Looking for a safe environment to improve your job prospects and grow your business skills? Top international MBA and Master’s programmes are ready to help you secure your future career.

Join fellow business professionals for a virtual MBA event on March 20.

Get to know Master’s programmes from around the world online on March 22.

Discover the best in business education. Here’s what you get at each event:

  • Individual video meetings with MBA and Master’s representatives from ESSEC Business School, Maastricht School of Management, INSEAD Business School and many more
  • Personal consultation for your business studies
  • Expert insights on distance learning options
  • Draw for a EUR 1,000 scholarship
  • Scholarship opportunities in detail

3 words that sum up this interactive opportunity

Diverse. So many options to choose from! Business, management, marketing, finance. Close to home, abroad, or a new destination. You pick what works best for you.

Flexible. Are you still figuring out your agenda this year and next year? The best MBA and Master’s programmes have full-time, part-time, and online options to help you stay flexible.

Safe. Whatever you choose for your studies, safety is your top priority. The online event format has everything you need to find the right MBA or Master’s while staying safe at home.

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