7 Business Advantages of Building an Offshore Sales Team

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The global workforce has become increasingly competitive, with more companies looking into offshoring some of their functions to countries like the Philippines to supplement their workforce. In the U.S., over 68% of companies delegate their services, making the U.S. the country with the biggest percentage of outsourced services globally.

Offshoring has become a normal sight in business. Companies overseas provide services to ease the workload of their clients so entrepreneurs like yourself can focus on building stronger business processes. From IT services to sales, offshoring’s benefits continue to help drive better business.

Here is a list of benefits that an offshore team can provide your company. Check out the list below.

Building an Offshore Sales Team: 7 Benefits for Your Business

  1. Increases revenue

When hiring an offshore member or team, you’re investing in people you think would provide substantial help to your sales and operation. By offshoring some of your sales functions like lead acquisition, lead scoring, and sales support tasks, you and your in-house team can efficiently complete projects and increase your capacity to sell more, thus, increasing revenue.

  1. Lowers overhead costs 

Usually, hiring more people means more overhead expenses for training, equipment, payroll, etc., but offshore teams don’t require an in-office setup and have their own space. Moreover, overhead costs will be significantly lower, especially if they are located in countries with a low cost of living, such as the Philippines. This makes offshoring more cost-effective than expanding operations internally.

  1. Grants instant access to skilled salespeople

Depending on your required position, you can save on labor costs through offshoring. An offshore sales team is more than just people who work for you; they are effective professionals with degrees and relevant sales experience under their belts, fit to provide you with the services you need.

You’ll see the difference in quality when you offshore to people who have a proven track record of being effective in the sales function. 

  1. Ramps up sales quicker

Offshore sales teams are professionals with the skill, knowledge, and experience to help you solve your problems quickly.

By unloading tedious tasks like prospecting, lead generation, and lead scoring, you can be assured that you’re offloading work to people who will deliver while your in-house team focuses on closing out deals and managing their teams. This will quickly lead prospects to paying customers in no time.

  1. Highly scalable and flexible

With offshoring, there’s a lot of room for scalability and flexibility. If you choose to increase your level of operations through an offshore team, you won’t have to invest much in training or adding more budget and workforce for your in-house team. They can also be scaled back more easily than regular employees.

For example, expanding to new markets can be tricky for most companies. Starting with an offshore sales team will be a more practical way to test the waters without jumping into the river with both feet.  

  1. Focus on your core functions

Businesses don’t run like clockwork, and there will be times when you’ll face challenges, sometimes even more than you can handle. A business advantage of an offshore team is that they become an extension of you.

For example, in sales, delegating certain sales tasks to your team will help you manage your core functions as a business owner, such as investing in research and development, higher value-added services, business development, and competitive edges over your competitors.

  1. Retain control over your processes

Offshore sales teams are not outsourced contractors; they are an extension of your workforce. They use the same tools, processes, and playbooks and are under the same policies that cover your in-house team. This allows you to retain control over how you want your business to be conducted.

It also allows you to maintain the quality of the output you provide to your clients, giving them better experiences and helping you retain them for longer.

Grow Your Offshore Team Today

Offshoring has become one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. The assistance it provides businesses proves that it does more than solve problems—it elevates service and product quality. With the qualified outsourced professionals available, business development is just within reach.

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