Why You Need an Executive Search Firm

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Executive searches are not trivial tasks. For some companies, the recruitment process takes months before a suitable candidate is brought in for an interview. Whereas entry level prospects can be processed in one day, there is a need for due diligence when it comes to finding the right top-level executive.

Executive search firms are experts in matching go-getters and proven management personnel with firms that can make the best use of their talent and skills. They also have several distinct advantages in providing top-level management personnel, as these are specialized job recruitment agencies that deliver high-quality, top-level management candidates for firms which require them.

Knowing the Networks and Tapping into them

Executive search firms have a wide-ranging connections and they know who the top performers are. Aside from these, they also know these executive’s friends and circles, the potential candidate’s history, and if a candidate is ripe for new challenges and a position with a new company.

This is not just proactive behavior on the part of the search firm. This is a constant updating of information from all possible sources by keeping track of industry movements. Tapping into the candidate’s network is part of their job.

In most instances, the talent recruitment firm has a person who knows the candidates in a professional capacity. Part of the job of the industry-specific talent search personnel is to get to know these people and understand what they want out of a job, as well as their capabilities and their comfort levels.


Sending feelers for top management is not easy to do. It is not sound HR policy to introduce your company and flat out state that you need this particular candidate.

Having a third-party to open up the possibilities for the candidate is a better option. If negotiations do not proceed with the candidate, nobody loses face. The mutually exclusive anonymity also helps ensure that the candidate is still open to possibilities at another time.

Talent searches can sometimes unravel due to unfortunate information leaks. Thus, keeping the negotiations quiet is a necessary part of the process. In some ways, this is like a masquerade ball, where you would know the possible candidates, but there is a mask so that the parties concerned do not show their personalities before the right time.

Respect for the Company

Passive candidates are currently employed and seem to be happy with their jobs. They are not openly looking at other possibilities.

Going after these executives is poaching on another company. It can be disrespectful for one company to come out and directly hire from another company. If there is any business relationship between the two companies, this can be a cause for strain.

The use of a top-level headhunter keeps the relationships between companies civil. Besides, it also allows the executive search firm to find a replacement for the post they helped to become vacated. Respecting the company being vacated is one way to make sure that they can still be clients at some point in the future.

Deep Relationships

Piracy between companies is a hotly contested issue that stems from direct recruitment between one company and another. It often happens in industries which have high demand for particular jobs, usually at the entry level or lower supervisory positions. However, this practice is avoided by higher level management because it is disruptive and can lead to strained relationships between companies.

Executive search firms understand these different concerns and walk a fine line in recruiting top talent. They understand that everyone is a stakeholder—from the recruiting company, the candidate management personnel, and the company one currently works for.

The development of deep relationships and trust between the headhunting firm and the stakeholders keeps the search above board and on the level.




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