14 Surprising Facts About Filipino Employees

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If you are out to build a company in the Philippines, then you are certainly on the right track. Filipino employees are one of the best that you could hire for your business, and there are statistics to prove why you should indeed have them on your team.

You will be surprised to learn that Filipino employees, especially those hired by a reputable recruitment agency in the Philippines, are smart, fun, and reliable individuals. There are also other wonderful facts about them.

1. 70% of Filipino employees are satisfied with their careers.

According to Jobstreet.com’s Philippines Job Satisfaction Report, 70% of Filipinos are happy with their jobs. Among this demographic, 15% are very happy, and 55% are quite satisfied with their jobs. This aspect covers salary, benefits, and incentives given by their employees.

2. 66% of Filipino employees choose to stay close to home.

A survey conducted by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) revealed that 66% of 31,000 Filipinos prefer to work near their hometown instead of relocating to Metro Manila. Should you decide to establish an offshore company in the province, employees will be more than happy to apply to your business.

3. Filipino retirees prefer to work even after the age of 60.

Based on the 2015 study conducted by Pru Life UK and The Global Aging Institute, Filipinos are worried about their retirement and how much they could save to cover health care and other needs.

About 3/5 of these retirees continue to work to provide for their needs and supplement what they get from their pension and savings. Apparently, retirees see work as a lifetime event as long as there are bills to pay.

4. 82% of Filipino employees want retirement plans from the government.

Around 82% of the respondents in the Pru Life UK and The Global Aging Institute  study believe that the government should encourage employees to save up in time for their retirement. However, some of these respondents do not expect anything from the government when they retire. Thus, suggesting that Filipino workers now are smarter and would rather work hard to cover their needs in the future.

5. 55% of Filipino employees are optimistic about the future.

About 55% of these workers surveyed by Pru Life UK believed that each generation of employees has a higher standard of living than those who preceded them. Similarly, they found that a new generation of retirees would have a more secure future. Consequently, there is hope that as the economy progresses, more employees will gain from them as well.

6. 59 out of 100 Filipino employees believe they will survive in the fast-paced, high-tech world.

The face of technology changes over time, and now the stakes are higher as industries become more responsive to technology and the growing demands of clients.

Based on the New World of Work Index, Filipino employees are capable of working flexibly and productively in the workplace, despite the transactions going digital. 59 out of 100 employees rated themselves highly in embracing new people, place, and technology principles.

7. Filipino employees are empowered with technology.

Give any Filipino worker a gadget to supplement his tools and he will easily learn how to use it. Filipinos are good in tinkering with gadgets and figuring out how new technology works, no matter how sophisticated.

Among 12 markets in the New World of Work Index survey, the Philippines ranked third because its workers can easily adapt to innovation and globalization.

8. The Filipino employee is highly responsive.

Over 69.5% of respondents said that they could respond to internal stakeholders in four hours or less, while 72.5% stated that they could deal with external customers in four hours.

Such is the requirement in most companies, and Filipino employees have been disciplined this way—they respond to clients quickly.

9. 85% of Filipinos are accustomed to working even outside office hours.

Work does not normally end at 5 PM for Filipino workers, as they respond to calls and additional tasks even beyond their official time just to complete their jobs effectively and efficiently. 85% said they are required to be contactable outside of work.

10. Most Filipino employees prefer to work in the office.

While telecommuting is possible, ¾ of employees choose to be in the office so they could access their tools. This goes to show that Filipino employees are dedicated and have no qualms over reporting for work.

11. 51% of Filipino employees bring their own devices to work.

You would not have any problems with providing gadgets for employees for them to be more productive. About 51% of the respondents bring their mobile devices to work just to get work done.

On the other hand, 75% of these workers use email and digital file sharing to finish their tasks. They see these devices as essential in virtual meetings.

12. 91% of Filipino employees put a premium on work and life balance.

Among those surveyed, 91% maintained that achieving work-life balance is important in their jobs. Though this is a feat, work-life balance is not impossible, with 71% of the employees believing that they have achieved this in their career.

13. 82% of Filipino employees support sustainable practices.

As industries go paperless and choose sustainable ways to proceed with transactions, Filipino employees go the extra mile to support this change.

About 82% of respondents said that their companies advocate the sustainable practice, especially with going paperless in their tasks.

14. 4 out of 10 Filipino millennial employees resign within 2 years.

Though this may not represent all employees born after 1982, 4 out of 10 millennial workers in the Philippines desire to beef up their leadership skills. Hence, when they feel their skills are underdeveloped, they resign from their jobs.

These facts overshadow the misguided notion that Filipino employees have a long way to go compared with other Asian employees. Filipinos are hardworking, adaptive, and responsive to the demands of the industry. Thus, they are a great group to work with.




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