10 Job Seekers You Meet At a Job Interview [Infographic]


10 Job Seekers You Meet At a Job Interview [Infographic]

10 Job Seekers You Meet At a Job Interview

Admit it or not, some candidates just stand out from the rest either for a good reason or otherwise.

There are those who make an exceptional first impression at the outset—even before they reach for a handshake and greet you. Then, there are those who will move heaven and earth to look for some common ground, trying to establish that special connection with you. You could only wish all candidates were equal but sorry to burst your bubble, that’s just isn’t the case at all.

The truth is, job applicants come in different forms, and if you’re working in a Cebu recruitment agency, you probably have met every single one of them every day. You either love them or hate them, but you need to deal with each one of them until the very last candidate.

Good news is, as the interviewer, you have the upper hand in this situation. If you can identify the kind of interviewee you have, it means that you’ll be more prepared to suit yourself up for the interview.

Meet Your Candidates

We identify some of the most common candidate personas out there and how you should handle them to make the most out of your job interviews.

Indeed, it can be a real challenge meeting different kinds of candidate. They will test not only your interviewing and people skills but also whatever is left of your patience. These are just some of the job seekers you’ll meet during an interview. Hopefully, our tips can help you moving forward, as well as find the best fit for your company.




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