How Your Startup’s HR Team Can Improve Business Productivity

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No matter how big or small your startup is, your recruitment firm or HR team plays a crucial role in improving productivity in the workplace.

When it comes to productivity, most organizations rely on team managers or department heads most of the time. However, productivity doesn’t start on the floor. It starts with the recruitment or HR team.

Here are a few things you can follow as HR personnel or recruiters to help improve workplace productivity.

1.     Design workspaces according to specific needs.

How Your Startup’s HR Team Can Improve Business Productivity

As a startup company, you may not afford the most modern or beautiful office, but there are ways you can design your workspaces to ensure that your employees can become productive.

First and foremost is to make sure that your office is well-lit. This makes it easier for employees to see what they’re doing properly and helps avoid eye strain and headaches.

Workspaces are important for every employee. Make sure that you individualize work station and equipment according to the specific needs of every department. For instance, you can’t just provide ho-hum computers to your IT professionals, web developers, or graphic artists. They need more powerful equipment that can help them do their tasks more efficiently and effectively.

2.     Provide huddle rooms and napping areas.

Working for a startup can be stressful. Employees and their team members sometimes need to blow off some steam or regroup. Too much pressure and stress prevent creative juices from flowing.

Additionally, studies show that people who take short power naps are more productive compared to those who don’t. Napping can help employees become more alert, creative, and productive.

3.     Create incentive programs.

HR teams are usually at the forefront of incentive and rewards programs for employees because it’s your HR team that has the bird’s eye view of every department’s role in the company. Make sure that your incentives program has objective goals that can be met by every team or employee.

Incentives can motivate employees, as it provides them clear goals and accompanying rewards. This can help your startup company increase employee engagement, boost productivity, and reach ROI faster.

4.     Promote flexible working hours.

Nowadays, work-life balance is one of the top priorities of employees, especially for the millennials. Workers want to schedule their work day around their families or extracurricular activities.

As recruiters or HR professionals, you understand the organization’s staffing goals and can determine the positions that can have more flexible hours.

With flexible working hours, employees can choose the hours when they’re at their most productive. Some may be more productive in the morning, while some are more productive in the evening.

5.     Offer development training and certification programs.

How Your Startup’s HR Team Can Improve Business Productivity1

Startup companies initially operate with just a few key employees who perform a wide variety of tasks. But, as the business grows and evolves, new people are hired to relieve these employees of a growing number of responsibilities.

As such, it’s important to invest in training and development programs. Not only does this show your employees that you believe in them, but you’re also preparing your startup company to accommodate more difficult responsibilities and even bigger clients.

Training programs also increase employee engagement. When employees know that their company is investing in their career growth, they are motivated to do better at their jobs.

6.     Encourage teamwork through collaborative and fun activities.

Team building activities foster closer relationships between employees. Friendships in the workplace increase productivity and decrease stress. Office outings and team lunches also boost employee satisfaction and increase employee engagement.

When employee achievements are celebrated during outings and team building activities, employees are motivated to make positive contributions to the organization.

7.     Hire the right people with the right culture fit.

How Your Startup’s HR Team Can Improve Business Productivity2

As recruiters and HR professionals, it’s your responsibility to screen for top talents who have the highest potential to learn new things and adapt to your organization’s work culture. Startup companies are constantly evolving and growing, along with the new technologies and innovations of today.

No matter how beautiful your workplace is and no matter how state-of-the-art your equipment is, if you don’t have the right people who perfectly fit the job and the company, then productivity will suffer.

Boosting productivity in the workplace doesn’t always have to be up to the managers or team leaders. Recruitment firms and HR teams can help startup companies increase productivity by improving employee satisfaction and employee engagement.

Such efforts can include designing a workplace environment that’s optimized for productivity, promoting workplace friendships that foster teamwork and collaboration, investing in training and development programs, creating incentive programs, and implementing flexible working hours.



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