Edgers in the Workplace: Here’s What You Need to Know

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Meet the team Edgers/Plurals/Gen Z/Post-Millennials comprised of people born after 1997, and are set to introduce a new shape to the current workforce. With Gen X parents and millennial siblings, the Edgers are highly tech-savvy and depend on mobile for communication and entertainment. They follow tech trends and expect to work with upgraded tech as they become a part of the corporate and working jungle.

By 2020, the Generation Z is expected to have 2.56 billion individuals globally. From the millennials to the edgers, how can your company and recruitment firms continue to update your processes with the evolving and diversified batch of employees?

The Edge of Workplace Glory: Working with Edgers

By now, you should prepare your millennial employees for management positions. Working with edgers is as puzzling as working with millennials. This generation shares an entrepreneurial spirit with the millennials, and 50% spend their free time to build new skills.

1. Edgers are concerned with financial woes

Combined with the aftermath of the Great Recession and the millennials’ struggle with financing, edgers are aware of the money reality they’re faced with and save money as much as they can before they worry about it.

Sixty-four percent of edgers are doing research and do collaborative financial planning by installing personal finance and payment apps. When working with this set of individuals, you should adjust properly, as edgers are always on the lookout for work innovation and cost-efficient activities.

2. Edgers are digitally connected 24/7

Technologically a step ahead from millennials, give edgers a mobile phone and an internet connection, and they can rule the workplace. From customer service to shopping experience to daily life, edgers use social media to communicate with the world. Also, by using the digital sphere as their voice, edgers define their professional success by creating an impact on society and making a difference in their work.

When working with edgers, your company mission and vision should contribute to making the world a better place to live in. In terms of digital response, you should have a high-speed internet, a remote working place (install your operations on the cloud for easy access), and establish telecommuting positions where edgers will take the lead.

3. Edgers are all for workplace equality

Living in a society full of inequalities in terms of gender, race, and ethnicity, edgers have lived with this reality and are keen on making equality and inclusivity a possibility for all, especially in the workplace.

90% of edgers would like to see more female leaders and millennials in the workforce. Your company should rework your protocols to represent various races and genders in your workforce since edgers will demand for it.

4. Edgers have ‘resiliency’ as their motto

It’s not easy living with daily violence and prejudices. Edgers have their social media feeds bombarded with news of societal injustices, and are fed up with it. As a result, edgers have managed to cope and resolve difficult situations independently.

Edgers are known to take this trait to work, and you can see how they persevere and make projects work even when the odds are not in their favor. 32% of edgers are expected to work for at least eleven years in a company, so ensure that you can support this resourceful and highly independent generation.

5. Edgers have an entrepreneurial mindset

In a world of technology and digital activities, combined with the influence of their parents and millennial siblings, edgers have seen this as an opportunity to start their own line of work and become a leader.

As stated in the above points, edgers have a high sense of equality, and by setting up their own business, they can focus on a cause to impact change and creativity.

40% of students stated that work-life balance and job security are their top career goals. Apart from the entrepreneurial advances, your company should be able to provide a working experience for edgers in terms of time balance and job stability.

Expect to have a budding set of skillful researchers, tech and digital media innovators enter your company. As you prepare for this wave of talented changes, you should take note of these five key points to know edgers well.

Edgers are going to be your new set of fresh employees, and with Gen-X and Millennials as their managers, your company can develop and grow to newer heights. It may not be as fast as a tweet or a Facebook post, but you’ll get there, especially with how edgers share their work to incur positive changes in both life and work.



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