How to Cultivate a Culture of Growth in Your Company

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How to Cultivate a Culture of Growth in Your Company

Every company has a formula for success that they faithfully abide by, whether that’s an operational technique, marketing strategy, or product improvement. But, your biggest asset and strategy lie in your employees—the people propelling your company to success.

Ask your recruitment consultant and he or she will tell you that as much as you’re concerned about the growth of your business, growth is also the priority of employees regardless of the age group or generation they are in.

However, some businesses fail to focus on their employees’ growth, possibly because you’ve put too much emphasis on performance and productivity, metrics, and performance. As a result, your workplace becomes too toxic, and employees start to feel burned out.

Everyone responsible for employee development, including recruitment firms, HR consultants, managers, CEOs, and more should all work together to cultivate a culture of growth. Here’s how.

Implement Focused Feedback

In many organizations, managers and superiors tend to focus on what the employee is doing wrong instead of what they’re doing right. Little did they know, acknowledging positive performance gives the employee a sense of drive within the company. This will make them work harder in improving their skills to become an even more effective employee.

Providing focused feedback gives the employee a complete picture of how they are performing in the company and how the company is benefitting from their hard work. Plus, focused feedback lets the employee know that their managers are concerned about their work and well-being.

Remember, a simple “thank you” goes a long way. If you want your employees to be with you for the long haul, then don’t hesitate to keep them in the loop.

Encourage Employees to Pursue and Expand Their Interests

In this day and age when work-life balance takes utmost importance in the minds of employees, it’s important for you to let them know that you understand what that is. Make your employees aware that their personal and professional interests should always be a priority.

This will give them the impression that you know they are human beings with family, friends, and activities outside of work. These interests allow them to take a breather from work and prevent burnout.

Offer Advancement Opportunities

Advancement opportunities should not only be given to people who are “performing well.” Opportunities should come in different ways such as a new responsibility that will improve an employee’s specific skill, trainings and seminars, and more.

Some organizations even support their employees’ education by subsidizing a portion of their tuition for a master’s degree relevant to their current field or offering a student loan.

Encourage Social Learning

Social learning enables your employees to learn from their superiors, managers, and co-workers. Encourage collaboration and discussion among your employees through team meetings or townhall assemblies and open the floor for ideas.

Not only will this allow you to get feedback from the bottom up, but also provide the newer members of the team insights and examples of how the more seasoned employees do their work. Provide channels for mentorship so that team members who need skills improvement can learn from other employees.

Townhall meetings or all-hands meetings also strengthen a growth culture where everyone participates and contributes to the company’s success.

Cut the Micromanagement System

Little do some leaders know that micromanagement can stifle growth within an organization. Employees will feel like they’re being treated like robots from whom you’re only after production and performance. This kind of system will always break the culture of growth in the company.

When employees are not micromanaged, they gain more control over their own productivity and performance. This drives them to do better work and prove themselves more than worthy of the responsibility entrusted to them.

Without the micromanagement system, employees are even more driven to deliver great results that affect the bottom line of the organization.

Reward Actions that Fit the Growth Culture

How do employees know that they’re doing the right things according to growth culture? Simple. Reward employees who fit the growth culture and actions that support it.

For example, your employee (who does not hold a managerial or supervisory position) suggested a process improvement that will benefit his or her department. If the suggested process was implemented and has proven successful, then you can provide monetary rewards or additional perks such as an extra day off.

If it wasn’t implemented, then recognize the effort either way. This will show other employees that suggestions and recommendations are valuable to the organization, further strengthening the growth culture.


Cultivating a culture of growth instead of focusing on metrics will empower your employees and make them strive to be better at what they do. Encourage them to grow professionally, and your business will grow with them. Remember, your employee’s success is also your own.



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