The Future of the Workplace: How Will AI Change the Way We Work?

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The Future of the Workplace- How Will AI Change the Way We Work

We live in a time when every day gives us an opportunity to discover new things that could change our lives. For businesses, the possibilities for improving products, services, ideas, and methodologies are endless – thanks to the emergence of game-changing technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI).

AI is a valuable innovation that technology has given us since different industries can use it to transform their business. The concept of AI involves the creation of machines, devices, or bots that can think and work like humans. That being said, AI has far-reaching applications in the workplace, which have the potential to bring out positive changes within teams.

Here are some of the most significant uses of AI that can help change the workplace for the better.

1. AI as an effective medium for meetings and collaboration

Meetings and collaboration regularly take place in companies, and with AI on board, you could accomplish your agenda in lesser time but with more high-value impact for your organization. This sentiment is shared by 65% to 73% of respondents who joined a recent survey about the value of AI for company meetings and other collaborative projects.

For example, there are now AI applications that let you launch or join video meetings with voice commands. This means typing in codes or looking for links to a meeting will soon end for your team.

A more advanced type of AI software can even take notes from the meeting by transcribing the audio into text. Hence, it will be easy for you if you need to refer back to what your colleague or manager said during the meeting by simply skimming through the transcript for keywords or mentions.

With these types of assistance during meetings, AI has the potential to make your work simpler and faster. Not to mention, more engaging.

2. AI as an important player in the recruitment process

The very nature of HR work, which mostly involves using your people skills to manage current or potential members of your organization, might make you think of AI as something that’s not relevant for your team. That shouldn’t be the case though since AI can do a lot of wonders for recruitment firms and your HR department – from talent sourcing to job posting and hiring.

Chat bots are a perfect example of how AI can speed up your hiring efforts. Recruitment bots can be programmed to pre-screen job applicants by collecting basic profile information such as age, location, educational background, and level of professional experience.

You could also assign HR-related tasks to your AI assistant including the marketing and creating awareness of vacancies various online channels. Once the job applications start coming in, your AI assistant can filter through resumes and identify potential talent for hiring based on the qualifications you’re looking for.

Employee training can also leverage AI including the fast-rising virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies. Through VR and AR, you could add a different level of dimension in your onboarding activities to stimulate more interest among your workforce.

3. AI for better employee experience

Modern tech has given us the convenience of living digitally, which means that we’re now able to do many things online. In this manner, we are sharing a lot of our personal data to online communities.

Similarly, the tools and systems you use in the workplace are designed to collect pertinent data and metrics about your employees. Through AI, data analytics can be automated, so it’s easier to gain insights as to what types of activities, interaction, or policies are driving your employees’ happiness, as well as dissatisfaction in the workplace.

Based on the findings of a survey among 845 senior executives of global companies, 72% of corporate managers and leaders envision AI as becoming an effective tool for setting an appropriate compensation package within 10 years.

The lack of bias in AI can also result in establishing a fair system of evaluating employee performance.  However, always remember that unbiased data from them should be just another point to consider. AI should not be treated as an end-all for management decisions.

4. AI for a streamlined business process

As a business, your goal is to improve your processes for both internal and external customers that could result in a range of benefits – from positive branding to growing the profitability of your company.

Customer service bots can handle standard transactional tasks of support teams so that live agents could focus on providing higher value customer care. To make sure that companies get a bigger slice of the market, AI developers are creating multilingual bots that can understand and communicate with multiracial customers.

5. AI as a tool for better business security

We have seen how smartphone manufacturers are utilizing facial recognition capabilities of AI to protect mobile phone owners from illegal access to their device. In the enterprise level, AI technologies can help companies improve the efficiency and performance of their IT infrastructure.

One of the offshoots of AI is the so-called Natural Language Processing technology, which enables machines to understand human language to help IT teams identify possible security issues.

Eventually, AI-enabled systems and networks will be adept at correcting certain technical problems on their own.

6. AI as a means for more flexibility in the workplace

The idea behind using AI technologies and applications in the workplace is really to promote flexibility in the way people communicate and work with one another. You might have recurring tasks that don’t really add significant value to your business but are necessary for your internal processes. In that case, you could tap AI to simplify and automate tasks that belong to such category.

Embracing AI in the Workplace

There’s no denying that AI has the potential to disrupt companies and workplaces, including yours, in many different ways.

To help you appreciate this kind of scenario, you need to understand that AI is not meant to replace the human worker and their roles in the workplace. Instead, AI is designed to maximize technology, so organizations could cross boundaries where humans can’t including processing complex amounts of data.

This also proves the rise in demand for AI talent. The demand for employees with AI skills and capabilities doubled over the past three years. So, always be on the lookout for top AI talent that can help you make use of this technology.

While we already see the initial adoption of AI technologies across industries, we can’t be sure how things will pan out in the future. It’ still up to you on how you’ll be using AI to adapt to the changing technological environment in relation to your own business.



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