How to Recruit Amid A Virus Outbreak

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How to Recruit Amid A Virus Outbreak

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected businesses across all sizes and industries. Several companies have already ceased their operations to ensure the safety of their employees, while others are fortunate enough to continue with some adjustments. If you’re still able to run your business amidst this health crisis, one of the biggest challenges you may face is recruiting new talent.  

The virus outbreak has significantly limited physical interaction and driven business owners to allow remote work. But, despite the shift in work arrangements, you should know that many job hunters are still on the lookout for opportunities. If your company has a number of vacancies, you need to revamp your screening process to acquire top-performing talent successfully, even amidst social distancing measures.

Innovations in HR technologies and the introduction of various communication platforms will allow you to hire at your convenience. The guide below will discuss how you can successfully hire the right candidates during a virus outbreak.  

1. Develop a digitized recruitment strategy

From gathering applicants to onboarding, digitizing your whole recruitment process is a win-win situation. Not only does it keep you and your applicant safe from the virus, but it also gives both parties more flexibility with the schedule. 

Identify which parts of your recruitment strategy have an online or digitized counterpart. If there’s none, having a digitized recruitment plan will allow you to find workarounds. Since both you and the applicant don’t have to spend hours on the road to meet up for a quick interview, you can save more time and energy.

To ensure a smooth and seamless interaction with your prospect, testing the tech that you’ll be using is essential. Aside from having a stable internet connection and the necessary HR software, you’ll need to invest in a reliable video conferencing platform. 

2. Communicate properly

Communication among the recruitment team members is vital for success. Since you don’t have the luxury of sitting next to each other, you’ll need an avenue and process for discussion. This will ensure that your recruitment team and hiring managers are on the same page and that everyone can keep track of every single candidate. 

It’s also important to stay in touch with your prospects. Regardless of what the result may be, keeping them informed about the status of their application is something that they’ll greatly appreciate. In case they don’t get accepted, letting them know that their time and effort is valued can open doors in the future.

3. Avoid possible distractions

An online interview is no different than a face-to-face one, so you need to be respectful at all times. When engaging with your candidate, make sure that the place you’re streaming from is clear from all distractions. Your smartphone must be kept away, no one else must be in the room, and ambient noise is on a minimum. 

Other than removing distractions, you also need to dress appropriately and make sure that your surroundings are as clean as your office. 

4. Consider response time

The biggest limitation of a digitized interview is internet stability. During the Q&A process of your interview, it’s important to give your candidates as much response time as they need. 

Other than battling through lag and connectivity issues, your prospects may also have a difficult time answering your questions since they can’t process your body language and take note of other social cues. Letting them know that they don’t need to rush will ensure confident and credible responses. 

5. Regenerate talent pool

Even though there is still no clear answer as to when things will return to normal, this doesn’t mean that you can’t plan. Now that people are staying home with their eyes glued to screens, you should use this opportunity to bolster your recruitment marketing.

Making use of paid ads, social media, and other relevant platforms can help you build a talent pool during the lockdown. Once the crisis is over, you’re already a step ahead since you have built a credible database of candidates.

6. Prepare to answer the question: “How is your company dealing with the outbreak?”

Each interview is different, but a few of the candidates you’ll screen will likely ask this question. Whether your business has been able to deal with the pandemic well or if it’s currently in a tight situation, it’s always best to stay honest. Practicing a culture of integrity won’t just attract the right candidates; it will also keep them invested in your organization in the years to come.

Rise through Challenge

Times may be tough, but opportunities for improvement also often present themselves through challenging situations. The effects of COVID-19 have been overwhelming, but there’s no reason why we can’t stay hopeful that it will spark positive change among organizations. 

Sustaining your business and filling up your vacancies may be difficult at this point, but with the right approach, you’ll be able to get through this period. In case you’re having trouble with your recruitment processes, don’t fret. As a top recruitment agency in the Philippines, we’ll make sure that your company will be able to acquire the best talent available even during a lockdown. 
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