How To Write An AI-friendly Resume

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Artificial intelligence is having a profound effect on technological innovation in the HR industry around the world. Did you know that companies spend about $400 billion annually on HR tech? Corporations use AI-based software not only to streamline the resume review process, but also to reduce bias. Thanks to these technological advancements, online job postings create efficient hiring processes for both employers and applicants.

AI-powered Application Tracking Systems (ATS) help hiring managers sift through applicants quickly, allowing them to spend more time on meaningful tasks and relationship building. However, these systems aren’t perfect. Just one error could disqualify your application before a human even gets the chance to review it. Writing an AI-friendly resume is extremely important to make sure you don’t ruin your shot at the position.

How can you create a resume that is impressive to employers and approved by AI? The graphic below explains tips to follow and mistakes to avoid so you can make it past the AI bots and win the job.

Graphic courtesy of LiveCareer:

AI-Friendly Resume Tips

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