Business Etiquette And Body Language Blunders – Infographics

Categories: Advice for Start-ups and Entrepreneurs, Infographics

I’m sorry to break some bad news to you. It’s not about how much effort you put into your presentations’ slides. Not even practising your excellent speech will be good enough.

Not if you insulted your audience.

Insult? I know you’ll never intentionally say something offensive to your future business partners. But do you keep track of what your body tells them?

Clenching of your fist tells them you’re upset with their remarks. Will you work with someone who can’t handle criticism?

Did you make eye contact or look at the floor? This turns you from a possible business partner into a liar or someone too insecure to trust.

Or perhaps you forgot to give everyone firm handshakes. This is vital in most countries’ business etiquette.

Think for a moment what assumptions you make when first meeting someone. Now think what you let others believe about you. Do you have a few habits to break? Hope this infographic by Swiss Canadian Capital can help you.



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