What’s Taking Recruiters So Long to Hire the Right Talent?

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What’s Taking Recruiters So Long to Hire The Right Talent

When a seat is left unfilled, thousands of productivity hours are lost. Often, that translates to loss in potential revenue for the business.

According to a recent report, the average time to hire across all industries is 39 days. That’s a long time for an important position to stay open.

However, some recruitment consultants believe that a longer hiring process ensures that the perfect talent is hired for the job. In spite of this, the job market is increasingly becoming competitive.

Employees who were once reluctant to leave their jobs for fear of letting a secure job go are now more aggressive in looking for better opportunities. So, the longer you take, the bigger the window of opportunity you’re giving your competitors to get the best talents in the market.

As a recruitment consultant or HR professional, it’s crucial to get the best recruits in a timely manner to avoid any business loss. Here are some of the things recruiters are doing wrong that results in a decrease in productivity and performance of the whole company.

1. Ineffective Job Board

It’s not enough to just post an open position or a job advertisement on your website and wait for applicants to send in their resumes. You also need to maximize opportunities that job boards offer. However, most hiring managers or recruiters fail to include pertinent details in their job description for fear of revealing too much information.

Make sure to specify the skills needed for the job, as well as the requirements. Outline the benefits included in the package to encourage top talents to apply. This will result in getting more candidates who are fit for the job and speed up the process.

2. Not Using Social Media

Social media is a great platform where you can find both active and passive candidates. By posting a job advertisement on social media, you can further ensure that it’s seen by more people, yet targeted to a specific audience.

Furthermore, you can hop onto social media, join groups relevant to the position you’re hiring, and reach out to the members.

The great thing about social recruiting is that it’s also a way for you to do background checks and pre-screen candidates. You can even see who’s engaging with others and talking about the topics relevant to the position.

3. Not Hiring from Within

When a position in your company opens up, it’s natural for the HR team to immediately post a job advertisement. On the other hand, utilizing your internal network will help speed up the process. It also gives current employees a chance to apply for a promotion or a lateral transfer.

When you inform existing employees of the open position, you can also get highly qualified referrals. They will even do your job for you, and ask people in their network if they would be interested in applying.

However, you must take note of the disadvantages of referrals from your employees. Watch out for impending factions that might hurt your team’s collaboration and productivity. Another example is when these employees take leaves at the same time compromising the workload of other team members.

You can prevent this culture by organizing a seminar on how employees can work professionally leaving their personal relationships behind, and by imposing some regulations when taking holidays.

4. Unnecessary Steps in the Recruitment Process

Some recruitment consultants add unnecessary steps in their hiring process that eventually becomes a deterrent to getting the best talent. Some companies ask applicants to come in for an English proficiency exam (and another exam related to the industry) before the interview.

After having passed that, they will then proceed to the initial interview. But, if you know that your candidate has exemplary English language and communication skills, you can skip this part.

For instance, you’re looking for a web content writer, and the applicant already submitted sample work and links to published posts, then you already know whether they’re skills are the right fit.

Would you still ask them to take the exam? It may just be deemed as insulting by the applicant and may turn them off from pursuing their application.

Assess and evaluate your hiring process to determine what steps you can combine or eliminate completely.

5. Unavailability of Flexible Interviews

Whether it’s an active or passive candidate you’re hiring, it’s hard to schedule an interview that is convenient for both you and the candidate. Hence, you should adopt more flexible interview methods such as video interviews, phone interviews, or group interviews.

Assess your capability as a recruitment consultant or hiring manager to meet with candidates outside office hours, during weekends, or in locations more convenient for the candidate. Showing candidates that you’re willing to consider and accommodate their busy schedule will make them feel more important and show them that you want them.

6. Delaying the Offer

Make an offer the moment you find the perfect talent for the job! Some companies like to wait and delay the offer to make sure that the power stays with them and avoid giving the candidate too much confidence to negotiate a larger salary. Don’t be that guy who lost his hand at the game simply because they became too greedy.

If you make your candidate wait too long, they can lose interest in your company and move on to another application. Maybe your competitor makes an offer quicker than you do.

Don’t let a great talent go to waste. Make an offer as quickly as possible!

7. Not Asking for Help

If your team is incapable of effectively planning and implementing recruitment and hiring processes, then it’s time for you to consider hiring a recruitment consultant or recruitment firm. Remember, the more time you waste, the more revenue your business loses. Don’t let that seat stay open.

When you partner up with a recruitment consultant, not only are you sure that you’re getting the perfect fit in a timely manner, but you can expect a quality screening and hiring process that provides a positive candidate experience. This will help you build your brand reputation and encourage top candidates to work for your company.

Bottom Line

When finding the right talent, recruiters should never rush! Hastily and carelessly speeding up the recruitment process will result in hiring the wrong person for the job, which often results in more time and resources wasted in the long run. So, make sure to partner up with a reliable and established recruitment firm to ensure success.



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