Top 5 Marketing Trends in Recruiting

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Using marketing trends in recruiting is one of the latest trends in recruitment industry. In this blog post, I will present 5 key marketing tactics and methods you can use to elevate your hiring. You will learn how to create your candidate persona, define your employee value proposition, build your employer brand, get started with social media recruiting and utilize specialized recruitment marketing tools.


The Role of Marketing in Recruitment

As the competition for the talent increases, companies are searching for new tactics to win in the war for talent. The latest one is called “recruitment marketing”. Simply put, recruitment marketing is applying established marketing tactics and methods in recruitment.

Using marketing methods and tactics in recruitment can help you stand out from your competitors, attract the attention of the best candidates and convince them to choose your company as their next employer.

If you have no previous knowledge or experience in marketing, you might be a bit scared to dive into a wondrous world of recruitment marketing. But don’t worry – no matter your experience, your company’s size or budget, you can surely implement a few key marketing tactics strategies into your recruitment efforts to ensure that you catch the attention of the top talent.

5 Key Marketing Tactics Used in Recruiting

Here are the most important marketing tactics and methods used in recruiting:

1. Building a consumer brand

Marketers know how important is to build a recognizable consumer brand. If you have a strong consumer brand, you can sell your products and services much easier. If consumers know your brand, they are more likely to buy from your products and services.

The same thing applies to recruiting! If you build a strong employer brand, candidates will want to buy what you’re selling – your open job positions. Did you know that 75% of candidates research company’s employer brand before they decide to apply for a job?

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2. Creating customer personas

The first thing marketers do when planning their marketing strategies is creating their so called customer persona. Customer personas are representations of their ideal customers. Customer personas help marketers imagine the person they are want to sell their services and products.

Successful recruiters have adopted this marketing trend and they have started to create their own candidate personas. You candidate persona is the representation of your ideal candidate. Creating your candidate persona will help you deliver personalized messages that will attract the attention of your ideal candidates.

Take action now: Learn how to create your candidate persona!

3. Defining your unique selling proposition

Unique selling proposition is a term marketers use to define the reasons why a customer would choose a certain company’s product or service. There are many companies out there who offer many similar products and services. So why would your customer persona choose your product or service, instead of buying from your competitors?

Recruiters have borrowed the idea of unique selling proposition from marketers and used it to create what they call employee value proposition. An employee value proposition is the list of reasons that will make your ideal candidate choose the job you are offering, instead of accepting the same job at some other company.

Take action now: Learn how to create your employee value proposition!

4. Social media advertising

Social media has become an unavoidable channel marketers use to reach and influence their potential customers. Successful marketers know that social media is where most people spend an enormous amount of their time, which makes it a great place to reach them.

Social media networks are a great place to reach passive candidates, too. Passive candidates aren’t actively looking for a job so they won’t see your job post on job boards. However, they will spend a lot of time on their social media networks, especially younger generations!

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5. Using specialized tools

Marketers use many specialized tools that help them work better and faster. For example, they use different social media tools, email and newsletter tools, web management tools, Google analytics tools, etc.

Recruiters also have a wide variety of specialized tools at their disposal. Implementing recruitment marketing strategies is much easier when you have all the help you need in one tool, created especially for recruiters!

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Final thoughts

If you want to be able to attract and hire top talent in today’s highly competitive job market, you need to differentiate your company as an employer. How do most successful companies succeed at that? They use proven marketing tactics and methods.

In this blog post, I presented 5 key marketing trends used in recruitment. Using these proven marketing tactics and methods in recruitment will help you get to know your potential candidates better, understand their needs and create a compelling offer they can’t resist. If you succeed at implementing these marketing trends, you won’t have to look for candidates – they will come to you!

However, implementing marketing tactics and methods in your recruitment strategy is not easy, especially for HR professional who have no former marketing knowledge. You will have to invest a certain amount of time and energy in learning these new practices and experimenting with them. In the long run, this will surely pay off. So, what are you waiting for? Start implementing these marketing trends right now!