5 Reasons Text Messaging is a Powerful Recruitment Tool

Categories: Recruitment Advice, Trends and Learning

There are a lot of opportunities missed when a company doesn’t want to explore text messaging as a recruitment tool. When hiring, text messaging can really support the process and make it easier on your candidates. Automated text messaging strategies will reduce your workload while increasing the communication between you and your recruits. Here’s why:
1. It’s Where the People Are

You make certain job listings and post information on specific platforms because you are trying to go where you believe your audience is spending their time. The average person checks their phone over 150 times a day and 99% of phone owners have a text messaging plan. Your audience is on their phones, so text messaging just makes sense for just about any type of talent audience.

2. It’s Personalized

With mass texting, you can organize your contact list to ensure you are sending the right content to the right people. You can schedule automated texts for reminders, paperwork, form links and other basic information. You can also send out personalized texts yourself for the communications that really do differ from what you would send out to everyone else in the process. It’s important to be prompt and professionalized with your recruitment efforts, since you are trying to stand apart from the crowd as a company worth working for.

3. It’s Efficient and Non-Invasive

Texting is fast and concise. While an email may get missed or take too long to be responded to, text messaging are short bits of important information sent directly to your contact. A phone call feels invasive and causes the recruit to stop what they are doing at the drop of a hat, but a text message allows them to read when they have a free second. Approximately 75% of your recruits for the job are looking at a job change, which means they can’t just answer your calls whenever you decide to make them. Text messaging allows your talent pool to respond more quickly to your non-invasive requests or instructions.

4. It’s Fast

The average text message is read within just a few seconds of being sent. You can send out information knowing that your talent will be able to see the information and react on-the-go. Automated text messaging can be setup to quickly respond to the actions of the contact – like sending a thank you message when an application is submitted or sending out a reminder the day before a scheduled interview.

5. It’s Seamless

Whether you need to get information or send information, texting offers a seamless platform where most of the process can be done. You can send links for where an application should be filled out, links for various paperwork items that need to be signed, policies to be reviewed, directions for a meeting place and more. After the hiring process is over, you can also transition seamlessly into using text messaging for the training process and then in keeping connected with your team as they work for you. This means that if you add technology to your recruitment process now, it will continue to benefit you in team building and productivity down the road.

Help your recruits move through the application process with a more efficient strategy for hiring. When appealing to your talent pool, you want to present yourself as a company that they will want to work for. Texting is a modern tool that will help you stand apart from the competition, and get results fast.