Your highly creative, outgoing staff, for example, could help your art department in deciding the theme for your next company event, designing your company logo, or organizing annual company activities.

Promote deserving, top employees

Job promotions are one way to affirm employees’ value and their contributions to the company, so be generous with your offer to promote deserving employees. Don’t wait until they are contacted by a recruitment firm with a job proposal they can’t resist.

At the same time, be fair to those who are not eligible for a promotion. You wouldn’t want them to feel left out, so talk to them about their chances of being promoted at the right time. Help them come up with a professional development plan for the next year to demonstrate their future with your organization.

Improve company policies

Strict company policies regarding attendance, dress codes, inter-departmental communication, and the like can trigger disgruntled employees. In response, more and more companies are now implementing flexible work policies to keep their employees happy and comfortable at work.

Millennials, who are forecasted to form 50 percent of the global workforce by 2020, prefer a workplace without rigid corporate structures, as these tend to create walls in terms of feedback exchange among the employer, managers, and employees.

A company that promotes work-life balance also sends a positive message to employees that the employer is concerned about their well-being. You could periodically allow your employees to work from home, especially during lean seasons to spend with their family or pursue their hobbies.

Upgrade your compensation package

For many employees, especially those that belong to the top 10 percent of your workforce, a competitive salary, and benefits package could be a good reason to stay at the company. It demonstrates the employer’s satisfaction with and appreciation of their work, although the rewards might not always have to be in the form of a pay raise.

Some employees appreciate getting benefits that give them tax-free allowances, subsidized meals, transportation allowance, free gym membership, movie tickets, and the like.

Offer trainings

Continuous learning appeals to employees because they get to acquire new knowledge and skills that make them more competitive than their peers in other companies.

Sending them to conferences, workshops, and seminars enables them to stay up-to-date on new tools and technologies that they could use to improve their craft.

Training programs also widen their network as they meet other professionals in the industry. In-house training is equally effective in keeping your employees engaged and helping them stay on a learning curve.

Recognize their achievements in a company-wide program

When you recognize and celebrate your employees’ success in their work performance, you are in effect building their loyalty to the organization because they know their efforts are not getting unnoticed.

A company-wide recognition program, however, should be designed to focus on how individual employee achievements are helpful for their team or the entire organization to encourage everyone else to do their share in meeting company goals.

If you’re giving a star employee a cash incentive, for example, you could stretch the budget a bit more for a team lunch with the said employee.

While you have no complete control over employees who want to quit, the best you could do is to show them that you want them to stay with the company for a long time.

Understanding why employees quit is only half of your HR duties. Your team should work with department managers to make your employees feel appreciated and recognized all the time.



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