Filipino Millennial Employees Decoded [INFOGRAPHIC]

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The face of the employment market is changing as the workforce is ushering in a new generation—the Millennials. This particular demographic is known to be technologically savvy, ambitious, aggressive, and are ready to make their mark.

As Millennials are coming of age, their presence and numbers will be the statistics that matter. But, the Philippine Millennials are in a unique situation as they are maturing after the Philippine economy breached the $1,000 per capita income mark.

Another milestone worth noting is the technology which existed while they were growing up, and how they have benefited from these. Essentially, Millennials are reaping the fruits of the 21st century, especially with the development of computers, mobile devices, and the internet, among many others.

Employers and companies have to understand the Millennials, as generation differences can greatly affect their relationship with colleagues and even with HR professionals like you. After all, there’s no denying that their eagerness and flexibility are few of the qualities that make them stand out in the workplace.


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The challenge for companies and HR professionals is not how to motivate the Millennials, but how to keep them interested and stay for long in the company.

With their desire to earn more, along with a booming job market, they can achieve this by moving to another company. They are also not averse to working abroad.

Philippine Millennials are ripe to take the majority of the workforce, and it is vital to understand their motivation and direction. They may be steering away from earlier generations, but they have the same motivations. Learn more on how to tap their potential here.




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