6 Best Recruiting Apps for Talent Sourcing in 2022

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They say that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. And the same can be said for professional teams.

In a world where business ventures heavily depend on recruiting top talent, many leaders find themselves struggling to find the best people for the job. But the thing is, recruiting shouldn’t be that difficult. Not in this day and age.

According to an Owl Labs survey, as many as 69% of people worked remotely in 2021. And it only goes to show that recruiting doesn’t have to be as challenging as many people think. Of course, having a great recruiting app helps the process go more smoothly.

So, without further ado, the following are the top recruiting apps for talent sourcing in 2022.

1. LinkedIn Recruiter

One of the best apps out there for finding and getting in touch with potential members of your team is, without a doubt, LinkedIn Recruiter.

First and foremost, this tool allows you to get in touch with over 1.6 million engaged members in just a few clicks. Moreover, the app offers excellent features like advanced filters, AI-based recommendations, and collaboration options, which are sure to come in handy when searching for candidates to join your business.

The downside? LinkedIn Recruiter costs a whopping $8,999 per year or $825 per month, which is not a sum that many small and medium-sized businesses can afford.

2. iSmartRecruit

Are you tired of sorting stacks of resumes and slow hiring cycles? Supercharge your hiring process by investing wisely in iSmartRecruit. iSmartRecruit is an AI-powered innovative recruitment solution that automates manual and repetitive recruitment tasks and saves the time-to-hire by 55% for recruiters and HRs.

It offers highly scalable ATS and CRM software for corporate HRs, mass recruiters, and staffing and recruitment agencies. The high-rated candidate tracking and management system allows for team-based hiring by involving hiring teams, recruiters, and hiring managers.

iSmartRecruit has abundant features like sponsored Jobs on 500+ job boards, social recruiting, AI-based job matching, a recruitment chatbot with 24×7 support, a resume parsing and management system, team collaboration, various hiring analytics and many more. These features boost feedback-driven hiring decisions, streamline clear and effective team communication, strengthen sourcing strength and upscale your recruitment process.

3. ZipRecruiter

For those looking for part-time or remote talent, ZipRecruiter makes for an excellent option. Especially as the monthly price of using this app is almost three times less than the first option on our list of the best recruiting apps for talent sourcing in 2022.

The way this service works is relatively simple. First, businesses need to send in a job description, based on which they get matched with the most suitable candidates looking for work. Then, they can invite their favorite candidates to apply for the position and choose the best person for the job.

What’s great about this service is its algorithm for matching employers with talent. And the best testimony to it is the top brands using it for talent sourcing, including Netflix, the Home Depot, and Verizon.

4. Indeed

If you want to have the highest chances of finding the right talent for your company, one way to recruit would be to go to the place where people search for work. And, for 63.6 million professionals, that place is the Indeed app.

Another benefit of using Indeed is that posting jobs is free. Of course, if you want to get more candidates, you will have to spend some. However, you can sponsor jobs for as little as $5 per day and get 4.5x as many candidates as you would with a free posting.

5. Workable

Want to go even bigger and better? You might want to try out Workable. This app is used by over 20,000 companies and 85 million candidates, making it one of the top apps for recruiting talent in 2022. Moreover, it allows companies to create branded careers pages, which is an excellent way to use design and copywriting to attract the best match for your team.

The great thing about Workable is that it doesn’t limit you to posting job listings on its platforms. Instead, the software advertises open positions on over 200 sites (including LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, Facebook, etc.), effectively giving you a way to reach more people without increasing your workload.

One more thing to know about Workable is that you can get the app for a pay-as-you-go fee of $99 per job per month. It’s an excellent deal for those who only need one candidate every once in a while.

6. Shapr

Shapr offers a unique way of talent sourcing. This is because, essentially, its aim isn’t to help candidates find jobs (or aid recruiters in searching for workers). Instead, the app operates as a social network for entrepreneurs and professionals, making networking easy, personalized, and fun.

Although it might not be the fastest way to source talent, it is a good solution for many teams. For example, IT startups who want to build and sell an app will find Shapr the perfect choice for getting in touch with like-minded professionals. Whether the result of the connection is a professional collaboration or an inspiring conversation is entirely up to them. But it’s sure to result in a hefty dose of inspiration.


Getting the Most Out of Recruiting Apps

As you can see, there are plenty of great recruiting apps out there for sourcing talent. The thing you have to remember, however, is that hiring isn’t something that anyone can do. Especially hitting the jackpot on hiring a long term employee.

Writing great job descriptions that attract the best applicants takes skill and experience. That’s why, for most small and medium-sized businesses who don’t have a dedicated hiring manager, hiring a recruitment agency makes much more sense than paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for an app. Manila Recruitment has been working with remote teams for over a decade with numerous management tips behind them. So, if you’re looking to hire in the Philippines, it’s definitely an option you should consider for your talent sourcing needs in 2022.