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All About Your Business/Startup

How to Be an Effective Leader in a Multigenerational Workplace

As a leader, when a situation or problem arises, you must look at how this will affect your staff through several specific lenses.

How HR Can Manage Employee Promotions

A basic template or guide can be helpful in the assessment of your employees’ performance. It can reduce the gaps and set the base for a fair evaluation. This guide will help provide tips on how HR can manage employee promotions.

How to Develop a Career Path for Your Employees

As adults, we spend most of our waking lives working. In fact, an average person invests more than 90,000 hours in their lifetime at work. For this, the majority of people are willing to bend over backwards to find a fulfilling job that aligns with their long-term goals—giving them a sense of purpose rather than […]

How to Show Your Appreciation and Make Employees Feel Valued

It’s human nature to want to be recognized for their accomplishments, which is why employee appreciation can be one of the most effective forms of motivation in the workplace. Employees feel more connected at work when you go out of your way to show them that you value their contribution to the company. Expressing your [...]

6 Factors to Consider When Evaluating Your Recruitment Process

As an HR professional, you should be able to identify and evaluate key elements in your recruitment process. A well-rounded HR professional knows that work doesn’t end at implementing strategies and processes. Rather, you need to measure how effective your standard operating procedures are to be a successful recruiter. Among companies, 67% believe it’s important […]

7 Creative Ways to Deal with Demotivated Employees

It’s an unrealistic goal to expect your employees to give out 100% every single day at work. The reality is, even your most motivated employee can lose their exuberance over time. While slow days at work is normal, it can affect office productivity.  Demotivated employees not only produce less work, but they also have the […]

How to Solve These HR Issues in the Modern Recruitment Industry

The functions of the human resources department—and the way they do their job—have greatly evolved over the past few decades. The early days of the workplace may have seen HR professionals focus on recruitment, hiring, and payroll; but today, they also have a hand in employee retention, advocating for their holistic well-being, and keeping the […]

7 Things You Should Know When Recruiting in Cebu

Cebu, the Queen City of the South, is the second largest city in the Philippines, next to the capital city of Manila. In recent years, it has been recognized as a hub for commerce, serving as the home for all kinds of businesses. For recruiters and HR executives, the region offers much potential with the […]

How to Effectively Do Business Meetings in the Philippines

Business meetings—people either love them or not like them at all. There are those who eagerly attend meetings while others are less enthusiastic, as they’re under the impression that meetings are just a waste of time. Needless to say, the way you conduct yourself can affect the outcome of your meetings. Aside from following basic […]

How Cebu is Evolving as the Next Recruitment Hub in the Philippines

In the Philippines, the metropolitan area of Manila stands out in many different ways. Apart from being home to the capital city of the Philippines, Metro Manila has always been the center for a lot of things, especially recruitment. People from all around the country go to the city center to land promising jobs. However, […]

8 Qualities of an Outstanding Filipino Manager

The demands of the present world have caused significant changes in different business industries. Now that employees and employers are more particular with how work is done, business processes have evolved and even traditional office setups are starting to fade away. Most companies aren’t restricting themselves to the 9-5 schedule, and most importantly, the image […]

How Foreign Investors Can Take Advantage of Emerging Filipino Talents

A higher number of investments and a strong workforce – this powerful duo represents a big part of the emerging economy in the Philippines. Together with Filipino corporations, foreign investors contributed a total of P274.2 billion worth of investments in the first quarter of 2019, according to data from the Philippine Statistics Authority. Many factors […]

8 Things to Consider When Assembling a Work Team

Behind every successful project is a great work team. A work team is a cohesive unit of individuals who are responsible for the production of goods and services of a company. An effective work team requires the collaboration of experts from multiple fields led by a supervisor that directs how the tasks should be planned […]

6 HR Policies for Your Employees to Work Smart

Company policies have been known to help in creating structure, systems, and balance in a corporation. However, that’s not the only reason why it exists. These guidelines can also affect and improve the productivity levels of your employees. That’s right—productivity is involved! It’s not uncommon for you to hear news about office burnouts, work stress, […]

4 Effective Ways to Implement Recruitment Marketing in Your Company

Job seekers of today are much like customers. How recruiters treat candidates is a reflection of their customer relationship experience and brand reputation. Also, they now compete with other companies in hiring the best candidate for the position. Therefore, recruitment has evolved to adopt key concepts and practices from marketing.  Recruitment marketing is the process […]

5 Employee Benefits Companies Should Have for A More Competitive Offer

The current candidate-driven job market requires employers to keep on thinking of recruitment strategies with the help of recruitment firms to be more attractive for candidates. With the number of available job openings and the number of people looking for jobs reaching almost the same levels, job seekers are now in a more advantageous position […]

How Flextime Is Transforming Office Productivity

Nowadays, the long-standing practice of having fixed work hours is slowly and surely fading from the office culture scene. Instead, companies are allowing more flexibility in their employee’s work and giving them more control of their time in the office. This is, in fact, good for both employers and employees. It turns out that giving […]

How HR Managers Can Prevent Career Plateau of Their Employees

Many employee surveys say that the most important factors for an employee include a meaningful job, compensation, company culture, work appreciation, and availability of growth opportunities. What’s particularly interesting is that a staggering 86% of millennials have expressed in these surveys that they would stay in a company that provides career growth. On the contrary, […]

7 Employer Branding Tips for Small Businesses to Recruit Top Talents

Recruiting the right talent for your company is one of the most crucial parts of a growing business. However, it’s also one of the most challenging to perform. Across all industries, 72.8% of employers admit that they are having a difficult time filling vacancies in their respective companies. While there will always be plenty of […]

How Tech Companies Are Changing the Recruitment Industry

Some of the biggest names in the tech industry wouldn’t be where they are now if not for their talented employees working tirelessly to put these companies on the map. An organization’s workforce will always be one of its key strengths, so they always make sure they get top talent to help run the company […]

7 Ways a Growing Economy Boosts the Recruitment Industry

The Philippine economy is continuing to soar new heights, and if it continues, it could be ASEAN’s second-biggest emerging economy by 2050—closely following the heels of Indonesia. The World Bank says that the Philippines will achieve a 6.4% growth forecast this 2019. Its growth has been consistent throughout the last several years, making it a […]

10 Ways Top Level Executives Improve Company Culture

Organizations of the 21st century are leaning more towards building well-balanced, employee-centric work environments. This not only has a positive effect on the employees, but also attracts a long line of future leaders to your company. Great leaders positively influence the way people work, think, act, and perform in an organization. Top executives who strive […]

9 Creative Ways to Engage Candidates in Your Recruitment Campaigns

You’ve already spent months trying to recruit the perfect candidate, and you still couldn’t hit the jackpot in finding the right person to fill a job vacancy. Your frustration is completely…

How to Avoid Bottlenecks in Your Recruitment Process

Business processes need to be a well-oiled machine, relying on the seamless execution between personnel and teams to drive the organization forward. Like other business processes, recruitment involves other departments of the company aside from your HR team and sometimes, your chosen recruitment agency. However, bottlenecks or constraints are also possible, and these may cause […]

How PH Elections Can Influence Recruitment and Investment

Government elections are always a huge deal for any country since the polls are part of a crucial process in determining who will be leading its people in the next few years. But as much as this important event has massive implications on a nation’s political and economic sectors, the results can send ripples beyond […]

The Burnout Generation: Why Millennials and Gen Z Are Getting Tired of Work

We’ve all been through a rough patch at work, which mostly involves spending more time beyond your regular eight-hour shift to complete one task after another. Stress can wear you down, and this eventually leads to exhaustion where you can’t keep up with work’s excessive demands. Often, this kind of situation has taken you to […]

10 Facts about the Status of Startups in the Philippines Today

The current state of the startup industry in the Philippines is reaching new heights, and its future is only set to get brighter. Both foreign investors and local entrepreneurial veterans have been capitalizing on business opportunities in the Philippines today. It’s not uncommon to hear about successful companies that were founded in less than a […]

7 Tips to Effectively Lead Your Offshore Team

As a business owner, deciding to outsource talent is one of the smartest moves you can do for your company. Remote teams can help you save time and money in completing specific tasks and projects while still hitting the business goals you’ve set. It’s not that difficult to implement either, as any reputable recruitment agency […]

How Your HR Team Can Help Achieve Business Goals

Human resources professionals are more than just headhunters who tap on skilled and talented candidates year-round. They’re also responsible for retaining top employees as well as devising strategies and activities to unify your organization and realize your vision. Inviting your HR team during the planning stages can help guarantee that your objectives are being supported […]

Stop These 3 Cultural Biases That Can Affect Your Recruitment Process

In general, you make decisions based on a number of relative factors, such as your personal beliefs and previous experiences, to help you weigh your options. When it comes to recruitment, this kind of approach – where you rely on your own subjective point of view to make decisions – can lead to unconscious bias […]

How to Hire Top Talents Using Modern Recruitment Strategies

Any recruitment company keeping up with the beat of the times knows that the hiring landscape is quickly changing. Perhaps a decade ago, recruiters could completely rely on job search sites and wait for candidates to flock to them. While that’s still a great way to attract applicants, many companies now ride the competitive digital […]

6 Workplace Culture Trends to Attract and Keep Top Talents

An employee who has stayed with a company and thrived in it for over 10 years is quite a feat in today’s professional landscape. It’s rare to find hardworking and loyal personnel who started as a young candidate from a recruitment agency and made it up your company’s own ladder. In a case like this, […]

6 Recruitment Trends That Will Dominate 2019 and Beyond

The world only has a few months away before it sees the end of 2018. This year, companies have learned and seen the significance of keeping up with technological trends and advancement to further improve their key processes, especially for HR. With 2019 on the horizon, it’s time to look at some of the new […]

4 Changes You Need to Tailor-Fit Your Offshore Strategies in the Philippines

There are many corporations that go global, so they could take advantage of the many benefits of having a brand presence in other countries. This is a big strategic move that allows them to generate more revenue and diversify their business through the expansion of capital and the recruitment of new talent. Offshoring is a […]

6 Ways to Boost Productivity at the End of the Year

The holiday season is a critical time in the workplace. From the days that employees prepare for Halloween leading up to the final days of the year, productivity in the office can spiral down. Of course, employees and employers alike are excited about the festivities, and rightfully so. But it’s your goal to keep everyone’s […]

Understanding Why Employees Leave: 10 Turnover Statistics You Need to Know

High employee turnover rates never mean well for a company. It’s a glaring sign that something could be wrong with some aspects in your business. Whether or not you have been experiencing higher turnover rates recently, it’s helpful for your company to have a good grasp of why employees decide to resign from their posts. […]

Here’s Why 75% of Millennials are in Favor of Job-Hopping

When a hiring manager or recruitment agency thinks of millennial workers, one of the stereotypes that come into mind is that they probably won’t stay in the company for long. Perhaps this assumption is correct, as 75% of people ages 18-34 believe that job-hopping will have a positive effect on their careers. On the other […]

A Guide to Recruiting this Last Quarter of the Year

The year may be ending, but that doesn’t mean you should become lax with your recruitment efforts. The last quarter of the year has a reputation of being a low season for hiring talent, but that’s no longer the case. Opportunities can spring up any time, and more people in the workforce are braver in […]

Bad Hiring Habits You Need to Change Before the Year Ends

Bad habits are difficult to unlearn once you’ve been doing it for a significant amount of time. It starts to affect your behavior, and this would eventually become evident in how you handle everyday situations. Always late when showing up for appointments? That’s going to leave a mark. Dressing inappropriately during business meetings? Bad impression. […]

How Employers Can Make Every Employee A Top Performer

The hiring process has always been a rather grueling undertaking both for the employer and the applicant. There’s constantly a risk involved on the employer’s or recruitment agency’s side of the fence since you will be banking on a series of tests and interviews to gauge if a candidate is a high-potential employee who is […]

The Risks in Your Recruitment Process and How to Mitigate Them

Recruiting the right candidate is included in every HR team’s goals. Well-chosen employees contribute a great deal to positive and productive workplace culture, smooth business operations, company stability, high team morale, and more. To secure these benefits, it’s your responsibility in HR to adopt a fool-proof approach in your search for the perfect talent. This […]

How Open Office Plans Can Affect Workplace Productivity

Silicon Valley is known to be ground zero of forward-thinking companies that have been building their empires in an attempt to change the world. This is where office spaces that are designed with a modern touch are the norm, which generally consists of an open space layout where teams are usually grouped without partitions to […]

8 Management Tips for Resolving Employee Conflicts in the Workplace

Workplace conflicts between employees are inevitable due to different factors. Some may be work-related while others are not, but realize that such disputes are normal and healthy. Many even believe that it’s vital to an organization’s success…

Ease of Doing Business Law in the PH: How Will It Benefit Foreign Investors?

It has always been a frustrating endeavor whenever you set foot in government institutions and try to process documents to start a business. Long lines; inept, corrupt or often lazy employees; and red tape can be discouraging. This kind of environment turns away not only citizens who want to run their own business, but also […]

The Future of the Workplace: How Will AI Change the Way We Work?

We live in a time when every day gives us an opportunity to discover new things that could change our lives. For businesses, the possibilities for improving products, services, ideas, and methodologies are endless – thanks to the emergence of game-changing technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI). AI is a valuable innovation that technology has […]

A Guide to Implementing an Efficient Mid-Year Performance Review

It’s that time of the year again when HR professionals, managers, supervisors, and employees focus their energies on mid-year performance reviews. When conducted properly, mid-year performance reviews can help organizations determine whether the strategies they set in the beginning of the year are working. It also provides employees the structure, motivation, and guidance they need, […]

30 Ways to Disengage Your Employees

Your company’s HR specialist or recruitment consultant is tasked with recruiting and retaining talents who are eager to be an integral part of the organization. This vitality resulted in an employee engagement level of 82%, according to a research of ADP, Evolution of Work 2.0: The Me vs. We Mindset. However, this means that there […]

Promoting the Culture of Equality and Diversity in the Workplace

Organizations and businesses recognize the value of having a culture of equality and diversity in the workplace, as the benefits go beyond just the legal obligations. Having a diverse workforce and inclusive culture allows organizations to offer a wider range of ideas, skills, and experience. As such, promoting equality and diversity in the workplace is […]

How to Cultivate a Culture of Growth in Your Company

Every company has a formula for success that they faithfully abide by, whether that’s an operational technique, marketing strategy, or product improvement. But, your biggest asset and strategy lie in your employees—the people propelling your company to success. Ask your recruitment consultant and he or she will tell you that as much as you’re concerned […]

How a Performance-Obsessed Management Hurts Employee Engagement

All industries are competitive, and companies always must step up their game to be one step ahead. That is why HR professionals and recruitment firms are inclined to hire more talented individuals. Naturally, everyone in the company is pressured to perform, but it seems like the ones who are on the bottom end of the […]

Common Challenges of Managing Offshore Teams (And How to Overcome Them)

Many businesses nowadays outsource their back-office operations or at least some part of their workflow to offshore teams. Even startups and small businesses have some form of offshore operations—from hiring freelancers to do repetitive or creative tasks to partnering up with a digital agency and recruitment firm in the Philippines. This allows them to primarily […]

The Importance of Social Learning Integration in the Workplace [Infographic]

How often do you say to yourself, ‘I learn something new everyday’ after picking up enlightening information you haven’t known before from one of your conversations with coworkers at the office? Learning is a continuous process, and this happens even if you are not aware of it. You are bound to discover new things in […]

The Growing Philippine Economy and Why You Should Invest Here

For two years in a row, the Philippine economy has been growing at a relatively steady pace. Back in 2016, the country ranked 9th on the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) survey. UNCTAD polls business leaders of multinational corporations to identify their top investment destination. Last year, the Philippines fared even better. […]

How to Best Manage Unhappy Employees

Unhappy employees can destroy your brand reputation and company culture. Employee dissatisfaction can be contagious, whereas one unhappy employee can influence other employees to feel the same about the company, thereby causing the negative behavior of not just one employee but a whole lot of them. It then results in an overall decrease in productivity […]

How Hiring Managers and Recruitment Firms Can Work Together

Your company’s recruitment success depends on many factors. For one, candidates prefer a short and well-laid-out application process that lets them move from the first step to the next fast enough. Another consideration for jobseekers is the interview process, which they use as a basis in rating their candidate experience with your company. This is […]

The Trend of Telecommuting and Its Implications in the Workplace [Infographic]

Millions of workers around the world are taking advantage of telecommuting or working outside the office. For proper context, telecommuters fall into two main categories: full-time employees who work at home and freelancers who work remotely from time to time. Together, full-time telecommuters and freelancers make up a big part of the global workforce. In […]

How Technology Is Changing the Filipino Workplace

The traditional workplace is on its way to oblivion because of the global digitization of technologies across different industries. In the Philippines, a new breed of a Filipino work culture reflecting changes in the way people work these days is also unfolding.   The Digital Workplace and What It Implies The trends in the digital […]

8 HR Issues to Address and Resolve Before the Year Ends

HR issues are very common among organizations, and they encompass a wide variety of problem areas—from running the HR department itself to assisting the company’s employees through HR functions. If this sounds familiar to you, you need to look at the big picture and all the small details to get to the root of the […]

Recruitment Strategies for Tech Startups to Hire the Right Talent

As more and more people become dependent on technology as a way of life, tech people are a hot commodity these days. Companies are beefing up their hiring process to get the best talent first, so their business gets ahead of the curve. If you’re a startup, you might find this situation working against your […]

A Guide to Welcoming Your New Hires Effectively

A successful business recognizes that recruiting is a continuous process that extends on a new hire’s first days, weeks, and months in the company and not just a one-time procedure. With a strategic process in place, businesses can better deal with a possible turnover with limited impact on operations and avoid a bad hire in […]

5 Tips to Use HR Tech for a High-Performing Recruitment Process

The tech recruitment landscape has been changing rapidly through the emergence of the latest HR technology. These technologies include mobile computing, artificial intelligence, and the rampant use of social media. As a result, HR team and recruitment firms have been given a proactive approach to sourcing the right candidates for the job and the company. […]

How Your Startup’s HR Team Can Improve Business Productivity

No matter how big or small your startup is, your recruitment firm or HR team plays a crucial role in improving productivity in the workplace. When it comes to productivity, most organizations rely on team managers or department heads most of the time. However, productivity doesn’t start on the floor. It starts with the recruitment […]

5 Signs Your Startup Company Needs a Recruitment Firm

You’ll probably agree that the infancy stage of a startup is like a rollercoaster ride. Your energy could be at an all-time high upon seeing all the nitty-gritty of putting the business together move forward…

The Last Guide You Need to Building a Great Startup Team

The Philippines has the fastest growing economy in Asia. It is the social media capital of the world, has a large local market, has a large base of English-speaking communities, and an improving investment grade. All of these significant developments in the country have become an appealing business opportunity for startups and entrepreneurs. The Philippine […]

How to Find a Lead Developer for Your Startup Company

For startup companies, looking for the perfect lead developer is a challenging ordeal. In fact, 90% of startups fail because developers are only expected to code—no more,…

How Employee Turnover Hurts Your Business

High employee turnover rates are a plague to the business world today. According to a 2013 study by consumer credit reporting agency, Equifax, 40% of employees who leave their jobs do so…

How to Conduct an Effective Video Interview

Much like everything else, the world of recruitment has gone digital. HR professionals of companies and recruitment consultants are now using video interviews when traditional in-person…

How Startups Benefit from PEZA

The Philippines is home to billions worth of foreign investments. No wonder why startups continue to flourish, making the country the next startup hub in Asia. In Q2 2016 records, the country’s total approved foreign investments is reported to have risen by 11.5% compared with figures from Q2 2015…

How to Motivate Your Employees in the New Year

New Year, New Me. If there’s a universal New Year’s resolution, this would be it. The same can be said for every employee in your organization. New years are an opportunity to…

Navigating the Filipino Work Culture [Infographic]

You’ve probably heard about the world-famous Filipino hospitality from friends who have traveled to the Philippines, and it is true. The Filipinos really are one of the world’s friendliest people. In HSBC’s survey titled “Expat Explorer Survey 2011,” the…

6 Reasons Your Top Employees Are Leaving You

Nothing hurts more for an employer than to receive a resignation letter, especially when it’s from a top employee. Yes, people come and go, and companies can’t expect their employees to stay with them forever (or at least until they retire). But…

Philippine IT-BPO: Trends and Predictions [Infographic]

The information technology and business process outsourcing (IT-BPO) sector in the Philippines is one of the country’s most dynamic industries today and is here to stay. This is because the country has…

The Philippines’ Tech Startup Community Is Growing

The Philippines seems to be following the footsteps of its much-advanced cousin, Singapore, in terms of tech startup ecosystem. Its tech startup community is fast-growing, and investors…

A Startup’s Guide to Hiring Executive Talents

Hiring your first executive will be worth the effort to obtain long-term stability for your startup company. An experienced talent of top caliber can accelerate your business given their expert knowledge in…

Why Recruit Your Startup Team in the Philippines

Traditionally, if you want to build a new team, you first look for professionals located within or near your place of business. This makes sense. After all, you don’t want to hire someone from a remote location and then set aside a budget for relocation costs…

10 Things Foreign Investors Can Expect from Pres. Duterte

When former Mayor Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte announced his plans of running for presidency, a lot of international and foreign investors had apprehensions about the repercussions of…

What PH’s 6.9% GDP Means for Foreign Investors

As the Philippines’ economy continues to rise, foreign investors also stand to gain a lot because of it. According to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), in the first quarter the country exhibited…

Philippines: The Next Startup Hub in Asia

Establishing a startup business in the Philippines is a great idea for any corporation, as the country is rich in resources and rife in local and international trades. The country’s economy is ever-growing, and the trade industry is booming—now with…

Guide for Corporations Entering the Philippines

The Philippines is a fertile ground for brand expansion and market growth. As a melting pot of cultures, the country is home to a myriad of consumers. Before you think about team recruitment, go through these steps in…

10 Ways Your Company is Driving Away Talent

For the sake of stating the obvious, there is ‘no forever,’ even in the workplace. In fact, people are bound to leave. Senior executives leave, top-performers resign, and even the promising ones who are being shaped to become…

Why You Need an Executive Search Firm

Hiring top brass in a company is not as simple as hiring rank and file employees. There are rules of engagement to be followed when looking for executives, and this is why an executive search firm is in a better position to headhunt for you.

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