The Competitive Philippine Job Market


The Competitive Philippine Job Market

How competitive is the Philippines’ current job market? What can job seekers do to adapt to trends and demands in the job market? Find out in this episode of Probe’s Sound Bites.

The Probe Team interviewed our Head of Recruitment Operations, Georga Tarca, to give a primer on the competitive Philippine job market as well as give advice to job seekers. A lot of businesses are going digital and the demand for IT talent and honing one’s technical skills become more important. According to George, “The skills needed by employers in todays job market are new.” Candidates nowadays should have the right skills and attitude to forge their career path. While the market remains competitive, new opportunities arise from Offshoring companies and those that offer work from home options. For those who are looking at recruiting, having a high salary is still one of the most considered part of any job offer for candidates. However, candidates today will also consider what is practical for them and additional perks in their compensation packages to address this is also important.

As a final advice to job seekers, you should know your career plan by knowing yourself. Ask yourself: “What kind of industry would I like to join?” and “What about the job function you’d like to grow?” Finally, don’t stop learning!

About George Tarca

George is a seasoned executive recruiter with a career spanning over 20 years. He has held director-level positions for major Executive search firms and has solid experience in delivering high-level placements from across different industries such as IT & Telecoms, BPO/Shared Services, FMCG, Logistics, Pharmaceutical and Retail. His peers would describe him as very competent in delivering excellence in client and candidate management and building high-performing teams of recruiters. Prior to joining Manila Recruitment, he was responsible for overhauling the recruitment process of a Fortune 100 Engineering company which resulted to a zero backlog and 100% achievement of their recruitment ramp-up goals. On a personal note, George is an active member of AMCI Ayala mountaineering club. With this organization, he gets the opportunity to enjoy not just long hard, arduous walks but also the opportunity to help indigenous communities through solicitation of funds for education assistance and simple livelihood programs. Connect with George Tarca on LinkedIn