How to Rehire After COVID-19

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As the country begins to slowly reopen after the COVID-19 shutdown, your company may be looking to rehire. If you’re ready to bring team members back on board, you may be wondering what the rehiring process looks like during the “new normal.”

In this guide, we’ll demystify how to rehire after COVID-19, protect your company from Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) risks and keep your employees healthy and safe.

Rehiring an Old Employee

Rehiring a former employee comes with many benefits. They already have experience with your business, so you can be more assured that they’ll do work well. You’ll also save time and money on training. But the rehiring process is not as straightforward as it seems.

Mitigate Liability Risks

If you can only afford to invite back some of your employees, make sure to document your reasons for rehiring. Rehiring some employees over others without legitimate reason can come across as hiring on a “discriminatory basis.” Valid documentation before and throughout the hiring process protects your business from potential conflict.

Have an Open Discussion

It’s important to have an honest conversation with employees about how they feel about being let go and returning to the company. They should be completely comfortable with returning — harboring resentment will bring a toxic attitude that’s not good for your startup.

Decide What the New Position Will Be 

When rehiring, be completely transparent about how the role has changed as a result of COVID-19. Consider discussing added responsibilities, reduced pay, new work locations, different schedules and other expectations.

Know What Paperwork is Needed

Your old employee still needs to fill out the same paperwork as a new hire. Make a checklist to keep track of requirements. Also allow them to make changes to their benefits selections or direct deposit if needed.

Hiring New Employees

If you’re not able or unwilling to rehire employees, here are some tips to keep in mind when hiring new employees.

Have Remote Interviews

Virtual interviews are a good precaution to take during the pandemic. Popular platforms for conducting virtual interviews include Zoom, Skype or Google Meet.

Offer Realistic Pay 

The circumstances surrounding the pandemic are constantly changing, so try to be conscious of what you offer new hires. Be transparent about elements of your offer or working conditions that you think may change.

Prioritize Virtual Work Experience

There’s definitely a working curve to working remotely. If you anticipate that your new hire will have to work from home, make sure to seek out remote working skills when searching for your next employee.

Prioritize Health and Safety  

Communicating how you create a safe working environment can build trust with new hires and your existing team. Be informed about the measures your company is taking, such as social distancing, so that you can answer any questions your employees may have.

See more tips for rehiring after COVID-19 in the visual below (provided by Embroker):