Why You Should Capitalize on Employee Recognition

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Your employees might have all the qualities that make them great contributors to both your company and its long-term future. But do they really enjoy what they’re doing, and feel that you recognize them for their talents? In all likelihood, they may not have as much positivity as you think they do. In fact, only about one-third of employees engage themselves at their job—meaning about 6 out of 10 people do not. For those companies who do have highly engaged employees, however, they see direct results in their bottom lines and in how others perceive their companies, which translates directly into an effect on the bottom line.

So if it’s likely that you’re not getting maximum effort out of them, how do you fix that? There are a number of options, some of them that take very little effort but promise loads of rewards. For example, many people just want to be recognized for the time that they put in at your company. Celebrating an interval of service, then, is a great way to cement positive feelings that your employees have about their time spent working for you. The same is true for birthdays: Recognizing this anniversary in an acceptable, non-threatening or non-discriminatory way, is a good way to make people feel special. And of course, benefits make employees feel better—especially the benefits of flexibility. Control over one’s own schedule helps people to feel more appreciated by their employer.

Want more ways to recognize your employees? This graphic offers some tips.