Recruiting Mistakes You’re Guilty of Doing

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Recruiting Mistakes You’re Guilty of Doing

Whether you’re an HR manager or a recruiting firm consultant in the Philippines, acquiring top talents is hard to do. Regardless of the industry you belong to, the recruitment process can be extra tough—from updating the job boards and finding the perfect candidate to the mounds of paperwork and legalities involved.

It’s no surprise that recruiters might be guilty of some mistakes to cut corners and fill an empty position immediately, which results in hiring an employee that doesn’t quite fit the job and company culture. Recruitment is an expensive and time-consuming process, so it’s best to hire the perfect candidate right from the start.

Here are the common mistakes you might be guilty of. But, don’t worry too much. There are surefire ways to solve them.

1. Being Too Formal

The goal of an interview is to see a candidate’s true personality and know what they really think. However, a stiff and formal interview can make candidates uncomfortable. You can get more out of your candidate when you create a more casual and relaxing environment.

When candidates feel at ease, they will perform more naturally. It’s also easier to build rapport in a less formal setting. You don’t want a nervous candidate to spout nonsense during the interview. This hinders you from seeing their true potential.

As simple as offering them a drink or asking them about their commute to the interview will make a big difference.

2. Failing to Recruit Strategically

Recruiters and HR personnel should never settle for someone out of a desperate need to fill an empty seat. Don’t cut corners and rush the process too much, as you may end up with an underperforming employee.

If you’re not quite convinced with the candidates you’ve interviewed, you need to widen your net by working with an established recruitment firm. Revisit your recruitment strategy.

Outline key requirements for the position you’re filling, and create a separate list for the “nice-to-have” skills. Make sure the candidate you hire meets all the key requirements. They can eventually be trained to acquire the “nice-to-have” skills you outlined.

Remember, you want to hire the best candidate, not the least offensive one. Don’t settle for anything less than the perfect fit.

3. Overbargaining

So, you’ve found the perfect fit, but their asking salary is higher than you expected. So, you bargain them down.

However, too much bargaining can be a hindrance to building a relationship with your new hire. This can also be detrimental to employee satisfaction and engagement in the long run.

If the candidate is a perfect fit who demonstrates great potential to flourish in your organization, then don’t let him/her go. Negotiate an acceptable deal for both parties and ensure that the candidate is satisfied with your offer.

4. Not Being Transparent

This is a very common mistake that recruiters and HR personnel make, which often leads to low employee morale. Some recruiters tend to mislead candidates with unclear expectations about salary, benefits, and career growth in a desperate move to hire top talent. This sows feelings of distrust.

New hires will soon realize that the recruiter oversold benefits, perks, and incentives to get them to accept an offer with a lower salary package. They may also realize that they are being asked to do more than what was initially outlined on the job offer.

Transparency sends an important message about your company culture. So, be honest and upfront with all necessary details to avoid having a disgruntled and dissatisfied employee right from the start.

5. Sticking to a Narrow View of Recruiting

Yes, there are tried and tested recruitment practices, but the workforce culture is changing, and new demands need to be met.

Some recruiters stick to a talent pool from specific schools and universities, while some only consider those whose career history is aligned with the same industry. It’s also common for recruiters and HR personnel to immediately reject overqualified applicants.

You’re missing out on talents with great potential and neglecting the value that an unconventional candidate may bring to your organization.

6. Not Providing Feedback to Rejected Applicants

It’s common knowledge that most employers and recruiters won’t call applicants back if they didn’t make the cut. It may be an acceptable practice, but it’s not okay.

Silent rejection leaves candidates clueless about why they didn’t get the job. Feedback can help candidates address their shortcomings and improve their skills.

You may find it difficult to devote time to calling rejected applicants, but doing so can say a lot about your employer brand. Providing feedback to rejected applicants not only shows a great company culture, but it also helps you demonstrate to your clients, potential customers, and the applicants themselves that you value everyone within and outside your organization. Who wouldn’t want to work for you?

Avoiding and addressing common mistakes and misconceptions in the recruitment industry can help you find the perfect fit and hire the candidate who can best represent the position you need to fill.

Effective recruitment strategies are key factors in achieving employee satisfaction and engagement. Never lose sight of the fact that employee satisfaction doesn’t start on their first day at work, rather from the moment they apply for the job you posted.



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