5 Ways to Jump-Start Your Recruitment Process This New Year

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5 Ways to Jump-Start Your Recruitment Process This New Year

2018 is finally here! For most companies and enterprises, budgeting and forecasting have already begun, which means that requests for new hires are coming your way.

As HR professionals, you should already be planning and executing an effective recruitment process for the new year. If that’s not in your pipeline, then you’re missing out on the new trends and tools to attract top talents who will help you grow your business.

The new year is the perfect time for HR teams and recruitment firms to jump start and upgrade their recruitment process. Read on to learn more about how you can enhance your recruitment strategies this year.

1. Develop a Workforce Planning Program

Develop and refine an annual plan to predict staffing needs for the whole year. This helps your team assess requirements for talents. You should know how many new positions will be created, how many and which positions will be removed from the organization, and how many positions need to be filled based on resignation or attrition history.

Prepare your recruitment firm and HR department with a process that accommodates the projected needs. Furthermore, it will help you acquire talents with the right educational background, professional experience, and skill sets.

When the time comes that you need to fill a position immediately, you have a set of candidates to contact.

2. Enhance your Employer Branding

A strong brand vision is highly effective in attracting both active and passive talents. In fact, 92% of passive candidates would consider leaving their jobs if an organization with an exceptional corporate reputation offered them another position.

Thus, more organizations are investing in professional copywriters, photographers and videographers to help them create storytelling campaigns that will improve their employer branding.

Remember, most job seekers will read at least six reviews before making their mind up about any company. A positive review and a stellar brand reputation will encourage them to work for you.

3. Improve the Candidate Experience

It’s not just through photo and video marketing campaigns where you can improve your company brand. You also need to make sure that candidates experience a positive application and recruitment process. This will allow candidates to witness your company vision and experience your unique culture firsthand.

A Glassdoor study shows that companies that invest in a strong candidate experience improve their quality of hires by 70%. That’s a huge step up.

Another survey revealed that 60% of job applicants have had a poor candidate experience and that 72% of them shared their bad experience online or with someone personally. That doesn’t contribute to a positive employer branding.

4. Leverage Digital and Technological Resources

Digital marketing strategies aren’t just for directly increasing your revenue. It can also help you spread the word about your awesome company culture and the open positions that you need to fill. By leveraging digital resources, you can be a step ahead of your competitors and stay updated with recruitment trends.

Chatbot recruiters, Facebook Job Ads, data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, video applications, and social recruiting are some of the trends that are helping recruitment firms acquire top talents.

5. Empower Your Candidates

Candidate engagement is one of the top concerns of recruitment firms and employers. Aside from salary and benefits, job seekers are looking for career growth and development. Investing in development opportunities and training programs will also set your brand apart and enhance your company branding.

As employers, increase candidate engagement by demonstrating how invested you are in their career path and that you want them to reach their full potential. Introduce them your training and development programs, conferences, and seminars that will help them widen their knowledge and improve their skills. This can be through leaflets, introductory videos, or one-on-one interviews.

If you’ve assessed candidates who still lack skills in a specific field they want to specialize in, you can improve their experience by giving them timely feedback on why they were not accepted and what they can work on. Don’t forget to maintain contact with these candidates as they are likely to improve in the future.

Your employees are your company’s gold mine. They are the ones who build your organization and help you achieve business growth. Without productive and engaged employees, your company would suffer.

As such, hiring and recruiting is a crucial aspect of any business, small or large. This 2018, make sure that you’re taking a holistic view of recruitment. Look at every aspect possible and determine which parts of your recruitment process need to be improved and refined.

Never forget that the recruitment process begins the moment a job seeker or passive candidate encounters your brand. Most importantly, a successful candidate experience and recruitment process will greatly contribute to employee engagement.



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