How to Avoid Losing Candidates to Other Job Offers

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How to Avoid Losing Candidates to Other Job Offers

Talent sourcing is like entering a battlefield. You don’t just hunt for the best candidate. You’re in competition with other recruiters too. It’s a big corporate world out there, and it’s not a surprise that several recruiters are looking for the same expert and skill set as you.

Handing out that job offer does not guarantee you with a new hire. In fact, 37% of job seekers are declining job offers, while 25% are deflecting to competitors saying they’re rejecting job offers with too low compensation, according to the MRINetwork Recruiter Sentiment Study.

If you’re picky about your next hire, so are your candidates with job offers. So, how do you get them to choose you as their employer? Follow these tips to avoid losing candidates to other job offers.

Speed up recruitment

Often, candidates view job offers on a first come, first served basis. This is especially true for employees, whether millennials or Gen-Xers, who are bent on quitting their job and finding a new one soon as an opportunity knocks.

In the same manner that employers are looking for efficient personnel, candidates are also trying to size you up with how fast you process job applications.

To streamline your hiring process, your recruitment firm could arrange a panel interview between candidates and company representatives in one sitting instead of multiple interview meetings. If possible, all screening and interview activities should be completed within the day, so that the candidate only needs to devote that much time and not go back and forth to your office.

Mirror good interviewing skills

Candidates are not the only ones who need to come prepared for a job interview. You should too. Develop a set of questions instead of coming up with random ones from out of thin air, which might give the impression that you were not trained in proper recruitment strategies.

Articulate the nature, challenges, and perks of the job, so that the candidate can clearly understand what’s expected of and what’s in store for him/her before making the decision to join your organization.

Benchmark salaries and review your benefits package

Money talks, most of the time, according to 49% of professionals surveyed by LinkedIn about the factors affecting employees’ decision when choosing jobs. Candidates know how much they and their skills are worth. They are also mindful of industry rates and the best formula for employee retention. So, if the candidate senses that you’re trying to undercut, they’re less likely to accept your offer.

Intensify your branding efforts

Employees have differing standards in choosing which company to work for. Among Manager-level candidates, the yardstick for excellence among corporations includes salary, benefits, and perks. On the other hand, fresh graduates and entry-level employees are most likely to give high regard to training and development programs offered by companies.

Recruitment is a two-way endeavor, where both the employer and employee are trying to invite and woo one another to enter into a mutually beneficial relationship. Be sure to highlight what sets your company apart from other organizations and back it up with concrete details, not just lip service.

Review details of other offers

It wouldn’t hurt to ask your candidates to let you in on the details about other offers, as long as you’re not nosy and they’re willing to share.

Take note of every detail, so you’ll have a deeper understanding of what the candidate truly values in the decision-making process. Then, don’t waste any moment to make that offer if you feel you have the rightful candidate. After all, you should know a great talent when you see one.

Treat them well

You would want to hit it off with your candidate right in your first encounter. Be warm, cordial, open, and sincere while still maintaining your professional authority to help your candidate lighten up. In contrast, being snobbish and stiff won’t help you get an accurate assessment of the fit of the candidate, who might feel uncomfortable with your stance.

As you move forward in the hiring process, you should make the candidates feel that they belong in your organization and that their presence can help spell success for the company.

It’s not quite easy not to feel the pressure of the candidate-driven market when you know that you could miss out on some great talents. But, don’t think that you and your recruitment firm don’t have control over it. Ultimately, it’s your people, technical, and judgment skills in talent recruitment that could make your candidate your newest hire.




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