5 Signs Your Startup Company Needs a Recruitment Firm

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You’ll probably agree that the infancy stage of a startup is like a rollercoaster ride. Your energy could be at an all-time high upon seeing all the nitty-gritty of putting the business together move forward as days go by.

Then again, just like anything that’s being built from the ground up, you’re also confronted with one challenge after another including finding people to fill key positions for your newly established company. In such case, what better option do you have than to hire a recruitment agency to help you with talent search, interview and assessment, and background check—basically, the works?

Have You Seen These Signs?

You could tell it’s time to find a recruitment partner with these tell-tale signs:

You can’t seem to perfect the timing of your hiring efforts.

Either it’s taking you forever to go through the hiring process, or you’re hiring too often, as both of these are far from being a good sign.

On the one hand, you may be taking too long to meet your staffing requirement, which is understandable though not necessarily forgivable since you might not have the whole gamut of a database of candidate profile. By contrast, recruitment firms have already built a pool of qualified candidates in their backyard, which cuts search time significantly.

Another warning sign is the high turnover rate of employees. If the majority of your hires are leaving, it might mean that your organization needs help in identifying the right candidates in terms of skills matching and goal setting, and recruiters are trained specifically for these things.

You don’t have enough knowledge of the verticals.

Some roles are too specialized or technical, and the person in charge of recruitment had better have the background knowledge in such fields.

Can you imagine if you were a marketing guru talking to a chemical process engineer applicant? Chances are, you won’t be able to thoroughly assess the candidate’s credentials when it comes to his/her expertise in chemical production processes, quality assurance, safety regulations, and other industry-specific areas.

Your recruitment agency can save you a lot of time and energy in this respect since they have teams in charge of a particular vertical market.

You’re not consistent with your recruitment process.

An internal hiring team may be susceptible to missing out important steps in your recruitment process, which could be due to their lack of experience or due to their intent (earnest or otherwise) to speed up your search for talent.

A pre-employment check is a common area that’s being overlooked. Company guidelines on salaries are also at risk of being mishandled if you choose to keep your recruitment activities in-house.

By partnering with recruitment firms, you know that you’re implementing the best HR practices and delivering consistent services to potential members of your organization.

Your interview questions are not effective.

You might think that asking your candidate all those canned questions you culled from the internet would do the trick, but going in that direction could backfire on you. For all you know, your applicant might be giving you rehearsed responses in an attempt to impress you, no less, so you hire the person right there and then, only to realize later on that he/she can’t back it up with real, valuable contributions at work.

To avoid this scenario, you could enlist the help of professional recruitment agencies that employ specialized tools and strategies in conducting both standard and custom interviews with applicants. This way, candidates are better assessed for their actual skills and competencies.

Bias may mark your hiring decisions.

Internal hiring teams could get carried away in the process of selecting candidates based on their personal standards. It goes without saying, of course, that this should never be the case. Recruiters have to practice and demonstrate utmost objectivity when getting someone on board, regardless of their social status, personality, and other such factors.

Since most agencies are bound to be transparent in their selection criteria and process, you can be sure that no candidate is discriminated against. Plus, it could speak volumes about your commitment to providing equal opportunities for employment for everyone.

Leaving your recruitment tasks to experts should not, in any way, make you feel inadequate or uncertain. At the very least, you need to be practical in expending valuable time and energy, which could run low if you had to take care of everything in the recruitment process.

Remember that your startup organization has a long journey ahead, and it’s important that you dedicate your focus and attention to all other aspects every step of the way.



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