Manila Recruitment: 6 Years of Innovating Recruitment in PH

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Manila Recruitment: 6 Years of Innovating Recruitment in PH

The recruitment scene in the Philippines has never been the same since Manila Recruitment began innovating headhunting solutions to drive foreign and local businesses in the country. Now celebrating its sixth year, the full-service recruitment consultancy continues the vision of being at the forefront of headhunting with its expert knowledge in the Filipino professional landscape.

For the last six years, Manila Recruitment has remained committed to delivering only the best experience for clients and candidates. There is much wisdom in the firm’s formula of tapping its local market knowledge and the best international practices in recruitment. No wonder its database of over 250,000 candidates is continuously growing right at this time.

“We wanted to innovate and disrupt the local recruitment industry in the Philippines. We wanted to help clients gain access to higher levels of service, transparent and competitive pricing, and to bring the latest headhunting strategies from around the world to the Philippines. We achieved all of that in a matter of our first few years of operation as the business quickly gained traction,” says Matt Pontoles, Founder and Managing Partner of Manila Recruitment.

The Company’s Humble Beginnings

Manila Recruitment started as a niche recruitment firm with one full-time recruiter servicing mostly small business enterprises, entrepreneurs, and start-ups. Now, the company has grown into a reputable go-to recruitment partner for foreign firms entering the Filipino market. This was made possible with the leadership of its current president, Ida Montemayor, together with other founders.

“Manila Recruitment was founded by Filipino and foreign business leaders who thought that the market for recruitment services in the Philippines was largely outdated, with not enough transparency in fee structures, and unsophisticated when it came to headhunting strategy,” she shares.

Today, Manila Recruitment continues the tradition of helping young companies grow with business advice and team search services. It takes a step further by forging business relationships with foreign firms and larger corporations to help them establish and strengthen their presence in the Philippine labor scene.

Client-Oriented Brand of Service

There’s no other way to describe Manila Recruitment’s brand of service except that it’s client-oriented. It values its relationship with clients through the kind of service it provides. It is at the forefront of giving clients access to perfectly matched, previously undiscoverable talent.

Manila Recruitment – Corporate Headhunters, Executive Search Firm and Recruitment Agency in the Philippines from Manila Recruitment on Vimeo.

“We are not racing against other firms to try and fill open positions for our clients. This means we can spend a little extra time getting to know their business, culture, values, and goals before diving into a search for a key role. We can also qualify, veto, and review candidates more thoroughly prior to an endorsement, which means less review work for our clients and the highest hit rate for endorsements to hires in the Philippines,” Matt explains.

Manila Recruitment also helps multinational companies fill key leadership positions that are difficult to source for, including highly technical roles where a massive undersupply of talent is present.

Its whole suite of services remains price competitive for a premium headhunting service, including those for team search, executive search, managerial search, IT and expert search, junior positions search, and expat search.

The Vision of Recruitment Innovation Continues

There’s no stopping Manila Recruitment just yet, as it continues to envision and position itself as the leading headhunting firm for executive, technical, or expert recruitment needs in the country. “Expect commitment like you have never experienced before. Our recruiters live and breathe their client’s requirements with a never-say-die attitude until they are successfully filled,” Matt promises.

The same culture of excellence and innovation will remain as its driving force to achieve its vision.