Using Video Marketing to Attract More Gen Z Applicants

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Generation Z is becoming a powerful part of the modern workforce. As new grads enter their first careers and the eldest members of Gen Z take on mid-level roles, it’s clear that recruiters can no longer ignore the importance of the youngest generation. Learning to recruit employees in a way that appeals to Gen Z — a demographic that evaluates workplaces in new, unique ways — is crucial for the future of every business.

To attract top talent, you first need to recognize that Generation Z is the most digitally connected consumer group in the world. Spending nearly three hours each day browsing their social media apps, Gen Z is constantly engaging with brands — especially on video platforms like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitch. Grabbing this generation’s attention requires more than a great caption or headline. Instead, recruiters need videos, a content format that captivates through movement and allows for more authentic interaction with the human side of brands.

Here are four ways that organizations can use video marketing in recruiting, particularly through social media, to attract and connect with potential applicants from Generation Z.

Tailor Video Content to Each Platform

When you’re marketing to digital natives, posting the same video across all your social media channels isn’t the most effective way to recruit. Instead, your marketing team must recognize that each social media app serves a different niche when it comes to video. For instance, while TikTok is a great platform for authentic, funny, short-form content, successful YouTube videos are often higher quality and long-form. While a 20-minute vlog that follows your employee through their workday may be a good recruitment tool on YouTube, a fast-paced overview of company perks can work better on TikTok or Instagram Reels.

Focus on Authentic Engagement

When interacting with brands, displays of authenticity and great customer service are incredibly appealing to Generation Z. This generation, which has grown up in a world of content overload, can recognize advertising from a mile away, which makes building genuine connections with potential applicants more important than ever. Social media video marketing offers more opportunities to foster relationships with Generation Z than any other type of content.

With social media video, you can authentically engage with Gen Z job seekers by:

  • Hosting live Q&As about your company, culture, or job openings
  • Responding directly to TikTok comments with short, entertaining videos
  • Commenting on video content that Gen Z tags your brand in
  • Mashing together user-generated content in videos to feature Gen Z followers on your social media channels

Highlight Your Company Culture

Recruiters have long sought employees who are excellent culture fits, but few generations have considered their alignment with company cultures as much as Gen Z. Since Gen Z is a highly socially conscious generation, they’re looking to work with companies that align with their unique values and morals. You can make your company stand out by creating videos focused on your core values, vision, and how you care for employees.

On social media, high-performing brand videos among Gen Z audiences often emphasize diversity and inclusion, mental health, and sustainability. Consider which of your company values and initiatives best align with Gen Z’s interests and beliefs as you’re developing your video marketing strategy.

Understand Gen Z’s Attitude Toward Work

In many ways, Generation Z is more self-aware about how work relates to their lives than previous generations. Most members of Gen Z prioritize companies that offer financial security, valuing job security and benefits (including mentorship programs) over perks like free food or gym memberships. Work, for this generation, is a necessity, but not necessarily something they’re passionate about or connected to. This displays the importance of emphasizing good salaries, benefits, and stability when recruiting Gen Z.

Generation Z’s attitude toward work also displays the importance of creating realistic recruitment videos. This young generation doesn’t necessarily want you to paint the picture of one big, happy work family. Let them gauge your work environment for themselves by showing them what a day at work looks like or by diving deeper into what their role entails.

You can encourage Gen Z to apply and remain loyal to your company by offering a sense of purpose in your videos. Emphasize why your company exists — beyond making a profit — and how you’ll change the world, as well as how the position you’re hiring for contributes to this higher purpose. Members of Gen Z want to feel like they’re making an impact when they’re working, and if they can do so at a company that offers financial security, they’ll happily choose your business.

Attract Top Talent From Generation Z

As Generation Z increasingly becomes a powerful part of the workforce, recruiters must implement new strategies to attract young job seekers. Using video marketing is an engaging tactic that can help — as long as you know what your potential applicants are looking for in companies. Gen Z professionals love companies that can offer real benefits and job security while aligning with their values and beliefs. Emphasizing your company’s purpose and overall culture can effectively draw in great fits for your business.

Generation Z is also highly aware of advertising. If you want to reach young workers in a more authentic way, focus on building relationships before pushing job seekers to apply. Additionally, tailor video content for each of your social media channels to make each piece of content feel natural, instead of like pushy marketing.