Strong Business Values That Could Attract Quality Employees

Categories: Advice for HR Professionals, Advice for Start-ups and Entrepreneurs


Every business has values that guide its activities and operations. These values are the heart of who they are and what they stand for. Having said that, your business values are also something prospective employees may look at before deciding to join your organization. They help shape your culture and inspire employees if you choose the right ones. You should, therefore, take a step back and think about what your values are and whether they’re being communicated in an effective way. Continue reading to find several strong business values that could attract quality employees.


Company politics is one thing that can trigger a high turnover rate. People want to know that they’re working with a business that values honesty and transparency, so ensure you prioritize this as a business value. This would mean that you have effective and open communication so that employees don’t feel like they’re in the dark. It also means being open to feedback and owning your mistakes to show that everyone is a valued part of the team.


Nowadays, work environments are becoming increasingly unconventional. Instead of people glued to their desks and working in isolation within cubicles, companies are encouraging more engagement and fun. At times, you need a free environment to release tension and spark creativity. To make your office fun to work in try creating an open seating plan, adding a playroom, and holding more social events.


Another core value to add to the list is sustainability. This value is one more that businesses are embracing, especially those that believe in corporate responsibility. One of the ways that you could be more sustainable as a business is by committing to recycling your waste. If you have cardboard waste especially, use a wire baler to package and compress it. Working with a company that cares about the environment may be a desire for top candidates.


People tend to want to be a part of something thats forward-thinking and current, so make sure your company is innovative. Be open to new technologies as well as aware of what’s trending at all times. The prospect of working with a business that is always one step ahead when it comes to innovation can be exciting and something to be proud of.


You will find that growth is important for most employees, as most people don’t want to stay in the same place forever. Promoting personal development can be a value that people appreciate, so create an enabling environment for career progression. In practical terms, you could implement training programs for staff every couple of months as well as offer mentoring to help employees with their development.


Feeling underpaid and overworked is something employees tend to struggle with. By adding balance to your values list, prospective employees can rest assured that you care about their worklife balance and wellbeing. To support balance, enable flexible working whether it be by allowing them to come in earlier, work from home, or leave early. Think about their personal needs and how you can ensure work doesn’t create more stress than needed at home.