Social Recruiting is Here to Stay This 2018 – Here’s Why

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Social Recruiting is Here to Stay This 2018

Social media has impacted our daily lives in the last decade. Even the hiring and recruitment firms are now leveraging its power. Over the past few years, social media emerged as one of the leading trends in recruitment, and it looks like it’s not going anywhere.

In fact, reports indicate that more than half of recruiters claim that they get candidates of the “highest quality” on social media, which makes sense because 86% of job seekers who are in the first 10 years of their career use social networks when looking for open positions or researching about a company.

Not only does social media enable you to find top candidates, but it also allows you to improve your brand personality or company reputation. Here are the reasons you should never doubt the power of social media in recruitment this 2018.

Increase Brand Awareness and Reputation

Almost 7.5 billion people using social media. By using social networks, not only is your recruitment firm or company finding top candidates, but you’re also increasing your brand visibility on the channels where most of your customers and employees are. Face it. If you’re not on social media, then you’re out of the loop.

Tap the Passive Job Seekers

According to a recent survey, 82% of employees who are satisfied with their job are open to new opportunities, so you’re not just looking for applicants who are currently unemployed or actively looking for a new job.

Widen your reach by announcing on social media about the open positions you’re trying to fill, including passive job seekers. Social media makes it easy for recruiters to send a message to potential candidates casually.

Although they may not be actively looking for a job, sending them a message that you think they will like working for your company will get them interested in applying.

Perform Background Checks and Assess for Culture Fit

These days, you don’t have to screen someone just based on their resume. Social media is the perfect way for you to do a background check on potential candidates and assess culture fit and other soft skills.

During interviews, candidates put their best foot forward. Additionally, many candidates don’t disclose personal information during an interview.

But with social media, you can quickly check the candidate’s demeanor and communication style to have an idea about their personality and how they will fit in your company based on their personal page, statuses, posts, and photos.

Maximize the Referral Process

Social networks make it easy for recruiters and employers to maximize their referral process. If you have a referral program underway, your employees no longer need to rack their brains thinking of someone who will be perfect for the job. All they need to do is post the open position on their social networks for their connections to see.

Direct and Efficient Communication

One of the best benefits that social networks offer recruiters is the ability to communicate with candidates quickly and directly, no matter where they’re located.

When you find a potential candidate on social media, you can send them a quick message to determine if they’re interested in the open position. You can then quickly schedule an interview or exam.

In the traditional hiring and recruitment process, applicants will normally send in their resumes by email then physically come in for an initial interview and exam before a final interview.

Social media lets you eliminate a step or two in the hiring process because it allows you to screen your applicant immediately, and even conduct the initial screening interview through social platforms.

Job Posts Can Go Viral

When you post a job opening on social media, it becomes a shareable ad, as opposed to a static ad on a website or a billboard.

The more people who share your job opening on social media, the more potential candidates who will see it. Plus, it can help you increase brand awareness and visibility.

Use conversational language in your job description and create engaging visuals or videos to increase the sharability of your job post. Don’t be afraid to be funny or cheeky in your ad, as it contributes to the work culture and brand personality you’d like the world to see.

Social recruiting is no longer a new trend that recruiters need to try. It has become a mainstream strategy that offers positive results.

Social networks are also recognizing their power when it comes to recruitment, so they are releasing new features to help recruiters and recruitment firms reach more candidate. As such, you can expect that social recruiting will get bigger and bigger in the following years.

If your company or recruitment firm is not on social media, then you’re missing out on a wide range of benefits that social media contributes to the HR and recruitment industry.



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