Recruitment of over 15 Executive, Senior Management and Various Other Roles for a Multinational Corporation’s First Operation in Manila

If you are looking for a partner who is really passionate about helping you finding the right people for your company, consider engaging Manila Recruitment. With their team we hammered out a tailored recruitment strategy. We also have regular meetings with the recruiters to evaluate progress and discuss new vacancies. Candidates referred to us for interviews always had the right profile and we were able to recruit quality people without wasting too much time on interviews.

Talk to them, meet them in their exciting office in Makati City and convince yourself.

About Manila Recruitment

SPECIALIST RECRUITMENT SOLUTIONS DELIVERING UNRIVALLED RESULTS IN THE PHILIPPINES Manila Recruitment is recognized as the leading recruitment firm in the Philippines for headhunting, executive search, expert, technical and IT recruitment. We share an unrivalled passion to help your business succeed by understanding your goals, then sourcing and providing you with your number one asset – driven, dedicated and exceptional people! Experience the Manila Recruitment difference, and give your business in the Philippines a competitive advantage by contacting us today. Whether you are exploring an offshore solution, or are an established entrepreneur, SME or Multinational in the Philippines, our team has the experience and a tailored recruitment solution to introduce you to the top talent in the Philippines. Contact our Manila Recruitment team at