Top Priorities of Job Hunters You Probably Didn’t Know

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Top Priorities of Job Hunters You Probably Didn’t Know

Today’s job hunters are becoming more particular when considering job offers. They no longer just search for any position or accept any job, as they push to find work that can give them personal, financial, and intellectual fulfillment. They will carefully evaluate whether opportunities are a good fit for their personal and professional goals.

As a recruitment consultant, you need to determine what applicants, candidates, and employees are looking for in a job to help them feel fulfilled and accomplished. As such, now is the best time for companies to level up their strategies to give job seekers what they want, and ultimately, hire the best talent.

Here are the top priorities of candidates and job hunters.

Company Culture

LinkedIn’s Global Recruiting Trends Report indicated that company culture is a crucial piece of information when job seekers consider potential employers. In fact, the study shows that more than 66% of job hunters want to know about the company’s culture above everything else.

Most job postings provide a complete job description in job boards, but it doesn’t really paint a clear picture of what it’s like to work in the company. Instead of focusing on the open position, recruitment consultants should place company culture at the center of your recruitment strategies.

Involve your current employees in your recruitment strategies since they’re the best brand ambassadors. Encourage them to create content about what their typical workday is like. Use their content on your social pages so that job hunters can find it when they’re researching about your company.

Perks and Benefits

Next to company culture, job hunters consider perks and benefits to be a determining factor. Candidates are now asking about the big-ticket benefits and minor perks beyond just the salary.

Starbucks, Netflix, Google, and more have become popular for providing out-of-the-box employee perks such as progressive parental leave, education reimbursement, and gourmet snacks, respectively.

However, would your employees better appreciate free yoga classes, gourmet meals, or the ability to take parental leave? A study shows that job hunters will pass on smaller perks such as bringing a dog to work or flexible hours for big-ticket benefits that significantly impact their lives such as a more comprehensive health insurance.

When creating a benefits package for your employees, tailor it according to what they want and need. Don’t hesitate to ask your current employees, especially the new hires, what benefits they value the most and what perks they think would make working for your company more attractive.


Every company has a mission statement and a vision they’re working towards fulfilling. After perks and benefits, candidates want to see how each company puts their mission and vision into action. It’s ranked as their third-highest priority when considering jobs.

Candidates want to know how they’re contributing to society and the greater good by working for your brand. For today’s job hunters, it’s more than just about having a stable job and a regular paycheck. As a recruitment consultant, it’s up to you to covey your company’s mission and vision to job seekers.

Challenging Work

Candidates are looking for jobs that will stimulate their intellect. Top talents don’t look for mediocre jobs – they welcome challenging positions that will allow them to acquire new knowledge and develop new skills.

Top talents want to work hard and they enjoy challenging work. It keeps them engaged and interested in their role. If you want to acquire top talents, create jobs that don’t undermine job hunters’ skills and knowledge.

Just imagine – they went through years of higher education and they toiled for their college degree. They definitely want to put it to good use!

Career Path

If you want top candidates to accept your job offer, be transparent about the career path of the position. Job hunters are concerned about how your company will impact their career growth and development. According to LinkedIn’s report, 44% of job seekers consider opportunities for career advancement as a deciding factor.

Keep in mind that the top talents aren’t looking for dead-end jobs. They want a career that will help them grow as a person and as a professional. Make sure to communicate opportunities for learning and training programs in your job posting and interviews.

With the job market becoming increasingly competitive and crowded for any recruiters, it’s a race to get the best talents. Employers are always focusing on fun, creative perks but fail to really understand what candidates are looking for. You’re scrambling to get the perfect talent but you still fail to see the big picture.

Candidates are not just looking for a job – they’re seeking work in an industry or environment that they love. Today’s talents want to belong in an organization where they fit right in. They want a company culture that encourages skill-building and growth, and employers who are willing to be flexible with the perks and benefits offered to show employees how much they are valued.

If you want to attract and retain top talents in this tight job market, partner up with a recruitment consultant that takes the time and effort to know and understand what job hunters want.



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