Flex Time: The Facts and Benefits

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Think about your job: What’s the one thing that you’d like to change? Maybe it’s something small, like a different office (and maybe a window). Maybe it’s something big, like a promotion. Or maybe it’s a benefit, such as more sick time—or even flex time.

Turns out, wanting more flex time doesn’t make you an outlier—it puts you completely in step with  what more and more of the modern workforce wants. In fact, about half of workers in one survey said that they wanted flex time. And as younger workers enter the workforce, more and more of them are asking for a less structured approach to work—perhaps working at home, perhaps working longer hours for fewer days a week. Of course, the reasons for wanting flex time vary. Many find office life full of too many interruptions. What else matters, and how can you institute flex time? This graphic gives some ideas.