7 Ways to Boost Employee Morale in the Filipino Workplace

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7 Ways to Boost Employee Morale in the Filipino Workplace

Filipino employees are known to be hard workers. But just like any other human being, there are times where demotivation and stress can get the best of them. Strict deadlines, demanding clients, and other personal concerns can get very hectic and negatively impact their performance. As managers, you may constantly be thinking of ways in which you can maintain the productivity and wellbeing of your employees.

When it comes to improving your team’s performance, you should know by now that employees with high morale are able to perform at their best. If you’re able to push the right buttons and motivate them successfully, this can lead to many positive outcomes for your company. While you can offer a lot of different benefits to motivate them, you can boost morale in any Filipino workplace with these simple adjustments.

1. Socialize just like humans

Some of your employees may still believe in the stigma that socializing with others will give them a bad impression. To get the good side of management, they may prefer to close themselves off and just concentrate at work. Even though it is important to stay professional and focused on your tasks, this doesn’t change the fact that employees are humans with genuine feelings and emotions.

Humans are social creatures so you shouldn’t discourage any form of interaction. In fact, something as simple as letting your employees enjoy casual conversations is arguably the easiest way to help them manage their stress and get through mid-day blues.

2. Eliminate possible reasons of conflict

One of the many reasons why employee morale gets bogged down in a Filipino workplace is because of long lasting and unresolved workplace conflicts. As a manager, it is your responsibility to build an office environment that is free of bad tension, and poor behavior. A damaged employee relations will hamper the possibility of your employees engaging even after work hours. 

However, you have to keep in mind that you only have control of things during business hours as much as possible. To a certain extent, you can foster an environment that allows these bonding activities to happen because of their good relationship with each other.

Think of ways on how to create an effective conflict management system which contains identifying problems and the root causes, testing solutions, and picking the best choice for parties involved.

3. Celebrate little victories

No matter how small or big, always make it a point to celebrate victories. Your employees will feel valued if you take the time to congratulate them whenever they achieve something in their professional or personal life. Birthday cards from your team members, work anniversary posters on all-hands meetings, and ordering a big plate of palabok are great ways to show that you care for them.

4. Set one-on-one check-ins

Managers who don’t conduct one-on-one sessions are four times more likely to have disengaged team members. Weekly meetings are a general requirement for any department but don’t forget that individual check-ins are just as important. Your employees may not be comfortable sharing their concerns in a big gathering so give them the chance to discuss their thoughts privately.

A close and intimate encounter can be a very fruitful experience for both parties involved. By listening to their feelings towards policies and management, it’ll be easier for you to earn their trust and improve as a leader.

5. Guide their growth

Stagnation is the biggest obstacle to an employee’s growth. When your employees are starting to be content in their comfort zone, there’s a big chance that they’ll end up unmotivated and just go through the motions. To make sure that all your employees are always productive, you need to start giving everyone equal opportunities for advancement.

Challenging your team members will instill a sense of urgency. This way, they pay extra attention to their performance and are motivated to do better at their jobs. To make sure that their growth is smooth and seamless, be clear about their promotion tracks and let them know what they need to do in order to head towards the right direction.

6. Promote work-life balance

Filipinos value quality time with friends and family more than any culture around the globe. Having dedicated employees is always a good thing, but you need to emphasize workload management and encourage them to have a life outside the office. Take this time to reassess your team’s nature of work and think of changes that can promote work-life balance.

More and more companies are starting to adopt policies such as flexitime and work from home due to its tangible benefits. Something as simple as giving your employees the benefit of choosing when and where they want to work can give them a better sense of control over their schedules. Let them manage the demands of both their professional and personal life with ease.

7. Appreciate, appreciate, appreciate

When someone is doing an excellent job, let them know. If your team members are doing more than the bare minimum, recognize them. Research shows that 70% of workers admit that they’re motivated to work when their higher-ups take the time to appreciate their efforts.

Gratitude has the power to transform any organization. If you’re generous with it, your employees are more likely to perform better and will give you all you ask and more. Taking the time to thank them and letting them know that their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed are the easiest ways you can show your love and appreciation.

Boost Employee Morale in the Filipino Workplace

The adage “money isn’t everything” is true when it comes to the workplace. If you’re looking for ways to motivate and boost employee morale, you should always keep in mind that cash incentives aren’t as effective as most people would think. At the end of the day, showing your employees that you care, appreciate, and recognize them will always be a better way of bringing out their full potential.

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