5 Tips to Use HR Tech for a High-Performing Recruitment Process

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5 Tips to Use HR Tech for a High-Performing Recruitment Process

The tech recruitment landscape has been changing rapidly through the emergence of the latest HR technology. These technologies include mobile computing, artificial intelligence, and the rampant use of social media.

As a result, HR team and recruitment firms have been given a proactive approach to sourcing the right candidates for the job and the company. This goes to show that technology has become more than just an imperative, but the cornerstone of an effective recruitment strategy.

While most companies believe that traditional is still the way to go, 72% of organizations believe that digital HR is an important priority. But as handy and useful as HR technology can be, the possibility of depending too much on software and automated tools can affect making effective hiring decisions.

The use of HR technology is not to replace human connection, but rather enhance it. Then again, keeping up is not an easy thing.

Below are some tips to ramp up your recruitment process using HR technology:

1. Craft a compelling job post ad on different digital platforms

Creating a job post is not just about getting your job posted online. It’s more about engaging with a target community and leveraging relationships built online to recruit.

If it’s difficult to tell your job postings from full-blown job descriptions, you’re probably missing out on great candidates because you’re not grabbing their attention. Job posts should also work like ads. Come up with a headline that easily catches a candidate’s attention.

Candidates wouldn’t click or engage on the job posting that seems like it’s templated. They would much rather look for posts that give them an idea of the job title and how the company is even before they get to be interviewed. This also helps in getting reliable hires that are well-informed about the job and the company.

Aside from job boards, think of other platforms where you can post job ads and what you can do with job descriptions posted publicly. You can use the ads services of Google, Facebook, or Twitter since candidates are now more engaged with their mobile phones and social media. This strategy allows you to promote your posts that link to your company’s job board wherever the job-seekers are.

2. Make the communication with the candidates more personal

The job hunt is personal for candidates. Unfortunately, for recruiters, it can be difficult to engage with every candidate on a personal approach.

Communications with your candidate and possible employee mirror your company’s approach to business. This gives the candidate an overview of the culture and how the company is being positioned as soon as he gets a response from your HR team.

Opt for a tone that reflects your company’s style and culture, and sound like how you are in a face-to-face conversation. These should be done as soon as you have your first communication with potential candidates until onboarding emails for new hires.

3. Provide a memorable video interview experience

Most employers must take the risk and go beyond a candidate’s resume, especially for remote candidates. In getting to know if your candidate is fit for a remote job position, providing a great video interview experience is probably the only thing that you can best provide them.

When conducting an effective video interview, it’s helpful that you impress your candidate such as using advanced video tools or applications that can leverage your company above all else.

Make sure you get everything that you need in that interview. It might the first and last time you “meet” the candidate before they start working for you.

 4. Be creative in posting job ads on social media

It’s definite that almost every business has gotten into the social media train. In fact, 58% of companies have successfully hired their employees through social media.

Being present where your candidates are can effectively attract talents more than sticking to one platform. Make them sign up for that position by posting creative ads that communicate your company’s message and culture to the candidates.

Use your creativity when composing your job posts. Share anything that gives your candidates the opportunity to know who you are. Use images, videos, and other visuals that can give your post a greater chance of being noticed by candidates looking for job opportunities.

5. Encourage team members to lead your employer brand

Your company’s image is indeed the best recruitment tool you have. In fact, over 70% of talents nowadays base their final decision on how they see how the company is being perceived in the industry.

Your team members help boost your employer branding, and social networks have always been accessible by nature, which can easily help tap the right talent for your job opening.

Companies are starting to embrace the power of involving the rest of their team into their employer brands. As soon as all these elements fall into place, your employer branding can do the job for you on its own and send your company’s message across.

Companies must be able to bring out their best image and culture in many various ways that don’t limit them with traditional recruitment strategies. With the help of HR technology advancements and the old-fashioned but positive word of mouth, the candidate can discover more about the company.

A high-performing recruitment process all boils down to being personal and incorporating company personality into HR technology tools, as these make human resource management more social and your recruitment strategy more effective than ever.



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