Top 10 Employer Branding Ideas to Attract New Talents


Top 10 Employer Branding Ideas to Attract New Talents


The key to a successful recruitment process is being able to effectively communicate your company’s culture and atmosphere. While there are plenty of traditional ways to do so like getting help from job recruitment agencies, developing and maintaining a strong employer brand is rapidly becoming one of the best methods to attract new talents.

An employer brand is composed of many attributes including reputation, work environment, and communication. To achieve a strong employer brand and remain competitive today, you need to look for new strategies that encompass these factors.

Here are 10 ideas Manila Recruitment recommends to jumpstart your brand and create a strong employer image.

1. Leverage Social Media

When it comes to employer branding, a company’s social media presence is indispensable, as social media plays a prominent role in people’s lives nowadays. Thus, as an employer, having active social channels is critical.

Utilize your social media accounts as a tool for engagement, relationship building, and amplification. By creating public groups and forums, posting content that shows your organization culture and company message, and engaging with your prospects through comments and discussions, you can build a connection with the candidates.

2. Measure Your Employer Branding Initiatives

Like anything, you cannot improve your branding if you do not measure how well or how bad you are doing. So it is imperative to keep track of all your employer brand-related efforts and performances.

Monitor how many likes, shares, and comments you have earned on various social media sites, track how many visitors your blog gets per week, which content gets the most attention, and observe career website conversions. Make it a point to use these platforms appropriately and you’ll be able to see the value of your initiatives.

3. Produce Contents that Build the Company’s Employer Brand

To attract top talents, you have to show them what the organization is like and convince them that it is a great place to grow their careers.

One way to communicate this is by implementing content marketing strategies, which could include segments such as employee testimonials, videos, and photos of company events, or even blog posts encompassing the day in a life of an employee or employer.

4. Encourage Your Current Employees to Engage with the Company Online

Nothing could send a more positive message than seeing current employers completely engaged and happy with their jobs. If your prospective candidates see that your employees are actively supporting your initiatives, they would likely be more interested in reaching out.

Treat your employees as brand ambassadors and start promoting their stories. Let them post content on the company’s career site or social channels. Have them like and share your post on their social accounts. Lastly, allow them to participate in online discussion boards to develop their own brand.

By enabling them to establish their brand through your corporate profiles, you will be able to attract candidates who can see themselves creating stories similar to that of your current employees.

5. Embrace the New Age

You have to understand that the world is different now. What has once made a big impact yesterday, might not have the same impact today. We are in a consumer-centric age, which means your employer brand must go hand-in-hand with customer experience.

Align your strategies at an organizational level and make it a priority to create a culture-centered on optimizing customer experience for your HR processes, systems, and policies to make an impact.

6. Think Mobile First

The talk about mobile technology is nothing new, and virtually, everyone knows how influential it can be. However, according to an Employer Brand International research, only 21% of organizations are utilizing mobile-optimised sites to communicate their employer brand.

If you want to have a strong employer brand, you need to be innovative in using mobile technologies. Adopt a digital platform that can broadcast on multichannel, multiscreen, and, if necessary, multilingual.

7. Give Workspace Options

A strong employer brand begins with creating an environment and culture wherein everyone can work comfortably and creatively. Rather than having old desks or cubicles, adopt an open and more relaxed workplace. Allow your employees to choose and design their own workstations and provide them with the resources they need to excel in order to ensure that they are happy and content working for the company.

8. Grow Your Network

Digital platforms grow and mature. So while you may have thousands of connections now to build value with, you still need to keep growing your network organically. Make sure to have a network diverse enough that you can continue learning and connecting with professionals and industry leaders from various backgrounds.

Keep in mind, there is no such thing as too many when it comes to growing your network base.

9. Simplify the Flow of Communication Internally

Maintaining an open communication between the management and the employees is perhaps the cheapest, most useful, and most honest way of building a good corporate image.

To enhance your branding communications internally, integrate a range of tools into your strategy, develop a social media program that is high visible, and consider giving out incentives for referrals. This will create a degree of connection and cooperation between the HR and other organization divisions, leading to launch better initiatives.

10. Establish a Clear Brand Message

Brand messages help talent acquisition specialists match candidates with culture. By clearly defining your company’s vision, mission, and values through your employer branding communications across all channels and methods of recruiting, you can more effectively lure the kind of talent the organization needs and desires.

No organizations are exactly alike. Each has its own quirks, so keep on squeezing those creative juices to come up with new innovative strategies. Remember, when it comes to building the employer brand of your dreams, the sky is the limit!




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