A Recruiter’s Guide to Mobile Recruiting Strategies and Tools

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A Recruiter’s Guide to Mobile Recruiting Strategies and Tools

Ever had too much buzz about how online connectivity is changing the way things are done today? People are glued to their devices, day in and day out. Apparently, mobile use has caught on in job search and hiring too.

Mobile recruiting, due to its versatility, convenience, and affordability, is now the big thing among job seekers and recruiters as well as recruitment consultants in the Philippines. To give you a crystal-clear idea, here are the latest figures on mobile and social recruitment trends:

  • About 54% of candidates go to the internet to search for jobs.
  • Almost 45% of candidates actually apply for jobs online.
  • Nearly 80% of job seekers use social media platforms for their job search.
  • Approximately 30% of job applicants are using their smartphone to begin a job search.
  • More than 80% of organizations are now using social media to recruit employees.

Every day, these numbers continue to add up as new devices and technologies become available. This just shows that mobile devices, platforms, and tools will continue to be an indispensable companion for recruiters.

To help you build up your mobile recruitment process, check out the following mobile strategies and tools:

1. Mobile-Friendly Website and Career Page

Make it easy for candidates to notice and engage with your brand by having a user- and mobile-friendly website. It’s a kind of website that’s easy for candidates to use and navigate. Here are some tips to do this:

  • The “Jobs” section should be largely visible to attract candidates.
  • Simplify your log-in or sign-up procedures to avoid scaring off potential candidates. A click or two is all you need to get someone’s contact details.
  • Have a dedicated section that includes details about your company, job openings, including the benefits and compensation.
  • Use chat applications to respond to interested applicants’ queries as quickly as possible.
  • Optimize your website or career page for mobile use. Make sure that links or images load up fast and properly when viewed on mobile devices.

2. Text Messaging

Text Messaging

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Text messages probably have the biggest leverage when it comes to reaching out to candidates. In general, 98% of text messages sent are read. Therefore, a simple text message can keep you in touch with your candidates. As an engagement and recruitment tool, use text messaging to:

Update candidates’ contact information

Text messages not only allow you to touch base with applicants. It also helps in configuring your applicant tracking systems for updating purposes.

Schedule and confirm appointments

You can conveniently send a text reminder to your candidates about their upcoming exam or interview. Confirming via text makes it easy for candidates to get back to you.

Check in with your candidates

Unlike direct calls, text messaging is not intrusive. Your text messages may either be personalized or system generated—both of which make for good engagement opportunities with potential employees.

Enhance your recruitment process

Sometimes, hiccups happen during the hiring process. Candidates may need more time to comply with pre-employment requirements. Communicating with your candidates via text can keep you in the know about how things are moving along.

3. Social Recruiting and Mobile Sourcing

Every time you search for job candidates on social media sites, mobile career sites, or mobile applications, you’re tapping the power of mobile recruitment. These sites and platforms can give you access to a large pool of candidates right at your fingertips, and there are apps for recruitment and talent sourcing you can use.

Talent Xray

This mobile app is useful for your regular sourcing activities. You only need to type in keywords in your query, and Bing will deliver search results from LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google Plus. You can even share your search via email to a colleague in your organization.

LinkedIn Recruiter Mobile

LinkedIn’s standalone mobile app gives you access to its database of hundreds of millions of members and lets you interact with them through the app’s InMail tool. The app can be used by mobile devices with both U.S. and non-U.S. numbers.

TheLadders Recruiter

The app works with the mobile version for job seekers called simply TheLadders. For recruiters, creating an account on TheLadders will enable them to make a search for candidates based on indicated criteria.

With the generated results, recruiters can swipe left or right to filter the non-qualified against the qualified. The swipe up action is used to text, call, or email qualified applicants.


Take a picture of your office, events, employees, business, or other brand-related image and turn them into a job post with the Instajob app. The idea is to do away with text-based ads and use visually engaging posts instead, which can get higher response rates when shared on social media.

The Instajob posts will take interested candidates to the company’s career site.


The app is handy for organizing and managing your job posts on social media. There’s a tool if you want to filter your posts such as where to post an ad and what’s the best time to publish it. Links, texts, videos, or images can be added to your Buffer.

There are also platforms for mobile recruitment that may complement your sourcing and hiring activities. One of these is SparcStart. You can market your jobs to passive candidates by linking to SparcStart postings called Match-Click.

This link, sent via email, will direct candidates to short video presentations of the company’s hiring manager and other colleagues in the company, giving bits and pieces of information about the job and the organization.

4. Video Interviewing

Video Interviewing

(Image source: GHRR)

Video interviews are becoming more of a norm than a trend in mobile recruiting these days. HR professionals attest to the value of conducting pre-recorded or live interviews in screening potential hires, enhancing the recruitment process, eliminating chances of no-shows, reaching out to remote candidates, saving time and money for both parties, and so much more.

The following are some of the most recommended tools for setting up a video interview with job seekers:


Conduct pre-recorded and live interviews with your candidates on WePow. Its video interviewing solutions give recruiters and hiring managers automatic push notifications, tools for candidate evaluation, and integration into the organization’s ATS.


It’s a popular, free platform recruiters use, as it delivers almost the same result with face-to-face interviews. All it takes is to launch your Skype account from your mobile device and connect it to your internet.

Google+ Hangouts

Another free and easy-to-use mobile app for video conferencing is Hangouts by Google+. It’s great for screening applicants before endorsing them to a panel interview, which can be done in a private Hangout setting.

Recruit Loop

Automate your video interviews by creating a custom questionnaire for a job, and inviting your candidates to record their responses. Afterward, review the videos from the Recruit Loop web interface to select those who stand out.

Mobile platforms can help you in your recruitment goals in more ways than one. They allow you to engage your target, streamline your hiring process, assess applications, facilitate decision making, and most especially, bring your jobs to where your candidates are.

Indeed, the future is very promising for mobile recruitment. The ideal recruitment consultant should then make a resolve to embrace new directions and technologies in the years to come.




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