5 Tips for Recruiting Gen Z

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Managing a successful business and brand requires more than the ability to sell or provide a high-quality product to demanding consumers. When you want to build a successful business, hiring the right employees and team members is an essential factor to keep in mind.

If you are in the process of hiring new employees and you are interested in hiring professionals from Generation Z, here are a few tips to keep in mind to maximize your reach and appeal to these digital natives.


1. Your Application Process Should be Straightforward

Members of Generation Z are looking for a seamless experience, and they will only apply for those jobs that can provide a great application process. Your digital application should be quick, simple and hassle-free.

Allow applicants to submit a basic resume that will showcase only the skills relevant to the position, and avoid asking them to fill out an extensive online application with hundreds of required fields. This will only drive them away. Privacy laws also matter to them so keep it simple.


2. Video Media/Formatting is Important

Generation Z loves videos – watching them and filming too! Use videos to convey your message to Gen Z professionals. Don’t just use video ads when launching an online social media campaign or building your company’s online presence – use it in recruiting as well!

Videos are awesome to give your future employees a good idea of what you’re like. Showcase your current team right away and give them a virtual tour of the office, tell them what you’re like and how you spend time between tasks and projects, what you’re fighting for and what you value the most.


3. Actively Manage Your Glassdoor Profile

Glassdoor is a go-to place for anyone who wishes to see how a company is treating its employees. If your reviews on Glassdoor could do better, do not obsess over trying to hide negative reviews, or pretend they are not relevant. If reviews are negative, they indicate that there are things you could improve.

Pitch in on the negative reviews, and use them to determine what issues your former employees have written about. Use that knowledge to implement solutions and become a better employer. Also, invite open conversation about the overall job satisfaction with your current employees. If they are not happy in the workplace, it means your productivity suffers. Listen to their concerns and adopt practices that will improve your workplace.


4. Make Sure to Take the Reins on Company Culture and Values

Great workplace culture has become more important than ever with younger professionals and especially Gen Z; they are much more active in terms of politics and fighting for a good cause.

Promoting values that are viewed as positive is another way to attract a younger crowd of applicants. Share your company values and culture using social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, and even YouTube. Gen Z has moved away from using platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

Inclusion is a crucial value for Generation Z. Employers and hiring managers should always remember to remain inclusive throughout the hiring process, allowing candidates from all walks of life and backgrounds the opportunity to apply for positions that are currently open and available. Gen Z looks for workplace environments that welcome diversity. Hiring a range of individuals from different backgrounds and cultures is a must to ensure a thriving culture full of ideas on how to improve your business.


5. Know What Prospective Employees Look for in a Job

Eliminate guesswork and inform prospective employees of all of the responsibilities and duties required of them before beginning the process of hiring and training. Also, do your research and learn what they want from the position the most.

Overall, generation Z employees are searching for positions that are long-term and those that provide job security. If they do not feel they will have job security with an available position, they are much less likely to accept a job offer.

Opportunity for growth and improvement in the workplace are also important to them, and without the ability to advance and increase their salary, young professionals may find it difficult to justify taking an open position. Providing applicants with a positive outlook and information on growth opportunities is a way to further pique the interest of Gen Z prospects while conducting interviews.

Employees crave freedom and independence in the workplace, regardless of their position. When you encourage employees to take the reigns in your workplace culture, you are more likely to pique the interest of Gen Z professionals who want their voice heard in the company they work for and represent.


Knowing how to stand out as an employer to Gen Z applicants is a must when you want to manage and build an innovative business that is far from the standard 9 to 5 operation mode. With the right workplace culture and a team of Gen Z employees, create a business and brand that has unlimited potential in any market or industry, regardless of surrounding competition and the scale of the industry itself.