4 Expectations of Candidates During A Recruitment Process

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Surely, you have a long list of expectations from the candidates you passed in the first stage of resume screening when you meet them personally. However, as a recruiter, you should know that these candidates also have expectations when looking for a job, and the recruitment process will always be one of them.

Candidate experience is becoming critical to job seekers, and this includes everything—from marketing to the hiring process, which can transpire on career sites, job postings, social media, and interview sessions.

Giving a negative experience to a candidate comes with consequences, especially today where bad reviews are spread easily on the world wide web. Meanwhile, a good candidate experience could lead them to refer your company to their family or friends, or even try to apply again in the future. Recruiters must take this seriously and deliver the best possible candidate experience that job seekers expect.

The following list of expectations will allow you to understand how you can give a worthwhile candidate experience to every job seeker you meet.

1. Visibility and transparency

Candidates are aware that recruiters are busy and have tons of other people to deal with, but they would appreciate some feedback from you. They want to know the status of their application. They even want to know if they got rejected. Let them know if they’re moving to the next stage, or if they need to pass additional requirements, as well as other relevant updates.

Your candidates want to be heard and want to know where they stand amongst the numerous others they’re up against. Today’s technology has paved the way for better communication, along with more demands from candidates. As such, they expect recruiters to do the same—to make use of the technology and ensure fast and visible communication between both parties.

2. Efficient interviews

Multiple assessments being done on different days and weeks can take up a lot of time and energy for you and your candidates. The best way to have efficient interviews is by conducting a panel or multiple interviews in a day or two.

Gather the hiring managers and key members of the team and combine all the interviews into a single session to speed up the process. You should also align the interview schedules with the hiring managers. In this way, you can refer the candidates who passed the initial interview to the hiring managers immediately and set up the second level of assessment.

You can also implement video interviews for candidates who can’t personally attend the first schedule you set up. A video interview is perfect for initial assessment where you evaluate the candidate’s work experience, communication skills, and personality.

3. Clear salary and compensation delivery

Let your candidates know the compensation package immediately when they start to move forward in your recruitment process. This allows you to know the non-negotiables of the candidates who passed the initial interviews, as well as the things you can negotiate like allowances, bonuses, and among others.

Settling a deal early is good for both the candidate and the recruiter, as you’re letting them know what else they can get and how your company can fulfill their needs

4. Upright treatment

No one wants to be treated unfairly or taken for granted. If a candidate came to your interview on time, made an effort to dress well, and came prepared, don’t waste their time by making them wait for hours.

Keep the interview informative and short. Treat it as a two-way communication that promotes proactive exchange of information and ideas.

You should also stick to your interview schedules. If you mentioned that the recruitment process would only take 2 to three weeks, you should try your best to comply with it. Remember to update them immediately when there are some changes.

Negative candidate experience harms your brand not only in the eyes of job seekers but also in the eyes of your competitors.

Always ensure that your HR and recruitment teams reach the expectations of job seekers. You may also tap the expertise of a recruitment agency in the Philippines to guarantee that the hiring process runs smoothly and meets the standards of this generation of job-seekers.



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