HR of the Future: 10 Skills You Should Have to Stay Competitive in 2022

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HR of the Future: 10 Skills You Should Have to Stay Competitive in 2022

The functions and practices of recruitment agencies have remained fixed for decades. Hiring managers had full control over the process, employing a straightforward approach of defining vacancies, posting job adverts, screening candidates, and discussing job offers. 

However, the industry started to see significant changes in its role sometime in the early 2000s, when technological advancements began to drastically disrupt business models while revolutionizing how people act, think, and live as well as how companies conducted business. As the world started to embrace the benefits of technology and welcome the age of digitalization, industries across the globe inevitably adapted to the shifting times, including the field of recruitment. 

Since the introduction of technology into the industry and its extensive evolution, the tables have turned—putting employees at the center of the recruitment process as they are now rightfully seen as the backbone of every successful business. 

Today, as technology continues to shape the role, practices, functions, trends, and impact of HR, employing traditional recruitment tactics and tools will no longer cut it. In the effort to adapt to the digitally driven era, a new wave of sharp-minded hiring executives and recruiters are taking the plunge and rethinking the best approach to hiring top talent. 

Nowadays, in the face of evolution, Human Resource departments are committing to strategically integrate technology such as artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics in their recruitment process.

HR of the Future: 10 Skills You Should Have to Stay Competitive in 2022
Technology in Human Resources

Since the dawn of technology, the recruitment industry and its processes have rapidly evolved. Staying at the forefront of technological trends and advancement in relation to HR is critical in keeping up with the constant digital shifts. 

As mentioned, having in-depth knowledge and technical know-how on the top HR technologies can give you an edge in the ever-competitive recruitment landscape. It is for this reason that the key technological advancements in the field are worth exploring.

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

While it is important to manually screen candidates, match top talent with the right job, and analyze insightful data, it is still a good idea to harness the power of technology to help automate these tasks in order for you to focus on other core functions like developing company-wide HR strategies that will be impactful in realizing the goals of the organization. 

As these AI tools are now moving towards the center of HR tech, there are available key metrics you can implement to help monitor and evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, and progress of your efforts. In doing so, you can establish a well-developed approach to integrating the right AI tech into your strategy. 

2. Tech that enhance employee experience

According to the Economic Times, businesses are projected to increase their employee engagement budget allocation by 45%. This is widely due to the fact that organizations are starting to see their employees as the lifeblood of the business. As such, more HR technological innovations are now moving its focus toward developing automation solutions to improve employee experience. To cater to the needs of employees, processes are now designed with user experience and usability in mind rather than simply thinking about how it looks. 

Technologies that enhance employee experience include platforms, systems, and applications that let you set up meetings, communicate with colleagues and executives, leave comments, feedback, and recommendations on company-related issues, and schedule leaves with just a few taps. 

Also, as technology becomes even more sophisticated, expect to see solutions that are more flexible, adaptive, and tailored to individual needs and preferences. In the near future, this will give you and your colleagues full control over the experiences and work processes that appeal to you. 

3. Cloud-based systems

Cloud-based systems are steadily becoming the norm as they successfully elevate the performance of HR departments across industry verticals. This technology not only allows organizations to assess data and manage resources, but it also enables HR professionals to attract, engage, train, retain, and reward top talent—improving overall business growth, performance, and productivity.

Recruitment of Tomorrow

2022 is still a few years away but it’s important that you start laying the groundwork for some of these skills. You can begin by training your current HR team and executives and make them see the benefits of being equipped with these HR skills. Not only they are becoming an HR professional of the future, but this will also fine-tune the skills they currently possess. 

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