The Last Guide You Need to Building a Great Startup Team

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The Philippines has the fastest growing economy in Asia. It is the social media capital of the world, has a large local market, has a large base of English-speaking communities, and an improving investment grade.

All of these significant developments in the country have become an appealing business opportunity for startups and entrepreneurs. The Philippine startup community is bustling with local and international traders who contribute innovation to the scene—one product and service at a time.

If you’re interested in forming a great team in the Philippines, this is the guide you need to take note of. Accompanied by a compelling team search, you’ll have an excellent startup team of Filipinos in no time.

How to Create Your Philippine Startup League

1. Determine the positions you need

Once you start forming your startup team, you have to always ask the question, “What else do I need?”

If you need more marketing strategies to rise above the competition, then you have to employ a marketing officer. If you need assistance when resolving the rising customer and business inquiries, then you need a customer service assistant.

Find out the positions you need to fill to make your startup team stronger and more productive. Don’t just employ without knowing what you need. Pinpoint the essential positions and find the right people for the job.

If you need further advice and assistance, recruitment agencies can also be a big help in determining what your company needs as a starting team and how to expand it moving forward.

Here’s a sample list of positions for different kinds of startup to help you out:

For Digital Marketing Agency:

– Analytics Manager

– Digital Marketing Executive

– SEO Specialist

– Accounts Executive

– Social Media Manager / Community Manager

– Copywriter

– Web Developer and Web Designer

For Digital Retail Startup:

– E-commerce Manager

– Digital Marketing Executive

– Mobile, Front End, Software, and Systems Developers

– Site Designer

– Data Analyst

For PR Agency:

– PR Specialist

– PR Manager

– PR Director

– PR Coordinator

– Account Executive

– Copywriter


For Events Services Startup

– Event Assistant

– Event Coordinator

– Event Planner

– Event Manager

2. Focus on the hiring process

After determining the positions you need, it’s time to find and hire the suitable people. The hiring process is not an easy task. HR and recruiters have to study the job description and the required skills before shortlisting prospect candidates from a massive pool of resumes.

For startups, it’s important to consult experts when choosing and interviewing possible candidates. In this matter, recruitment firms are recommended to ensure your future team members are up and skilled for the job. Hiring the wrong person for the job can also cost your startup lost time, effort, and resources, so it’s better that you plan wisely at the beginning.

3. Identify: hire or partner?

In creating your startup team hierarchy, you have to classify whether you need in-house people or just partner up with third parties and suppliers. With the improving economy and advanced technology, a lot of business opportunities are gaining popularity in the Philippines such as freelancing, remote jobs, outsourcing, and solo entrepreneurship, all of which can also benefit your startup when you choose to partner up instead of hiring in-house.

The difference between an in-house and partnership is that you can be more focused on a certain objective or goal while your partners help you with additional tasks. In this way, you generate more revenue and ideas, and save costs and time.

4. Pick, test, interview

Onboarding a team member is an exciting chapter for your startup. You know you’re doing the right thing when you need to expand your business horizons and employ more people.

From your list of potential candidates, you and your founding team members must choose the aspirants worthy of the position for the interview. Of course, every interview must go hand-in-hand with the right testing procedures. Conducting tests is important to evaluate the comprehension and skill level of the applicant. Usually, technical jobs need more tests to assure that they know what to do once they’re a part of your team.

5. Welcome your new hire and take care of them

A startup company that makes employees happy will last long and create more avenues for success. Competitive pay, fun working environment, career growth, and leaders who provide mentorship are the key factors for employees to stay despite the challenges.

Let new hires feel that their stay with your company will be worth it for the years to come. People work for startups because of a unique working environment and vision. Prepare and map out strategies for promotion, training, teambuilding, and career growth for your new and old employees to make your startup a smooth sailing endeavor in a highly competitive industry.

6. Never stop searching

What makes a great startup? Continuous learning and research.

You research chances and concepts to make your product and service constantly relevant and of interest to your market and business. You learn from industry experts and pillars, hoping that one day, you’ll reach their ranks and make a difference in the field.

In a startup, you always have to move forward and let nothing hinder your progress and future successes. Once you stop, that’s where you will fail.

Startups are a welcomed prospect in the economy landscape. Success comes when you’re working with the right team. The perfect product and strategies won’t mean a lot if the wrong people are handling it.

Begin your startup journey with this guide to have a profitable and significant path in the vast and tough business industry in the Philippines.



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